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Angela Yao

Associate Professor
School of Computing
National University of Singapore


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I have been tenured and promoted at NUS! A big thanks to all my students, collaborators, and letter writers!

I am an associate professor in the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore.

I lead the Computer Vision and Machine Learning group. Our group's research ranges from low-level processing to high-level semantic interpretation of images and video. We work on diverse topics such pose estimation, activity recognition and image segmentation. Our research is generously funded by the NRF Fellowship from NRF Singapore and grants from MoE Singapore, AI Singapore, NUS, Meta, and Huawei.

Before coming to Singapore, I led a group in Visual Computing at the University of Bonn, founded a startup on smart parking, and completed a PhD at ETH Zurich. In an even earlier life, I studied Engineering Science at the University of Toronto.