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Results of CS1010S (Semester 1, 2013/2014) Mid-term Survey + My Responses

The following are the results for the online survey that we did after the mid-term exam. I've also included some of my comments to the mid-term survey.

There are several reasons for this survey:

  • Timely Feedback - We cannot teach well unless we know what's going on and what students do not understand. Waiting till the end of the semester would be too late and there's nothing much that we can do. That said, I hope that students will appreciate that the lecturers are only human and it's not always possible to address all concerns and fix all problems this semester. In any case, the feedback will be taken seriously and future batches of students will benefit.

  • Allows Lecturer to Respond - This survey also presents the lecturers with a opportunity to address the concerns of the class and to clarify some issues from the perspective of the teaching staff, which is also why this particular page exists. 

Note: Feedback on the Tutors are omitted here because of privacy reasons. I do not feel that it is right for me to put up the feedback they received on this site (not implying that they are bad). They can choose to put up their feedback if they wish.  This is an anonymous survey. We have no idea who said what. We just know what was said. :-)

Total Number of Respondents : 224/231

Understanding Your Background
1) Multiple Choice

Did you have any prior programming experience?









Seems like the majority of students have no programming background.

1) Multiple Choice

How do you find the lectures?



I have no clue what the lecturer is talking about most of the time


I have no idea what's happening half the time


Lectures are no different from the other classes on campus


Lectures are way cool. Easily the best class that I've taken at NUS (not like I've taken a lot, but...)




Looks like we're not doing too badly, but there's certainly room for improvement. This is the first time that I'm teaching CS1010S and I'd have to admit that some of the lectures still have teething problems.

2) Multiple Choice

How effective are the recitations in facilitating your learning?



I'm always asleep during recitations and have no idea what the instructor is saying.


I have a hard time understanding what is taught in recitation


Recitations are okay


Recitations are clear and helpful in reinforcing the material covered in lectures


Recitations are brilliant. I understand Scheme completely because of them.




Looks like there's room for improvement for the recitations too. :-'(

3) Multiple Choice

How effective are the tutorials in facilitating your learning?



They are a complete waste of my time ...


I have no idea what's going on/I have no idea what the Tutor is saying most of the time


Tutorials are okay


Tutorials are helpful for my learning


Tutorials are brilliant. Every module at NUS should have them!




Seems like my tutors are doing quite a good job. There's still room for improvement, but 3/4 of the students seem to be happy with their tutors. 

4) Essay

Feedback for Lecturer Ben Leong.

1. record tutorials and recitations

2. tends to speed up. other than that he is an amazing and passionate lecturer.

3. cool

4. Better have some structure that can be easily followed for the lecture. I borrowed several python books from library and none of them has a similar structure as ours...

5. He is a perfect and fantastic lecturer. His lectures are effective and interesting. In his lectures, I not only learn coding but also learn the thinking process. Moreover, I like his enthusiasm and talent and creative ideas very much.

6. sometimes the lecture is kinda rush at the end, but overall there's no problem

7. Tutorial questions are too hard :( Nonetheless I really enjoy your lessons. It helped broaden my way of thinking not just in Computer Science and also in other subjects. This module really pushes students to solve problems rather than to blindly copy equations.

8. cool

9. Interesting and motivating Lecturer!

10. Slower pace to students to digest what he taught during lectures.

11. quite okay, but speak too fast, and need elaborate slower and deeper. I will be happy if he can provide some useful tips

12. Very professional lecturer, though lectures are way too fast for students to absorb information, but I guess that can't be helped if the syllabus is so dense.

13. No feedback. Not bad.

14. Some examples in lectures require advanced knowledge of mathematics (e.g. Newton-Raphson method, count change). I feel that some students can't grasp the programming concepts behind them because they're stuck trying to understand the mathematics.

15. Lecturer Ben is very knowledgeable about the stuff he is teaching and can see his passion for teaching and programming.

16. Try to slow down when explaining new concepts(?), other than that, stay cool!!!

17. He sometimes speaks a bit fast, but as long as I keep focused, I am able to catch up most of the time. He is very helpful and can answer our questions almost spontaneously.:)

18. Speak slower

19. Sometimes a bit too fast in lectures. And compared to other modules, I'm doing a lot of work for this mod. But in recitations, his pace is much better.

20. Excellent and enthusiastic professor!

21. He is very approachable and helpful to us. I really appreciate him for his kindness.

22. Very energetic and engaging but sometimes I cannot follow... not sure whether it is because i am too slow or prof. Ben it too fast...

23. Speak slower maybe, although I have already been much more used to his speed than at the very beginning.

24. Can make it...

25. going way too fast. really needs to slow down so that can have a better grasp on the more fundamental concepts, rather than slowing down in the later part of the sem.

26. Interesting, lively and fast

27. funny prof that makes learning more interesting

28. A good and cool lecturer with much interaction with students

29. maybe you could speak slightly slower and give us more time to complete the missions/trainings so that we can slowly think through it!

30. Lecture pace is perhaps a little bit fast to go through everything in depth, but generally fine. Personally I find that I usually don't have enough time to attempt the recitation questions as it is held in the day just after the lecture.

31. teach a lot

32. Good memory.

33. The pitch of the module on problem solving is great. The range of problems and scenarios introduced are inspiring and interesting.

34. Great Lecturer

35. Very good lecturer! enjoy his lectures. explains it quite clearly too

36. I really appreciate your interaction with students during the lecture, and I love the atmosphere in this CS class as you can really arouse my interests and concentration. I do hope the content of each lecture can be reduced a little so that I can comprehend easily. I know that's impossible, though. haha~ Never mind, I'm ready for the coming half semester. Last but not the least, bless me a better results for my final exam!!!! Thx prof Ben~

37. Easily one of the best lecturers around who goes the extra mile to engage students personally on facebook even after office hours.

38. funny and efficient in teaching

39. Prof Leong is clear and effective during lectures and I enjoy reading the interesting articles he posted up on the facebook group as well as the videos during lecture. and I think its really nice of him that he cares to ensure that every student can keep up with the pace of work and consistently revise

40. Nice lecturer

41. Prof Ben is very hardworking and passionate in teaching and I really appreciate that.

42. Able to understand so far.

43. too fast

44. Awesome!

45. Brilliant!

46. Kind of that we are not in the same world!

47. He seems to be an interesting and humorous guy which make the lessons more lively

48. less typo

49. Talk slower

50. He speaks way too fast when he's excited (which is most of the time). But I like his recap at the start of every lecture as it allows me to check if I'm following the lectures well enough.

51. so enthu! so funny

52. too effective

53. I think that the mission and sidequests are time-consuming, resulting in little time left for me tor revise my other modules

54. I think Prof Ben makes lectures more engaging and somehow the assignments(i.e. sidequests ,missions) that he has crafted for the module greatly interest me(despite being extremely challenging).

55. Very fun and engaging,makes the lecture more lively and explain the concepts clearly but might be abit too fast in some of the explanations.

56. He is a passionate man. I enjoy his lecture.

57. Dedicated lecturer but can be a little intimidating.

58. He's doing a great job!! :)

59. Keep up the good work

60. Lecture is too fast sometimes, not the speech. The lecturer goes on to the next topic when I haven't got the current one. QAQ

61. Interesting lecturer and very dedicated to his students! Appreciate all the efforts he has put in to help me during recitations and help sessions!

62. Great lecturer. Makes the lecture fun.

63. Speak slower.

64. interesting. humorous. really impressed that Prof would make time late in the night and early morning on a Saturday to make sure we understand the materials

65. Talk a bit slower, Prof Ben :D

66. However you are one of the best teaching person I have ever seen. :D

67. Interesting and Excellent lecturer

68. I like the little videos he played in each lecture.

69. great lecturer! but if possible, slow down the speed of explaining...

70. Sometimes the speed is too fast.

71. And once being lost at one point, it is hard to catch up for the rest of the lecture>

72. Thank you! Really glad that I have you as my prof !

73. The recitations are really useful and i definitely learnt better after recitation. Learning the order of growth and loops were through recitation because more in depth explanation was done. And it is really good because  it is still fresh from after lecture.

