Akshay Narayan

About me

I am a Lecturer at the School of Computing in NUS. I received my PhD from NUS in 2020. I was advised by Prof. Leong, Tze Yun. I completed MTech from IIIT-Bangalore in 2012. Before MTech, I worked with NetApp India Pvt., Ltd., for three years.

I am broadly interested in AI planning, sequential decision making, and its applications. My current research is on transfer learning in reinforcement learning. I have explored areas of multi-objective reinforcement learning and hierarchical reinforcement learning during my graduate studies.

Previously I have worked in the area of cloud computing. Some of the projects include smart metering and chargeback as applied to cloud systems, incorporating power awareness in cloud metering (master's thesis project), workload analysis for virtual machine sizing and location in private clouds (research internship with Infosys labs, India) and QoS monitoring and response in cloud systems.

Some of the other projects I have worked on include building a simulation platform to test crowdsourcing algorithms (research internship with Xerox Research Center, India) and short text spam detection.

School of Computing, NUS
13 Computing drive
Singapore, 117417
(Office: Com 2 #02-03)


Journal articles/Book chapters

Conference proceedings


School of Computing, NUS

School of Computing, NUS [Role: Teaching assistant]
IIIT-Bangalore [Role: Teaching assistant]
  • CS110 Operating Systems: Sem 2: AY-2011/12
  • PS102 Introductory Discrete Mathematics: Prep Sem: AY-2011/12


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Outside of academia

I love photography and never miss an opportunity to shoot :) Do check my flickr page

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