In SoC, we believe that leadership is a set of behaviours that can be learned and developed over time. This means that leadership capabilities are available to everyone and not restricted to a select few people. The SoC Student Leadership Programme is planned with the purpose of helping students develop their leadership qualities and guide them towards being leaders in a systematic way.

Leadership happens at all levels. Through leadership training, students will learn to deal with hierarchy and be comfortable both working in a team as well as leading a team.

In SoC, we believe that every leader should possess the following competencies:

  • Consciousness of self
  • Effective communication skills (including controversy with civility and managing conflict) – people and team management
  • The entrepreneurial mindset and taking initiative
  • The ability to accept and to effect change
  • Innovative problem solving
  • Being resilient and adaptable
  • The ability to work/collaborate with others
  • Leverage differences to maximise performance

We aim to impart these competencies to students through educational and experiential activities that will be open to all SoC students.
Educational activities will teach you through workshops, talks, and seminars, to identify and hone your leadership capabilities by introducing you to skills and concepts necessary for effective leadership. Experiential activities will involve hands-on participation in real-world opportunities around the school and community that exercise your skills and provide experience and exposure to the challenge of being a good leader.

How It Works

You will be awarded certificates of attendance for each workshop.

Experiential Activities

If you have any community project that you would like to propose as a leadership activity, please email with the subject “Leadership Programme Activity Proposal” with your proposed idea.