74. Lecturer Ben was very funny, and dedicated to helping his students in improving their understanding.

75. Prof Ben is a really cool prof. He really makes me interested in the module and makes stuff seem simpler and understandable.

76. Very entertaining but speaks a little fast at times

77. Prof Ben's lecture is very cool! but due to the fact that i have no background knowledge, some of the content is hard for me to absorb. It me long time to figure out the format of coding....

78. Dr Ben, i think sometimes you say things as if you think we already know it. Yes it may be for some people, but for a handful of people we may go HUH?

79. Cool ! Best Prof in guiding students to think

80. Lectures are great and I really enjoy it

81. The way of teaching is interesting but a bit too fast.

82. Awesome

83. Maybe you can try to speak more slowly.

84. Excellent professor, full of energy, able to deliver his concepts across in a non "out of the world" manner

85. He is conscientious.

86. Speak slower

87. Many thanks! Your lectures are enthusiastic and interesting.

88. Please slow down the pace and especially highlight some important point specifically and intuitionally, not too much abstract concepts.

89. Good work, and keep it up :)

90. A caring and helpful prof. Although the mod is though, its lucky that the prof is nice and willing to help us in all kinds of ways. He needs to slow down a little during lectures though. >

91. Quite good. But I dont understand some of the things not because his explanations are not clear but the things are too abstract. After doing the things a few times and going for tutorials then things become clearer.

92. Appreciate your level of commitment to helping the students (:

93. Enthusiastic and friendly. However sometimes too fast >

94. Speaker slower and clearer

95. He's cool. His lecture is interesting

96. speak slower. or perhaps i am just too slow to understand

97. I think he can probably include more things during the lecture so that I do not have to spend too much time figuring out how to make certain things work on Coursemology trainings and missions.

98. Super nice compared to all the lecturers i had for other modules!  unlike other modules, i don't feel like sleeping in lectures.. maybe because of his voice? Really helpful and friendly to all students too

99. Hopefully can explain more in depth, rather than touch the concept and go. Cause i find this mod rather time consuming due to the fact that there is one tutorial, one recitation and one lecture each week.  Plus training within 48 hours, and mission deadlines. It will be more helpful if you can explain more in depth, can help to reduce much of the workloads. 

100. Very wonderful teacher, teaches concept very clearly and well.

101. Speaks slower :D

102. Quite cool lecturer, but for me, a non-English native speaker, sometimes I felt that the lecture is a bit fast.

103. Excellent!! But please calm down when you are talking... the speed is so fast...

104. He always concerns about his speaking speed but for me I think it is quite Okay :-)
Sometimes he goes through some of lecture slides too fast and I haven't catch up what do the codes mean. So maybe slow down on switching from slide to slide so that we can have a little bit more time to digest.
Prof Ben cares our feelings towards coding and learning python quite much and can adjust some teaching methods. This is quite good.
Overall he is an excellent lecturer and thanks for prof Ben.

105. Excellent  and I personally like his style of talking and teaching.

106. Approachable, Quite effective

107. I hope he can speak a bit slower.

108. Good pace, detailed explanation

109. Entertaining and interesting lectures delivered. However, I hope more examples can be provided to better illustrate new concepts.

110. Very helpful and patient, though he may rattle off pretty quickly from time to time.

111. Prof Ben is very dedicated and efficient. He tries to make the course more interesting by having it in a game playing manner which i appreciate it. He is very concern with his students and make an effort to arrange extra classes to help students who are in need. He is also very enthusiastic with teaching the course and go all out to deliver his knowledge

112. very nice lecturer, arouse my enthusiasm in coding

113. Please talk slower and in simpler terms.

114. I like the way you conduct your lectures.
Maybe you can try going a bit slower during recitations, especially when you explain the answers.

115. Good:)

116. super funny and knowledgeable about the module.

117. speaks clearly.
lecture slides are are easily understandable.

118. LOVE you always!!!!!! 
you are really really the best teacher I met in NUS till now. 

119. Fine

120. Excellent ! when talking with my friends, I describe him as "kindly and charismatic, but a little crazy young lecturer."

121. Good presenting and organizing of lectures.

122. cool lecturer!

123. slow down the pace

124. Excellent lecturer. However, if the content is easier I will feel better.

125. Please don't think that everyone is as smart as you.

126. I enjoy the lectures.

127. A nice teacher though as he himself said, sometimes he speak to fast :P, but I still can barely keeping up, so overall he's a great teacher for he uses original ways of learning

128. Interesting but talks really fast

129. Speak so fast, but very interesting

130. Cool!

131. A fabulous lecturer! Interesting break-time videos that make me awake!

132. seems really enthusiastic about teaching and creative in the way he conducts his classes

133. very funny

134. Awesome possum

135. I think this module has a ridiculous workload.

136. dear prof you are really talking speaking, and the things are really too abstract I can not understand totally in the lecture

137. Problems designed are good.

138. Good attempt to slow down himself when teaching. 
Dedicated lecturer who tries to understand his students difficulties.

139. a very nice teacher! 
(his speaking speed is a little fast but acceptable)

140. Slower.

141. Helpful and goes out of his way to help the weaker students

142. the concepts are easy to follow but if can slow down the speaking pace a little bit will be even better.

143. Wish there was less homework, but its definitely manageable now.

144. Nice lecturer

145. Has been good and conducting lessons with engagement and creativity. Talk more slowly. And maybe, try not to change (adding ) the lecture slides after lecture.

146. He is quite cool. One example, he tried to remember every student's name. 
That's something you can never imagine in other modules. 
It really makes students feel we are being cared and everyone of us is unique.
It gives me a impression that SOC professors are really good! 

147. Most interesting, intriguing and caring lecturer(I have met so far)!

148. Can you show more examples instead of  plainly explaining the concept.

149. Perfect,very cool

150. His lecture is fast.

151. Prof Ben is really awesome, I suspect I like the module so much because of him hahaha. Although he speaks really quickly, he does try to slow down and many a times he succeeds in doing so. He also repeatedly reinforces important concepts. Thank you Prof Ben for all the extra help sessions!!!

152. Interesting and interactive lectures, but workload is way too much than the other modules.

153. Best lecturer around. Really comprehensive and easy to understand, and interesting.
Speaks perfect Singlish. Powerpack la sir.

154. Prof Ben is a good lecturer in the sense that he's able to articulate very well and keep us engaged in the lecture (even though sometimes the content is just too abstract and I couldn't absorb them straight away). Furthermore his tone makes the lecture more livelier and he himself is a very motivating person.

155. talking toooo faaast

156. Lectures and recitations have been useful and interesting.

157. He's great, humorous and helpful

158. I can't believe the real exam is far more difficult than the previous exam paper of CS1010(even the tough one!!), I hope I can be tested by doing real programming. :)

159. Nice professor.
Content of lectures are heavy and difficult to follow through.

160. Good, very kind in many ways, like giving clear instructions.

161. Perhaps can speak slower and please do not have the mentality that even the basic things that we will know because this is like our 1st time taking programming.

162. :)

163. Vey good teacher with a great passion...

164. Just a bit fast, operates similar to a recursive function where he always says that complex stuff will be understood via future stuff and these stuff will then be explained by "Just look at it"

165. very funny but talks too fast, it is hard to understand and process when the lesson is going on at such a fast speed, especially for people new to programming.

166. He is the most enthusiastic and amazing lecture I have met in NUS so far.

167. Please reduce the pace of the teaching and give us more time to really fully understand the content and more time to complete assignments (missions/trainings) in coursemology.

168. humorous and a very committed teacher

169. He is clear in his explanation but sometimes he speak too fast

170. Good lecturer but maybe because he has been doing programming for years so he don't get our pain when we cannot even understand the basics.

171. be cool and slow down

172. knowledgeable, and very engaging during lectures and recitations.

173. He is a great professor, but the level he taught is a little bit too high that I cannot catch sometimes.

174. Pace a little too fast during recitations.

175. your lecture is quite interesting and attractive.

176. He is a helpful teacher. He makes sure everyone understands whatever he taught before his students leave the class.

177. Entertaining

178. you talk to fast!!!
and when u r explaining concepts, maybe u can explain more in detail...
and in the beginning of the module...i feel the explanation of the concept of programming and way concepts were introduced was not optimized for learning...
as in i would have liked to learn formats and syntax before learning the different ways of i have a strong base...

179. You are amazing, one of the best lecturers I've ever been taught with!
Next time, please don't try to squish 100+ slides of materials in 90 minutes... Sometimes it just gets too overwhelming for newbies.

180. talks very fast

181. Good, but the pace is a little fast

182. Professor Ben is a very charismatic lecturer.

Skip: 42 (18.75%)

 Thanks for the kind words. I suspect that I have moderated my speaking speed for the second half of the semester.

On the comment about that Math, that's actually wrong. This class DOES NOT require you to understand those algorithms. The point of those algorithms was to learn how to implement, not to derive, so no, there was no need to understand why they work. Just need to know what they do, read and implement.

I apologize for the typos throughout this semester. This course is new. Everything is created from scratch. Really impossible to completely eliminate the typos. Should be better in the next offering. There are also issues with the missions that needs to be fixed, but we can only fix next time again.

As for the lectures, it was never the intention for the lectures to make the materials completely clear to every student. I have taught programming long enough to know that it's IMPOSSIBLE. The point of the lectures is to introduce new material. The materials is supposed to be learnt through the trainings, recitations, tutorials and missions, in that order. Also, it is intentional that not everything would be taught. Students are expected to learn and/or discover on their own.

Missions & Side Quests
1) Multiple Choice

Given that programming is something new to most of you, we expect students to spend about 10 hours per week on the subject. Granted that for some of the weeks, you spend less time on the subject; and on other weeks, you spend tremendous amount on it. On average, how much time per week have you spent on CS1010S?



At most 8 hours


Between 9 and 11 hours


Between 12 and 14 hours


Between 15 and 17 hours


At least 18 hours




Seems like the workload is rather heavy. But I think it cannot be helped. There is a need to practice to learn how to code. The distribution actually looks quite okay. The trouble with coding is that those who run into trouble can take a lot more time than those who do not and it's hard to control. That's just the way it is. :-'(

2) Multiple Choice

There are 15 missions for CS1010S this term, which divides naturally into 7 sets of related missions. What is your view on this workload?



Way too little work. More please ...


Workload is somewhat light


This is just nice


Work load is somewhat heavy


CS1010S missions are killing me ...




Alright, seems like we are a little on the heavy side this year. Will see what I can do to reduce the workload a bit in future years.  Will probably make 1 or 2 missions side quests to reduce the compulsory workload and still let those who have a lot of free time have stuff to do. Some students did run out of things to do.

4) Essay

Please let us have your feedback on the missions and sidequests for the class.

1. Tedious and time consuming

2. Missions always make me very nervous.

3. Deadlines are too close to one another and preferably missions should not be due when we are still having midterms

4. Sidequests take longer than missions. I expect this is intentional.

5. I hope it can release earlier so that we have more time to work on it.

6. Just fine

7. Some of them are easy but some are quite hard for me to solve

8. the tasks are like puzzles so they're quite interesting. And I like getting to draw stuff.

9. Some of the missions and side quests can be quite time consuming.

10. They are very good for practice

11. Very time-consuming but is justified

12. it is too time consuming... at least for me.

13. Very helpful in understanding some concepts.

14. They are good for us to enhance my programming.

15. they are really well set by the tutors. engaging us with stories. although 6-8 seems to be a little too draggy. as the missions deadlines are spanned over 2 weeks, most of the time i have to re read the previous missions to get a clue about what question is asking. this is time consuming as somethings the code defined in the previous missions are wrong, hence leading to an error carry forward.

16. some are really difficult and require a lot of extra reading...

17. Missions are still doable but side quest is hard.

18. okay, but quite difficult somehow..

19. missions are too many. workload for other mods are starting to really come.

20. becoming harder and harder!

21. They are rather challenging and really makes me think hard.

22. reinforcing the knowledge, which is necessary.

23. They are helpful.

24. The deadline is too short!

25. The mission and sidequests are challenging. But I enjoy attempting them and of course, being able solve the problems.

26. It is quite irritating to stuck on a problem for about a whole day. The missions are really useful in implementing what we have learned but they are quite difficult.

27. Some of the sidequests are too tough.

28. Some quests are not very clearly explained, hence much time is spent interpreting the question.

29. i feel that there is no time for side quests for me because it takes some time for the to understand the concepts and complete the missions...

30. Beginning part, quite difficult. scare me!
Better and better.
I mean, easier and easier.
But all in all, the missions are helpful for students to learn stuff.

31. missions are coming in too often. even before I submitted mission 6, mission 8 is already out.

32. Its really an interesting concept, but it takes up too much time>

33. Siqequest can be very much harder. Which is good, but it will be encouraging if the Sidequest EXP can be equal or closer to the Missions' EXP as it takes as long or if not longer to tackle them.

34. Good. Not so difficult and not so easy. But it would be better if we can have less questions.

35. i had fun doing the assignments, but it is not very fun once one is stuck there for hours. luckily, we can still seek help from the forum =)

36. Generally very helpful for us to be sure of concepts and their usage. However the additional workload is really rather heavy.

37. Missions and sidequests have been fun & interesting! At the same time, it reinforces the concepts we learn during lectures/tutorials/recitations!

38. Too many missions and sidequests that makes the course very competitive, which would be a disadvantage to those who are really slow and having trouble with the basics. Too much time spent for the mission till there is not enough time to complete sidequests (for those who are struggling in this course)

39. some missions are tough and I have to spend many hours on it

40. maybe sidequests should not have deadline? so we can have the option of revisiting it when we have time since it's not compulsory

41. Overall great.

42. Missions and sidequests are good to help us understand the knowledge we learn better. They also taught me many things that I did not know. So far, I think both the quality and quantity of missions and sidequests are appropriate.

43. learn a lot from the missions and side quests! Though there is a gap between what's taught in lecture and what's asked in missions, still a good way to learn

44. Too time consuming

45. It is very difficult and tedious to me. I dont know how to apply what i have learnt on the missions and sidequests. But i agree that missions topic such as turtle and bus codes are a interesting topic and does not seem too still like the usual modules with the usual assignment

46. Good practice for me.

47. missions are okay but sidequest is too hard

48. the time interval between missions and sidequests is relatively too short to buffer....

49. They are very good in helping to apply the knowledge that has been taught in class.

50. Personally I felt that missions and sidequests are too different from tutorial, recitation and exam question.

51. Maybe don't let too many of them come out at once...

52. Their difficulty level is alright so far

53. missions are good. sidequests can have more fun. if everybody can do the sidequest, then there is no meaning to set sidequests.

54. There are some really tough questions.

55. I felt that learning procedural abstraction using pictures is interesting. However, the majority of students are from statistics and business analytics which requires them to analyse data in the future. Python is a good programming tool for data acquisition. I believe that if procedural abstraction were taught in numbers, strings, ADTs, and other common data types more exterior functions could be learned. Yet, I understand that exterior functions are prohibited to facilitate computer thinking skills. More could be taught on sorting, swapping, shifting, reversing, adding, deleting, simply just moving things around in that particular data type. Other than this, I felt everything about CS1010S is really good. One of the best course ever (in my first year). It has some extra stuffs like contests that expects students to be creative. I also felt that perhaps, more algorithms could be taught on top of tree recursion, mutual recursion, euclid GCD algorithm, swapping to convert recursion to iterative. Anyway, we learned complexity because we need to create the most efficient algorithm. Also, I felt that it is good that the typical challenging problems like counting change, tower of hanoi, GCD, fast exponentiation are good as starting points where students can anchor their experience. But perhaps the questions can be set in more interesting ways that use these algorithms more discreetly so that it increases the difficulty. A combination of these would be better too.

56. Missions are quite difficult for me. Sometimes I spend a whole afternoon doing one mission and still fail to get the correct answer. I expect more hints to be given.

57. Don't have time for side quest since I am taking 6 modules this term and 1010s occupies at least one-third of my time >

58. The missions are generally good, but sometimes the instruction given is not so clear. And there is no room for making our own codes, we are mainly following an answer scheme

59. it is really time consuming

60. Challenging but not too difficult

61. They depend a bit too much on consistency and imitation... I cannot find place for creativity and logical thinking.

62. I think the missions about draw pictures are not quite related to the course taught during lectures and recitations.

63. could be more interesting and more easy for us to understand

64. Interesting background information...

65. The missions are sometimes too long and difficult to understand.

66. Deadlines DURING recess and/or reading week can be DEADLY...

67. it is too time consuming

68. Some of the missions are way too tough and the phrasing of the questions are sometimes a little difficult to understand.

69. While it is understandable that computing requires a lot of practicing, I feel that there are way too many missions and sidequests which adds on to time spent on computing (lectures, tutorials, recitations).

70. It is very creative to use such methods to make learning more interesting.

71. it gets tougher and tougher every time and sometimes the question is weird so i don't understand what the question is asking?

72. I think it is useful. Each of them is related different part of this module, so it is good for practice. I just think you can let us try more to practice and give some challenges some time.

73. no idea. all can do except minor mistakes due to carelessness.
But they are somehow irrelevant to the midterm.

74. somehow too many

75. interesting, great experience.

76. I think have a theme for each mission and sidequest does make doing work for interesting. In a way it also help me the potential application of the different codes in real life situation

77. Good concept of having missions and sidequests

78. they are ok, but some of them are too long...

79. They are too time consuming.. And many a times, if i do not get a part wrong, my tutor will just say that it is wrong, but i work it out and still could not get it right. Maybe model ans can be given after all the students have finish the missions alr?

80. Quite fine.

81. Mission due dates are too close apart. Sidequests and missions can get too hard and waste a lot of time.

82. too complex

83. It's just nice :) 
Though sometimes the PDF is a bit too long and looks scary, but it's okay when we actually working through it. 

84. Doable for some missions and side quests.

85. I dunno what im doing most of the time. I will just spam until I got the correct output

86. there are way too many missions and side quests. i understand that this is to help us be consistent, but we have other core modules and most of the time is either spent on doing missions or side quests ( on top of recitations and tutorials) and no time for other modules.

87. Some of the mission deadlines are too short since we need to spend some of our times on other modules too. However, luckily Prof.Ben always delay the deadlines when I am unable to finish on time.

88. Generally I feel it is quite do-able.

89. Sidequests are quite difficult, missions are also difficult but it guides us through, sometimes I feel it takes really long to do the mission or sidequest and I find it very diff from the test

90. More hints given for harder qns

91. nice

92. A fair share of simple as well as challenging questions in missions and sidequests. (Takes me reeeaaallllyyyy long to figure out most of them most of the time, like the E N T I R E day. But I guess that's the whole process of learning, finding out where you're wrong and trying to get to your aim.)

93. The PDF files for the missions/side quests are too wordy. Most of the times, I have to read it again and again just to understand the question and that itself takes up a lot of time.

94. Missions and sidequests are generally good as they allow us to apply and practice the content that we've learnt. But sometimes some of the missions/sidequests are really too difficult, especially for really weak students.

95. The workload is somewhat too much.

96. Although it is not a necessity to do the side quests according to Prof and the Tutors, seeing a lot of ppl level up or attempt, compels me to do and unnecessarily increases my workload. Missions and side quests are getting super hard also.

97. A bit too many for me.... but the difficulty level is okay.

98. Time-consuming

99. Missions and sidequests were somehow unrelated to the subject taught in lectures.

100. Nice.

101. nice works

102. Missions are sometimes set in a way that its quite hard to understand what the tasks wants.. Sidequests are most of the time more difficult than missions. If not for the long time needed for every mission, I think they're effective in allowing us to apply our knowledge into different types of questions.

103. Sidequests are a lot harder than missions

104. The difficulty is ok

105. Too fast

106. The missions and sidequests are great! By solving these questions I am sure to be better at writing codes.

107. Some missions are hard while some are neutral. The hardest one took me more than an afternoon to finish. 
I think the thing is, sometimes the questions are not clear enough and I spent a lot of time on understanding the questions by doing the wrong way once and once again(it can be my own problem as well.)
Side questions can be hard sometimes as well. 

108. I think missions and sidequests are interesting but are somewhat demanding.

109. they are pretty good questions for better understand and use of the concepts

100. No time for side quests
Missions get harder some times...

111. They are very interesting. But sometimes there are some little mistakes in the first version.

112. Missions are good for understanding and help to understand how all the functions work better. It is also really interesting like the turtle and bus stops, pretty interesting.

113. The tutor is patient.

114. Some are vey difficult, some are ok

115. maybe some difficult qn from side quests or missions can be discussed during tut

116. 1)Generally I am quite satisfied with it.
2)But several parts of some missions are not easy to understand(for me and some of my friends)... Like some parts in mission 6,7 ... The good news is ... the examples under the words description help me a lot to understand the questions. 
3)It is somehow stressful  to see that a new mission is released around 00:00am... ... to sleep or to do, it is a question.

117. please give some hint...because for programming, once you have no clue about where goes wrong, it will really cost many hours in finding the error...

118. Fun! But time consuming! as fun as it is, it would be helpful to be notified if if i am on track to earn the 35% out of 35% for coursemology. Maybe i have not been listening attentively, but i was wondering if there is a forecast or guideline for instance: Full marks for all compulsory missions and on time completion of lecture trainings will get u full marks for coursemology. As fun as the side quests are and upping the level is,  there are other modules too. So as of now, to play safe i will always complete all the side quests, because they are challenging and fun too and to ensure that i can possibly score the maximum score for coursemology.

119. (1).After the deadline of every mission and sidequest, it would be nice if the answers can be uploaded to IVLE.
(2). The rest is just fine......

120. I think they are fine.

121. the mission and sidequests generally are ok.. but there is some part which is hard, thus will be stuck at that part for quite long time

122. both of them are doable, but a little time-consuming

123. There should be places that we can ask for help other than the forums. Im not sure how we can go about doing it though..
But maybe more hints could be given for it?

124. While it is a good idea and makes learning fun, it makes us quite stressed about it as well. 
I think many of us are worried whether we are able to level up and so on and so forth.

125. Some missions are really too draggy and long and some sidequests are really hard

126. I think it's too much. The workload is too heavy considering that this is just a level 1000 module. I find that it's hard to focus on my other modules because I'm always rushing to complete missions. I can sometimes spend an entire day or more trying to complete a mission. That's a substantial amount of time taken away from all of my other modules. I think it must not be forgotten that we students have other modules, all of which requires us to invest a considerable amount of effort, to handle too.
I understand that the Coursemology system is used to making learning more fun and motivate students to put in consistent and steady effort. But I feel that the stress that comes with rushing to meet the mission deadlines kills the fun. All that frenzy to make sure that I complete my work before the given deadline (while still trying to manage my other modules), instead of making me look forward to learning more about Python, has decreased my interest in the programme.

127. Workload is tooooooooo much!!

128. some are too hard. some questions are hard to understand

129. A bit difficult

130. i hate the bus stop questions. the instructions are bad. instead of story-telling, maybe more time should be spend in giving better instructions. it does however, improve my understanding of the module.

131. sidequests were really really tough and I took a very long time to solve it except for sidequest 7.1 which I think that Prof is trying to give us free exp for setting the bus stop missions so tough.
Missions, initially were quite manageable till it reaches bus stop saga missions

132. i hate the bus stop questions. the instructions are bad. instead of story-telling, maybe more time should be spend in giving better instructions. it does however, improve my understanding of the module.

133. sidequests were really really tough and I took a very long time to solve it except for sidequest 7.1 which I think that Prof is trying to give us free exp for setting the bus stop missions so tough.
Missions, initially were quite manageable till it reaches bus stop saga missions

134. So far, I have only been doing missions except one side-quest. Missions are still manageable though sometimes they took me quite a long time to ponder upon.

135. Must. Do. All. Sidequests.

136. All the missions and sidequests are helping me improve and deal with complexity, and are of great use.

137. Thinking behind missions and side quests can be explained during class time. Alot of students, given majority lack programming experience, it would greatly help.

138. quite hard to think about some tips to solve certain problems

139. The deadlines are too close. It makes our entire week very gloomy

140. The descriptions are always tooooooo LONG!!! I spent most of my time reading the instructions. Why not just describe it concisely? And the questions for bus stop are really bad! Since there is a long period of time between each mission. When I did mission08, I had to spend half an hour reviewing mission 06 & 07!!!

141. Missions are too difficult, draining my time away to study for other modules

142. Well designed

143. missions by themselves are ok, but everyone will want to do the sidequests to gain an edge, and hence if you do both missions and sidequests all the time, its very time consuming

144. good practice for concepts learnt in lectures.
brilliant idea to help students practice continuously and reinforce concepts which will not be as easily forgotten as compared to other modules.

145. quite interesting actually, it shows how much effort and dedication the course coordinator put into this module. unfortunately i am not able to fully appreciate (due to my insufficient knowledge).

146. The marks deducted are usually not

147. hmmm... they are well-designed to help us digest the material.

148. too much.. 
and please provide model answers for each mission? else it is seriously damn meaningless to our learning 

149. Quite interesting and fun

150. Some of the missions and sidequests are tough and can be confusing (like Mission 6, 7, 8)

151. Cause I want to do all the missions and sidequests as I want to do more work to have a better understanding of python, sometimes it is a little bit heavy.

152. The missions are challenging but fulfilling. They allow me to use my brain and taught me to try my best and not give up when met with difficulties.

153. Some of them quite hard

154. It is very useful for us to practice coding.

155. Some missions are too hard. But it is good that it will guide us step by step.

156. Both are challenging and time-consuming.

157. Ok, but no clear relevance to the lecture

158. It is simply awesome!

159. Sometimes, instructions are vague.

160. Missions sometimes are not really on the same par with the lectures.

161. A bit too rush..

Skip: 63 (28.1%)

The missions are released immediately after the associated lecture. Makes no sense to release it any earlier and it probably won't make any difference either. Most students procrastinate and do their work at the last minute anyway. The question is whether we should bring forward the deadlines.

Yes, and to respond to the comment that it can take a long time to do, that is sadly part of the learning process. And as for the comments from the students that the missions are not related to the lectures, that's where some students need to re-calibrate their thinking. If they expect to attend lecture and to be able to regurgitate in the assignments, that's a waste of everybody's time. CS1010S is how learning is meant to work.

We have re-calibrated the EXP curve to make sure that most students will be able to reach Level 35 if they do all the missions, trainings and attend tutorials.

What I fail to understand is how providing model answers will bring meaning to the learning. The meaning of the assignments is in the doing and not in the answers.

4) Essay

Please give us your suggestions on how we can improve the missions and side quests. 

1. provide ans after that

2. Reduce some.

3. no comments. i think the tutors are already doing an exemplary job

4. Dont make the missions so's very confusing to see too many words

5. maybe make a few missions that strengthen the basic concepts

6. Maybe can reduce some of the narrative words.

7. Maybe can decrease the difficulty.

8. should set up the question more clear

9. Hm... Try to minimize the errors and state the requirement more clearly~

10. they are pretty good already.

11. Maybe can make it easier to apply the skills and knowledge we have learnt in lecture

12. Less workload

13. Maybe can give us a suggested answer.

14. It will definitely help if we had more days to work on every mission and side quests, considering we will have assignments and tests for other modules as well.

15. Keep it to 2 tasks a mission and 1 for each side quests (not too many parts to 1 task)

16. give us a little more time..

17. Although I like the storylines, sometimes they are a bit too long in the mission instructions and it makes it slightly difficult to find the information I want when I refer back to the instruction. Maybe can modify the font a little. :)

18. is it possible to shorten the missions and reduce the numbers of missions and side quests? i think i still  have other subjects but i really spend 70% of the time on CS.

19. Give instructions concisely.

20. Maybe releasing the complete solutions once we submitted the mission will be helpful.

21. missions are good. make the sidequests a little more difficult. half of our people can finish is good.

22. the workload is too heavy.

23. Reduce to 12 or 13 mission?

24. Better explanations of the problem and concept.

25. I expect more hints to be given.

26. Decrease the number of tasks.

27. tag the degree of difficulties and suggested time for complete

28. Just nice.

29. I think the expressions sometimes confuse me a lot. Would you please make the sentences shorter and explain the tasks in more simple and clear ways? Thx a lot!

30. Make them short? It's almost intimidating when you see task 1 with 4 sub-tasks under it...

31. make them easier for a beginner
some of my friend who took cs1010e says theirs is much easier than us.

