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The Industry Internship Programme (IIP) provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable experiences beyond the classroom setting by engaging in projects of substantial size, scope, and complexity. It enables students to better appreciate the application of fundamental conceptual knowledge in information systems, electronic commerce, and business analytics (in both computing technologies and its management), by allowing them to apply and relate what they have learnt in class to real-world industry projects. IIP is specifically designed to have students work in a team of two for a single project. By working in a two-member team, students will be able to not only take on a substantive project but also acquire complementary skills to help them work more effectively within a team setting. Such collaborative experiences gained in internship attachments also allow students to familiarise themselves with the real-world working environment and to fine-tune their educational preparation for career choices after graduation.

The IIP is offered twice a year and students may take up the internship after their 2nd year (but preferably after their 3rd year) of study. Students will be expected to select their own team members, from any of the undergraduate degree programmes hosted within the School of Computing. A faculty supervisor from the Department of Information Systems and Analytics will be assigned to each team so as to ensure that project is aligned with the learning objectives of IIP. The duration of IIP will be 6 months full time between Jan-June and May-October. Students may take one or two modules during the school semester from August-October (subject to approval from the IIP coordinator and internship organization).The IIP consists of 12 MCs and students will have their overall internship performance letter graded. Assessment will be jointly done by the organisation supervisor, the department faculty supervisor, and the IIP coordinator.

Attachment Timeline


Jan-Jun 2020

May-Nov 2019


Submission of internship positions/projects

15 July 2019
15 Oct 2019

17 Dec 2018
19 Mar 2019

Each posting will last till the end of the student application period

Student to view and apply for internship positions/projects 

2 Sep 2019

15 Nov 2019

28 Jan 2019
19 Apr 2019


Companies to indicate offers on system

By 29 Nov 2019

By 1 May 2019


Self-Sourced Conversion Deadline

6 Dec 2019 1 May 2019  

Student acceptance grace period

7 days from offer date

7 days from offer date


Internship period

6 Jan 2020
19 Jun 2020

13 May 2019
25 Oct 2019


Internship/project scope approval

Batch approval will be conducted at the end of each month

Batch approval will be conducted at the end of each month


Internship Programme Name

Computing - Industry
Programme (IIP) (6 Jan to 19 Jun 20)

Computing - Industry
Programme (IIP)
(13 May to 25 Oct 19)

Please select the appropriate Internship type and Internship Programme



Eligible students may put in their applications via the NUS TalentConnect Portal -> Select Computing Internships

Please also note that:

    • Students will be contacted by the employers directly if they are shortlisted for interviews.
    • Students should take note that some companies may have restrictions for certain internship positions, including that the student must be a Singapore citizen. In such cases, only students who meet the special requirement will be able to view the project details.
    • All internship offers by employers will be made through the NUS TalentConnect portal. Thereafter, students have up to 7 calendar days to respond before these offers are withdrawn by the system.
    • Students MUST accept their offers via the NUS TalentConnect portal to be qualified/ approved for internships.
    • On acceptance of a project, no changes will be entertained. 


*Year 4 students in their graduating semester who need to complete IIP in Semester II (Jan-June) should take special note of the module arrangement as specified below*. Since you will only get the actual grades in the Special Term, your degree will be conferred on 31 August and you will join the Commencement ceremony in the following year. 
Please refer to: 

The following table reflects the module arrangements for IIP:

IIP (IS4010) Period

Module Arrangement

Semester II
(Current AY)
*Special Term I
(Current AY)
*Special Term II
(Current AY)
Semester I
(Next AY)
Jan - June IS4010
(IP Grade)
- - Grades will be backdated to Special Term I
May - Nov - IS4010
(IP Grade)
 (IP Grade)
IS4010 (Graded) Grades will be awarded at the end of Semester I of the next Academic Year

*Note: You do not need to pay the NUS Special Term Fees for having the IIP module registered during the Special Terms.


Selection and Completion of Attachment

 Please note that you need to apply as the same team of two students for all the IIP projects that you are interested in. No late application appeal will be entertained. Students should note that some companies may have restrictions for certain internship positions, including that the student must be a Singapore citizen.

After students have made their project selection, companies will review and shortlist the students who have chosen their projects. Students should have their undergraduate examinations results transcripts on standby so that the documents may be provided on demand to companies for review. Companies may interview the students at their own discretion.

On acceptance of a project, no changes will be entertained. Students who have accepted a project and subsequently withdraw their acceptance, or fail to complete the attachment with their host organisation, will receive an “F” grade for IS4010 on the transcript. Students who have valid reasons for not completing the attachment will receive an Incomplete grade.

Students who would like to self-source for IIP internship project should have their application finalised and approved by 6 May 2019.

Selection Criteria

All applicants should have at least 80 MCs fulfilled and completed the following modules:

  • IS2101 Business and Technical Communication; and
  • IS2103 Enterprise Systems Development Concepts or IS2150 E-Business Design and Implementation or BT2101 IT and Decision Making for Business Analytics; and
  • Preferably completed IS3102 Enterprise Systems Development Project or IS4102 E-Business Capstone Projector BT3101 Business Analytics Capstone Project.


Each student project will be co-supervised by the organisation's supervisor and an academic supervisor from the School’s Department of Information Systems and Analytics.

Dress Code and Reporting Procedure on the First Day of Attachment

Students should dress appropriately in office attire and take with them their identification Card, Bank Account Number, Bank Name and Branch.


Students may be granted leave at the host organisation's discretion. For non-official matters that are beyond the scope of project work with the organisation, the organisation has the right to deduct their pay; however, this policy may vary from organisation to organisation. Students are advised to abide closely by the Human Resource practices of the organisation.

Medical Leave

Students are to inform their supervisor at the organisation if they are sick or need to consult a doctor. They are not to take leave of absence without their supervisor's prior knowledge. Students on medical leave will need to submit a medical certificate to their supervisor.

Vacation Leave

Paid vacation leave for students can only be granted at the discretion of the organisation.

Reservist (In-camp training)

Students who are required to go on reservist training need to inform the School (attn: Ms Nur Arifah at and the host organisation upon receipt of their reservist training notification. Students who have received reservist training notification prior to accepting an internship offer must inform both IIP Admin Office and the host organisation before accepting the internship offer. SoC will not request for reservist training deferment on behalf of students going on IIP.

School Matters

Students should request permission from the host organisation to attend to school matters such as registration of modules, etc.

Project Presentation

Students undergoing IIP need to do a final project presentation at the internship site with their academic supervisor. .


Students will be paid a minimum amount of S$1000/- per month. Organisations are exempted from making CPF contributions.


Students are strongly encouraged to purchase their own insurance policy before going for their industrial attachment.

Disclaimer of Liability

The School will not be held liable or responsible for any damage to properties and/or injuries suffered during attachment.

Tuition Fees

Students undergoing IIP are able to take modules during the study semester. They are given formal credits and when students are claiming credits as part of the curriculum, they need to register with the university and pay the tuition fees for that credit to be formally recognised.

Tuition fees are not computed based on actual hours of services students received nor the facilities they actually use. It is based on the cost of providing students with the complete education needed to graduate, including both resource-intensive and not so resource-intensive components, divided among semesters. Besides, students on IIP can continue to access facilities, e.g., medical services, the library, computer and sports facilities. In some instances, students need to make use of such facilities during their industrial attachment.



Student enquiries may be directed to Ms Nur Arifah at: