* Barcode Allocation *

Length: 	14 bytes
Fields: 	[2|4|2|6]
Fieldnames:	[valid|location|type|serial]

These are ASCII character arrays and _not_ numbers.

valid=		37
location=	0001
type|serial=	00|000000-999999	person
		01|0a0r0g 		generic person	(a=Age_enum r=Race_enum g=Gender_enum)
	(type= 10+Service_enum)
		10|000000 		meal
		11|000000-000008	clothing        (serial= Clothing_enum)
		12|000000 		shower
		13|000000 		laundry
		14|000000 		bed         	(serial= Bed_enum)    
		15|000000-000001	benefits	(serial= Benefits_enum)
		16|000000-000005	others		(serial= Others_enum)
		17|000000-000010	meetings	(serial= Meeting_enum)

0=Lodge, 1=UMOJA, 2=Wellington

0=Meal, 1=Clothing, 2=Shower, 3=Laundry, 4=Bed, 5=Benefits, 6=Others

0=below 20, 1=20-29, 2=30-39, 3=40-49, 4=50-59, 5=above 60

0=Male, 1=Female

0=White, 1=Black, 2=Asian, 3=Hispanic/Latino, 4=Pacific Islander, 5=Native Hawaiian, 6=American Indian, 7=Alaska Native, 8=Other

0=6 night stay, 1=Lunch to go

0=Other, 1=Coat, 2=Gloves, 3=Hat, 4=Shoes, 5=Socks, 6=Underwear, 7=Pants, 8=Shirt

0=Clinic, 1=Tri-city mental health, 2=Legal services, 3=Homestart, 4=Homeless veteran services, 5=Referral

0=church, 1=bible study, 2=Meeting-Spiritual Recovery, 3=Meeting-Feelings Group, 4=Meeting-Relapse Prevention, 5=Meeting-Spiritual Focus, 6=Meeting-Group I, 7=Meeting-Group II, 8=AA/NA, 9=Study, 10=Life Skills, 11=Other

* PDA data structures *

** Custom types used in Palm storeage

Length: 	15 bytes
Fields: 	[14|1]
Fieldnames:	[barcode|null]

Stored as null terminated strings.

Clothing Bit Fields (indicated below as Clothing)
Length:		32 bits
Fields:		[4|4|4|4|4|3|3|3|3]
Fieldnames:	[shirt|pants|undies|socks|shoes|hat|gloves|coat|other]

These are all interpreted as unsigned x-bit integers.

** PDA Record formats

All fields on the PDA side are word (2-byte) aligned. The compiler
inserts null bytes in the records to enforce this constraint.
This is indicated by a null* below.

Scan Record
Length:		38 bytes
Fields:		[15|1|4|15|1|4]
Fieldnames:	[personBarcode|null*|timestamp|serviceBarcode|null*|value]
	union	[personBarcode|null*|timestamp|serviceBarcode|null*|clothing]

personBarcode=	Barcode
timestamp=	int, # seconds from 12:00 A.M. on January 1, 1904 to present (Mac format)
serviceBarcode=	Barcode
value=		int (scan record type specific interpretation)

Length:		36 bytes
Fields:		[15|1|21|1]
Fieldnames:	[personBarcode|null*|name|null*]

The very last null* is a hypothesis that has not been tested. It may
be the case that null*'s are only needed between fields in a single
record and not for the last field of a record.

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