32. seems enough at this moment.
33. Give more examples to illustrate what u are suppose to do.
34. I prefer a slightly longer deadline. I'll definitely spend time doing it. I want a longer deadline because I need to take care of my 4 other modules as well.
35. Sometimes the instruction are not v clear, causing me writing the executing-right code but didn't satisfy the requirement.
36. if after all students had submitted the mission, we can have a sample answer then will be great.
37. please give more guidance (examples in the PDF)
38. Not so tight deadlines.
39. Please use "pass" in the template for convenience.
This is so that when we start working on the solution, we can use the template file provided, change the first function, press F5, and test cases immediately. The current template file raises an error because the functions are undefined.
40. Maybe, use simpler words for the mission to facilitate better understanding.
41. keep the questions short please. I like reading stories but not form the questions.
42. longer submission period
43. No storylines
44. Its fine, although some of the instructions are too wordy and difficult to understand.
45. They are good. No improvements are needed
46. I would suggest that instead of having a few missions and side quests every week, can we just combine them into like 1 big mission and 1 side quest per week? In that way, we can just do the missions and side quests on our own pace and we wont need to worry about the deadlines keep coming one after the other.
47. I don't see any areas pertaining to missions or sidequests which need improvement.
48. Set the deadline of the missions more spread apart
49. Maybe can provide some sort of hint.
50. make it easier
51. should publish a few sets of answers or directions of approach when everyone finishes the assignment or pass the deadline. this is to explore other possible approach to the question
52. I think it's still good to publish missions and side quests as practice. Submissions, if required, should be made compulsory every 2 weeks (or at longer and more manageable time intervals) instead of the current once (or even more) per week.
53. Maybe make it more challenging, but have less??
54. The questions could be explained clearer.
55. i think the purpose of mission is not to test students, instead , it provides useful tips with students when they are writing real codes
56. I am thinking whether it is possible to have a forum at the coursemology website itself so that we can discussion some of the problems more spontaneously. It is a bit troublesome to go IVLE to check the forum there sometimes.
57. can program it in such as way that it can prompt us what is wrong with our code. That help us to spot mistakes and misconception more efficiently
58. It'll be better if there're less of them.
59. Be more applicable to what we have learnt in class
60. No, just keep the present status will be fine.
61. Maybe we can have 2 submissions? Tutors can point out the problem implicitly (e.g. hint which part is wrong) to the student. It is because sometimes when I failed to get the answer, I really do not have the idea of which part is going wrong.
62. Fewer tasks but harder ! :D
63. Extra exp can be given if we managed to correct the mistakes after we submit the missions/sidequests.
64. Provide less side quests since some of the students who are unable to do it become a bit stressful when they see that their levels are quite low compared to others.
65. Make it more manageable
66. Give lesser qn
67. Lesser questions
68. if possible, the mission have more explanation before questions and more summary after all questions. the summary should be something easy to learn, and related to the knowledge taught in lectures.
69. Reduce the size of the missions but still cover the content of the lectures so that we do not have to spend so much time on the missions. No comment about the side quest as it is optional.
70. i don't know but i'm always rushing to complete them ):
71. Hope that side quests could be based on questions which require us to re-apply the skills we have applied in the previous missions. Otherwise, hope that it can be more linked to previous missions. It can serve as a revision as well.
72. Not that I can think of
73. It is alr quite good
74. fewer missions and side quests!
75. I think maybe can have more hint I dont know, for those students in need help can have more hints
76. They are fine
77. Maybe some reference of what we applied in our sidequest to actual learning material
78. Some parts of the missions were not really clear and had a hard time understanding it, perhaps can craft the questions to be more easier to comprehend ?
79. Can be more associated with what we learn on class so that we may feel more confident about future programming learning ...
80. workload is a bit heavy for non-CS students
81. The instruction are clear and the content is useful...Maybe adding some comics can make make the long text friendly...
82. longer deadline.
83. Side quests could be harder
84. give model ans after ALL the students are done with the missions?
85. give some hints?
86. reduce frequency of missions. It takes up too much time I feel. and even though answers are uploaded, they are not being taught through during tutorials/recitation.
87. maybe distribute them into different part
88. I think they are good enough now.
89. please make the difficulty level step by step
90. The stories are sometimes too long for missions...
91. Great!
92. Extend the deadlines.
93. either give an extension for the deadline or reduce the number of missions and side quests
94. Clearer instruction. more examples on the result please
95. Please give more clear descriptions on what to do then we can catch the meaning fast and maybe it takes less time.
Another thing is the frequency of launching missions is a little too high. It's like, usually 2 missions per week. Scary.
96. Make it shorter and easier. and give us more time.
97. Please don't release at the same time....
98. Better upload solutions after they are closed
99. For deadlines to be a tad longer/later. Or for there to be a tad longer break after the deadline of the current mission before the next is out.
100. Some are rather ambiguous with the instructions
101. I think they are okay.
102. Can the missions be more mathematical based? (Sorry, I'm a math major)
103. Phrase the questions in such a way that it is simpler to understand?
104. Please have more flow in the missions and side quests so that we do not get lost in the middle of it. These include test cases so that we can verify our code is correct.
105. Less!
106. Give more examples to illustrate.
107. can go through/upload solutions of missions? we may be able to complete it but can always learn some better methods
108. Do away with the unlock thing... Example Mission 8 need to complete to unlock Mission 9... then Mission 9 already started very early... Then when Mission 8 kena stuck, cannot access Mission 9... then by the time unlock Mission 9, alamak again 2-3 days deadline...
109. maybe more hint?
110. It is just nice now
111. Release earlier.
112. It's already quite good..and even amazing! Maybe the story lines can be improved (make the story flow more fluently and rationally)
113. Maybe reduce the workload.
High workload plus deadline = to killing me
114. It should be made clear that side quest is not a necessity if it isn't. Also, help sessions can be conducted to do the missions.
115. Sometimes I finish the missions and sidequests very fast but sometimes it takes me hours or even days. If this can be fixed, it will be better (I don't know if that is just me though).
116. it's fine
117. It's alright. But just very very time consuming.
118. Allocate different types of questions for different groups of students? for example questions that test on basic/foundation for students who are very weak in programming, because if they cant even do the basic questions, its hard for them to do those difficult questions in missions.
119. Cover similar type for qns in lecture.
120. lesser workload
121. Side quest probably needs more time to do. Missions are fine and clear.
122. Instructions can be clearer.

Skip: 102 (45.5%)

Overall, quite a few students think that there's too much work. Extending the deadlines is the same as reducing workload since it would otherwise be impossible to fit into the schedule. Given that this semester is the first time that we have CS1010S and most of the assignments are designed from scratch, the total workload is hard to estimate and it's somewhat touch and go. I do however suspect that we can improve the design of some of the missions to make them somewhat shorter and more interesting.

One of the questions that we have to grapple with is: how much work is necessary for the students to fully grasp the material. Also, it is seriously no easy to design good and succinct assignments. I am not completely satisfied with the assignments this year either and we are likely to see some changes to the assignments in future semester.

Combining several missions into one big missions DOESN'T work. Students are already having a hard time managing their time. Combining everything is going to make it worse.

I note also the comments on the clarity of the assignments. We will try to improve the stories and provide more examples so that what is required is more clear.

I think the suggestion to have different assignments for different groups of students is good. I will think about it. It is plausible that we might be able to implement something like that in our system.

5) Essay

Please let us have your comments about the Programming Contests.  

1. Having contests are good but for weaker students, it may demoralise them cause they wouldn't have enough time to complete and thus lesser exp or may add stress to them. I didn't manage to complete all the contests as well.

2. It is quite inspiring. I like it. I think the lenger duration for contests during exams is better.

3. Well received, I guess it is well done

4. great for those who are proficient in computing but not so for those who are not (only good for extra exp!)

5. never participate

6. (1). They are very difficult.
(2). It is good to attempt those side quests.

7. it's nice

8. I do not want to participate in contests generally speaking. It takes a lot of time and missions and side questions are quite enough to kill myself.

9.  Hardly participate even though there's an incentive of 50exp for participation. Most of the time I'm just trying to complete my missions and a couple of sidequests.

10. I guess contests are fun and lets us see the capabilities of the rest of the cohort.

11. Fun participating!

12. Not good enough an incentive...

13. Do not have sufficient time aside of completing Mission,Side Quests and Training

14. attractive, testing creativity

15. Since it is optional, it is fine.

16. It is interesting in the sense that students would want to participate to be the winner to have the badge and a trip to Google office

17. Good.

18. I have not done any as I thought it is difficult to come up with a design. I thought its more targeted at students who are really enthusiastic in computing.. It may serve as an encouragement if sample codes and images are shown.

19. Not necessary.

20. Very challenging

21. have no time to participate in any contests.

22. They require a lot of time, and I am not good at creating my own picture haha, but they are interesting

23. Challenging

24. It's fun.

25. It is more meant for people who are really good at it. People who are weak don't really want to waste that extra time on cs for this

26. They are cool

27. quite okay, but still quite unfair, cos some people are more experienced on programming, so they can surely win.

28. Waste of time.

29. A bit no point

30. the contest is okay as it is not make compulsory

31. There are geniuses.

32. Quite helpful in training me to design the code.

33. Interesting.
I think the function used to draw the picture should be a criterion too. Some functions can be more elegant than others.

34. EXP for participation is no enough!!!!

35. i didnt take part

36. It is interesting

37. They are interesting.

38. Very interesting contests especially when the students have a say in who are the winners.

39. it would be better if it can have more changes.

40. Nothing much. Only for the pros

41. I think its fun. I like the idea

42. Allowing cooperation is good. But sometimes I really don't have so much time to do an excellent one because the workload of my other many modules.

43. I find my classmates are awesome.

44. Ah...quite good.

45. can't see hollusions...

46. Very interesting questions.

47. The contests allow room for creativity to design wonderful pictures.

48. I actually do not support the idea of contests as it is just a platform for people to "show-off" how good they really are, and often these are people who already have a strong grasp of the module, hence this contests concept will only widen the strong-weak exp gap.

49. Fun but a bit waste of time.

50. didn't submit for the first ones (not enough time to finish what I wanted it to be>-

51. I think I don't have time to do the contest, actually.

52. It's so so so brilliant!!!!I do admire my classmates!!!!I always wonder how can they come up with such incredible patterns.

53. Pointless. 

54. A.... Quite difficult to create and need a lot of time...

55. I think there shouldn't be any contests (we don't really have much time to spend on doing the contests)

56. it is hard to get EXP in contest cause not everyone is creative with design... so maybe someone with superb programming skill but can't design well might feel a little peeved...

57. All the pro ppl doing pro stuff there, seriously participate without the thought to win any EXP.

58. No time to do it

59. Interesting and fun but time consuming.

60. Less aesthetics.

61. It is for the people who are really eng(hokkien)....

62. It's good. At least participating in it gives us some EXP and those who win it do deserve it.

63. fun!!!

