Welcome to ASCM 2007 : 15 to 17 DEC 2007 , Grand Plaza Park Hotel City Hall, Singapore
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ASCM2007 Program


Sat 15 Dec
Time Description Author
0815 Registration  
0845 Opening by Deepak Kapur  
Chair: Xiao-Shan Gao
0900 Some Mathematical Problems in Cryptanalysis Wang
1000 Coffee/Tea/Snack  
Chair: Ziming Li
1030 Basis-Indep. Poly. Div. Alg. Applied to Div. in Lagrange and Bernstein Basis Minimair
1100 Relative Gr¨obner Bases and Diff-Diff Dimension Polynomials Meng
1130 An Algorithm for Transforming Regular Chain into Normal Chain Li, Wang
1200 Floating-point Gr¨obner Base Computation with Ill-conditionedness Estimation Sasaki, Kako
1230 Lunch  
Chair: Dingkang Wang
1400 ComputerSearchforLargeSets ofIdempotentQuasigroups Ma, Zhang
1430 On the Computation of Elimination Ideals of Boolean Polynomial Rings Sato, et al.
1500 Coffee/Tea/Snack  
Chair: Dongming Wang
1530 Prac. and theo. issues for the comp. of gen. critical values of a poly. mapping and its appl. El Din
1600 Symbolic Solutions to Magnetohydrodynamic Hiemenz Flow in Porous Media Kechil, Hashim
1630 An Interpolation Method that Minimizes an Energy Integral of Fractional Order Gunawan et al.
1700 An Effecient Fourth Order Implicit Runge-Kutta Algorithm for Second Order Systems Attili
Sun 16 Dec
Time Description Author
Chair: Deepak Kapur
0900 The Four-Color Theorem: Engineering of a Formal Proof Gonthier
1000 Coffee/Tea/Snack  
1030 All Posters  
1230 Lunch  
1400 All Posters  
1500 Coffee/Tea/Snack  
Chair: Raja Natarajan
1530 Hamming Graphs and Mesh of d-ary Trees are G-Graphs Bretto et al.
1600 Loc. Sim. Sol. for Lam. Boundary Layer Flow along a Mov. Cyl. in a Para. Stream Nazar et al.
1630 Inv. Nec. and Suf. Cond. of Fact. of Hyperbolic Bivariate 3rd-Order Linear P.D.O. Shemyakova, Winkler
1700 A Meth. and its Impl. for Constructing B¨acklund Trans. to Nonlinear Evolution Eq. Li et al.
1900 Banquet @ Mercury Room, Raffles City Convention Centre, Level 4 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Mon 17 Dec
Time Description Author
Chair: Eng-Wee Chionh
0900 Minkowski geometric algebra of complex sets — theory, algorithms, applications Farouki:
1000 Coffee/Tea/Snack  
Chair: Manfred Minimair
1030 A Modified Van der Waerden Algorithm to Decompose Alg. Var. and Zero-dim. Rad. Ideals Li, Gao:
Stability of GPBiCG AR Method Based on Minimization of Associate Residual
Thuthu, Fujino:
Regular Decomposition
1200 Properties of Ascending Chains for Partial Difference Polynomial Systems Gao, Zhang
1230 Lunch  
Chair: Yosuke Sato
1400 Evaluation of a Java Computer Algebra System
1430 Efficient Algorithms for Computing Noether Normalization
1500 Coffee/Tea/Snack  
Chair: Tateaki Sasaki
1530 Unconstrained Parametric Minimization of a Polynomial: Approximate and Exact
Liang, Jeffrey
1600 A Method for Verifying the Positive Semi-Definiteness of Homogeneous Symm. Polynomials
Chen, Zeng
1630 The Maximality of the Dixon Matrix on Corner-Cut Monomial Supports Chionh
1700 Closing by Xiao-Shan Gao  


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