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Lists of Accepted Papers




1 Zhou, Meng 8 Computing difference-differential dimension polynomials using relative Gr\"obner bases
2 Chowdhury,
Md. Sazzad Hossien
9 Homotopy-perturbation method for power-law fin-type problems
3 Awang Kechil, Seripah 10 Symbolic Solution to Magnetohydrodynamic Hiemenz Flow in Porous Media
4 Minimair, Manfred 11 Polynomial Division in Lagrange and Bernstein Basis
5 Nazar, Roslinda 16 Local Similarity Solutions for Laminar Boundary Layer Flow along a Moving Cylinder in a Parallel Stream
6 Shizhong, Zhao 18 Multivariate Sylvester Resultant and Extraneous Factors
7 Jaulin, Cerasela 19 Hamming Graphs and Mesh of d-ary Trees are G-Graphs
8 ThuThu, Moe 20 Stability of GPBiCG AR method based on minimization of associate residual
9 Luo, Laizhen 21 States and ideals of a class of effect algebras
10 Gunawan, Hendra 22 An interpolation method that minimizes an energy integral of fractional order
11 Wang, Tao-Ming 24 On Graphs with a Unique Set of Maximal Cliques Covering All The Edges
12 Sekigawa, Hiroshi 25 The Nearest Real Polynomial with a Real Multiple Zero in a Given Real Interval
13 Rani, Mamta 26 Circular Saw Mandelbrot Set
14 Gao, Xiao-Shan 27 Properties of Ascending Chains for Partial Difference Polynomial Systems
15 Hashemi, Amir 30 Efficient Algorithms for Computing Noether Normalization
16 Attili, Basem 31 An Effecient Fourth Order Implicit Runge-Kutta Algorithm for Second Order Systems
17 Sun, Yongli 32 A New Method for Algebraic Blending Surfaces
18 Zheng, Xie 34 Formal integrability criteria for quasi-linear difference equations
19 Iwami, Maki 35 A Reduction Attack on Algebraic Surface Public-Key Cryptosystems
20 Yu, Jianping 36 A New Method for Computing Minimal Polynomials
21 LI, Zhibin 37 A Method and its Implementation for Constructing Backlund Transformtions to Nonlinear Evolution Equations
22 Li, Jia 38 A Modified Var der Waerden Algorithm to Decompose Algebraic Varieties as Irreducible Ones
23 Rawat, Samarjeet 40 Finite element study of natural convection heat and mass transfer in a micropolar fluid-saturated porous regime with Soret/Dufour effects
24 Leykin, Anton 41 Numerical discovery of embedded components of a polynomial ideal
25 Aris, Nor'aini 42 Computing the Greatest Common Divisor of Polynomials Using the Comrade Matrix
26 Kredel, Heinz 43 Evaluation of a Java Computer Algebra System
27 Sato, Yosuke 45 On the Computation of Elimination Ideals of Boolean Polynomial Rings
28 Sarkar, Suvra 47 Laplace Equation inside a cylinder: Computational analysis and asymptotic behavior of the solution
29 Paul, Goutam 48 On Necessary and Sufficient Number of Cops in the Game of Cops and Robber in Multidimensional Grids
30 Ma, Feifei 49 Computer Search for Large Sets of Idempotent Quasigroups
31 Xia, Bican 51 A new proof for the discrimination theorem
32 Wang, Zhen 52 Approximate solutions to nonlinear differential and difference-differential equations
33 Wang, Dingkang 53 An Algorithm for Transforming Regular Chain into Normal Chain
34 Zeng, Zhenbing 54 A Bezier Approximation of Ellipse Drawing
36 Moroz, Guillaume 56 Regular Decompositions
37 Shemyakova, Ekaterina 57 Invariant Necessary and Sufficient Conditions of Factorizations of Hyperbolic Bivariate Third-Order Linear Partial Differential Operators
38 Chen, Liangyu 58 A Method for Verifying the Semi-Definiteness of Homogeneous Symmetric Polynomials
40 Lam, Peter 61 L(2,1)-labellings of integer distance graphs
41 Sasaki, Tateaki 62 Floating-point Groebner Base Computation with Ill-conditionedness Estimation
42 Wee, Eng 66 The Maximality of the Dixon Matrix on Corner-Cut Monomial Supports
43 Safey El Din, Mohab 68 Practical and theoretical issues for the computation of generalized critical values of a polynomial mapping and its applications
44 Kantabutra, Sanpawat 71 The Complexity of Label Relocation Problems on Graphs
45 Kumar, Manoj 73 A Linear Approach to Shape from Shading for Rough and Smooth Surfaces
46 Jeffrey, David 74 Rectifying transformations and a quantifier elimination problem


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