64. Funny

65. interesting

66. Well, I didn't join any contests, so I don't really have any comments on them

67. I don't  have much time to do that thing:(

68. Great!

69. Maybe in addition to aesthetic theme contests, there can be contests on applied or exotic problem.

70. Beginners have no chance to win the contest...

71. Interesting

72. I think it is good for students to think out of the box and the very good ones to show their skills. But, not exactly attractive for me to really spend time on it as there are also missions and side quests to clear too.

73. i havent been able to attempt any of them because of how much time the missions take

74. Contest is good to showcase what else can be done using python.

75. Contests only gives the better students more EXP while leaving behind the weaker students because how can we join the contest if we have no idea what is going on in the first place?

76. Good!

77. It is fun and new.

78. Sorry I don't know much since I never attempted the Contests.

79. A little cut-throat.

80. I don't like these

81. Interesting ! 

82. Too much competition. Never attempted/Not enough time to finish mission + sidequest + other modules most of the time hahaha

83. no need

84. I really really don't like more contest please.

85. Most of us don't even know how to start doing the contest so I guess that defeats the purpose.

86. quite redundant for noob students, but nonetheless fun for the good ones.

87. useless for me......

88. It may only works for people who are better in the module (they will be more motivated to do) , for the rest who are slower, after completing the mission and sidequest, it's a bit too much to do another thing because there are still work for other modules... Yes the reward for EXP is good, but have to balance our time for other commitments.

89. an interesting way to get students more interested in the module

90. meaningless. 
somehow a waste of time.
better go learn some data structure or do some calculus.

91. i spend so much time on missions that i dont have time to do contests

92. Contest is so freaking interesting!!!! Really can see all the cool stuff we can do from codes and python.

93. I think the contest is slightly too demanding for weaker students as it takes up additional time. it also creates a disparity between the stronger students and the weaker students after that have won the contest.

94. The results come out too late after submission.

95. contest are cruel. so few people can be awarded the big award. no motivation to do it and make it beautiful. if everybody can be awarded from top to bottom, I would like to spend more time.

96. Only one winner is not exciting...

97. Feels rather pointless and aimless

98. well very interesting
personally, i thought the contest on turtle is not very necessary, since i hardly learn any coding method in it.

99. I think they are only for imba people honestly.

100. helpful

101. interesting to vote and see what cool images can actually be created just from what we have learnt

102. a bit redundant because it is something extra, not necessary in syllabus

103. dont see the point of the contests

104. It's always a fight between the better ones.

105. Very difficult. For weak students

106. quite effective in triggering the interest of the students to be more innovative and think out of the box

107. Contests are interesting and exciting! I also know from the contests that there are so many excellent classmates! Maybe I should work harder...

108. not very creative so contests are not something I do focus on

109. for those with not enough time on their hands, contests are not applicable to them

110. could split contestants into experienced programmers and beginner programmers

111. some people didn't really put in effort and just submitted to get exp.other than that it was quite fun to see the results

112. NICE

113. It's a cool way to learn, but sometimes it is very time consuming with little benefit

114. Interesting

115. Well, as there are some one who have experience on programming, I find there are less chance for us in the Contests.

116. They are more difficult than missions because you need to be creative.

117. I haven't attempted any contest

118. During the poll I saw some indeed creative work so difficult to choose. May be u can assign a theme next time so that the comparison would be easier?

119. Too little of time for the contests when we fully grasp the concept necessary for the contests.

120. It's fun, I get to see what others can come up with.

Skip: 104 (46.4%)

I am glad to see that quite a few students found the contests interesting.

I am not surprised that some found the contests pointless or didn't have time to attempt them. The truth of the matter is that the contests are just there to soak up the excess time for the students who are very fast with their assignments.

The contests have also been designed so that those who are good in programming do not necessarily have a significant advantage over those who do not. Most of the time, it's really the students who spend more time and who try harder who win the contests.

6) Essay

Please let us have your comments on the Trainings.  

1. it's nice

2. Trainings are good! More extra practices would be good.

3. Good

4. Training is Okay for me.

5. Really useful!!

6. I hope we can skip questions in trainings to attempt others when we encounter some difficulties.

7. Training are getting more and more difficult, sometimes more difficult than mission.

8. good!

9.  Good to have. But the deadline should be abolished/extended.

10. Trainings' difficulty is just nice.

11. Its really helpful!

12. Good

13. It is cool!

14. Quite useful as when we submit wrong answers it will provides comments.

15. Shouldn't only let us do the next qn after we pass the qns infront, it wastes alot of time when we get stuck at 1 question and cannot progress on to do the rest first

16. Good!

17. the deadline is very tight. it's difficult for us to complete it within 24 hours when the new knowledge has not sinked in yet.

18. Its one of the most useful part of coursemology that I learnt something from, especially he extra trainings.

19. quite good

20. The trainings are great!

21. Trainings are average and it really forces students to revise what they have learnt in lecture

22. Extend deadline for trainings

23. the small piece of coding is very good idea. 
maybe more information and help tips after some times failure trying.

24. I think training should be more closely related to out lecture.

25. The trainings are helpful.

26. Trainings are generally okay.

27. good practice too and given deadline is a day from lecture help to retain concept in memory.

28. Help to revise the content covered in lecture

29. I think if I can jump over the questions I do not know and continue with the rest, it will be better.

30. They are useful, especially when I have some doubts of a certain type of problems.

31. useful

32. Trainings are good, more time can be allowed for them.
33. Some of the private cases are not stated and that just makes the thing demoralising when i dont know what i need to do to pass.
34. helpful in knowledge digestion, but can I suggest that all questions are visible to students in training at the beginning? because when I stuck at 1 question, it consumes a lot of time.
35. A good way to enhance our understanding on the topic. Yet, to complete it within 24 hours to get the EXP may be a bit too demanding.. how about extending it to 48 hours?

36. I think trainings are a good way for me to consolidate what was taught in the lecture

37. It can help me reinforce the study.

38. Good form of review of what we've learnt in lectures. But probably due date can be much later, probably after recitations. Because most of the time after lectures, I'm only 30% sure of the content, and doing trainings immediately makes me struggle a lot. After recitations, I think I will be able to apply my concepts better and trainings work much more effective in this way.

39. Good!

40. They're good.

41. Helpful for understanding the contents covered during lecture

42. Trainings can help us revise on time. I learnt a lot from trainings on how to apply the knowledge in coding. They are quite helpful.

43. Training is nice, though maybe more explanation can be provided

44. Should have more training

45. The most useful thing on coursemology especially the extra trainings. But xp for extra trainings too little.

46. More trainings so that we can practice basics but training questions should allow us to move on to another question when we're stuck. If not, we ended up using "guess and check" for the answer until we get it right ,and if we're running against the deadline, we might end up getting answer from friends, which defeats the purpose. Trainings should be relax and easy for us to learn and grasp basic concept. Trainings should also detect what mistakes we did so that we can learn from it.

47. may provide hints when fail to solve the problem in several attempts

48. very helpful

49. Quite interesting.

50. Coursemology is too picky... Rejects some correct answers and doesn't tell you why

51. trainings are fine, and helpful in strengthening my knowledge on certain topics. but the 24hour time limit is too short especially if we have other tutorials to prepare for the next few days

52. Very useful

53. Good.

54. Interesting

55. The trainings are not quite easy too, in fact, tougher than recitations. Maybe we can swap the recitations and the trainings? First go for recitations, understand the basics, then do the trainings?

56. please be more and more training beyond or above the basic knowledge can be added in.

57. I like!

58. Good. But some of them are really a jump of what we know. I think more examples must be given for things like not breaking abstraction.

59. Trainings were relatively okay though some parts were really tough and I think should reduce the difficulty level since we just attended the lecture, how could we in such a short lecture being able to solve the tough questions ? I thought like trainings are supposed to test our understanding for the lecture? if that's so, shouldn't set so tough, tough questions are already in missions and side quests

60. It's okay but sometimes when we were stuck in a question we cannot continue to do the next one. It's really annoying. Maybe we should be allowed to do next one, but only get EXP after we successfully finish every single one. 
Also after I finish all the task and submit the last entry, I can see a page which allow me to read through my answers in previous questions. But after I close this window, I cannot get this page again, which means every time I want to refer to my own answers to some questions again, I have to write the last entry and press continue. Is there any way to enable our accessibility to our own training answer?
And...Extra training should have more EXP :D

61. a good test  for basic knowledge

62. Helpful in helping to understand some of the fundamental concepts

63. Great!

64. Trainings are extremely useful in helping us reinforce the basic concepts. Some are even more tedious than expected.

65. Tranings are okay, but deadline for trainings is a little to tight, especially for students like me who have lessons till late at night on Wednesday and Thursday and can't find time to complete it on time for the bonus.

66. That's really helpful.

67. Helpful

68. The training shld allow us to skip the question we are unable to solve and do it later after finishing the rest if not a lot of time is wasted on 1 qns..

69. too simple. but for after-lecture revision and quick-check purposes it's good.

70. Very helpful.

71. Useful to enhance what we have learned. However, it is also very irritating if we stuck and not be able to continue to the rest of the questions. Maybe the hint should be more specific.

72. the trainings is a very useful platform to learn.

73. Could give some hints??

74. okay

75. Sometimes it is annoying that I cannot proceed to the next question because I cannot do the current one.

76. Allow us to skip questions in trainings?

77. trainings can have a clue section, which prompts the student to why their answers are wrong. one good example would be from

78. Quite good, but sometimes when we make mistakes we are not sure what went wrong. Spending a lot of time figuring out.

79. Training are irritating. If i were not to get the correct answer, i can never move on.

80. Way too rushed for the early bonus.

81. They are really helpful.

82. can I skip to next question if I get stuck and after everything go back to the one?

83. please give at least two days to finish that because some of us have school events such as cca that night. We may not have enough time to finish it on time. It is creating too much unnecessary stress for the students

84. very tricky

85. Quite good and helpful! But I hope we can attempt all the questions instead of finishing the previous ones.

86. Helpful in understanding concepts covered during lectures

87. adequate

88. Training correct attempts should be made clearly and easily accessible upon each request...

89. Very helpful for me in understanding the class.

90. What I dislike about trainings is that i cannot go on to the next question unless i complete the one that i am doing.

91. They were good in help us revise what we study in the lecture.

92. they are really good! they allow me to have some time to recap what is been taught in lecture and know what i have not understand in lecture.

93. Some are quite tough.

94. Setting a deadline for extra exp for training completion may lead to students "whacking" the answers in coursemology so that they can get it over and done with.

95. Great

96. very useful

97. useful

98. Helpful and extremely essential to do it before missions and side quests.

99. maybe the questions could be open all at a shot, instead of having to solve one before unlocking the other.

100. I feel that having tight deadlines for training bonuses (+50EXP) leads to more emphasis on finishing the training ASAP instead of understanding the concepts.

101. Its good as it allows us to learn our mistakes, but that is provided we understand the error that the interpreter is pointing at. Most of the time, I don't really get it :/

102. its useful

103. Very useful also in understanding the contents

104. They are ok

105. Interesting.

106. Trainings is a really good way to help us understand the concepts taught in lectures better. But if more time can be provided, it would be even better. :)

107. There is no room for making our own codes, we are mainly following an answer scheme

108. Trainings are fine.

109. trainings are useful, helps us to reinforce what we have learnt during lectures, but would be better if we could move on to another qn if we do not know a particular question, and ending up wasting the whole day on it

110. Training questions are manageable.

111. ok

112. Helpful

113. trainings are a bit more manageable and makes me understand the concepts better

114. PLEASE ALLOW US TO skip questions when we are stuck at one. we can't move on without completing that question.

115. helpful

116. The trainings are quite helpful.

117. a bit rushed, after the lecture. like, no matter how many things we have to do that night, we still try to squeeze in the trainings. maybe increase bonus deadline to 36 hrs?

118. if we are stuck at one qn we can't move on to the following qn, this is kind of stressful

119. Extend the training to 48 hours, maybe? Not all of us have time to finish it within 12 noon the next day, due to other lectures and tutorial classes. And sometimes I need some time to revise the things learnt in lecture (and clear my doubts with my tutor, if any) and then start on the training.

120. It helps us to understand the coding better without having to worry if we are correct or wrong. We can debug our codes also.

121. The trainings are generally good for us to refresh on the concepts learnt.

122. I hope we can be provided with solutions to the trainings. Sometime I can solve the problems in the training, but the approach is so complicated!!!!I think I can learn more from the standard answers.

123. A good way to recap after lecture.

124. They can always help a lot.

125. Perhaps it would be better if all the questions are released so that if we are stuck at one question, we can still proceed with the other qns and think about it later.

126. the trainings are effective in checking if we have understood the lecture. however the duration given is too short. it would be good to have the weekends to review it and not rush through it right after lecture in the middle of the week.

127. It was really helpful

128. More time please

129. helpful

130. Trainings are great! It is a an effective way to first understand new concepts and revise. It's an efficient system for us to get immediate feedback to our answers as well.

131. Good preparations for missions but not as interesting as our missions and side quests.

132. Helps me strengthen my basics a little. Just gets a little frustrating if you can't get the answer for a question and you can't move on to complete the other questions first.

133. More explanations besides just telling us whether we are right or wrong

134. Helpful!

135. ok

136. Its really helpful, but perhaps there could be a clearer distinction between public test cases and private test cases. It's really frustrating to know that my code is right but doesn't meet -some kind of expectations that im unaware of-.

137. Trainings are rather tough and the deadline for bonus exp should be extended.

138. i always spend the whole wednesday evening doing the trainings. i think it would be better if we can get the correct answers after trying a few times. staring at one bug is really wasting time.

139. very useful haha i wish more exp was given though it takes me so long to do one

140. Trainings are becoming a big headache. It is really useful but when u are stuck u cant move on and takes up so much of my time. I really wish if u are really stuck, it provides some guide or help cos its consuming way too much time.

141. More practice

142. The training are sometimes difficult and the time given should be till Saturday because during the weekdays, most of the time we do not have sufficient time to complete due to lessons in school

143. Tedious

144. Trainings are good practice for us to revise our concept.

145. It helps to facilitate the understanding on the topics.

146. the training is a good way to consolidate my understanding during lecture

147. very useful for practice and review. More will be better

148. Some training are too hard and unable to complete.

149. this is great

140. 24 hour deadline is too short

151. good lor

152. okay

153. no answers

154. Useful and important to grasp on the fundamentals

Skip: 70 (31.2%)

Actually since the midterm break, we have already extended the bonus time from 24 hours to 60 hours (i.e. up till Friday 23:59).

Many students want to skip questions. Unfortunately, the system was designed to be annoying to train you to persist. I know it's v annoying, but after doing this for many years, I have come to the conclusion that it's for the better. We will be enhancing the system to provide some feedback when you fail the hidden test cases to help you save some time.

Finally, since the midterm break, we have added A LOT of new trainings to the system. I would be quite surprised if a student can complete every single one of them.

1) Multiple Choice

Comment on the difficulty of the midterm



Too easy


Somewhat easy


Just right


Somewhat hard


Way over your head




Looks like the difficulty of the midterm was quite well-received. More than half thought that it was just right or easy. 

2) Multiple Choice

Comment on time allocated for the midterm



Way too little. Too long, too little time.


Time is somewhat short


Time allocated is just nice


Too much time, too little to do


I can nap for an hour during the midterm and still finish every question




I am glad to see that most students thought that the midterm was of the right length.

Coursemology Pedagogy
1) Multiple Response

Which parts of the game system have a positive impact on your learning? Tick all that apply



The role-playing concept: EXP and achievements


The leaderboard


Having storylines for each mission


Side quests


Trainings 139
Content delivery and submissions through Coursemology


Interaction with teaching staff through comments system on Coursemology


The whole idea of game immersion


I am glad to see that Coursemology was rather well-received. There are actually quite a number of teething problems this year. Next year should hopefully be better.

2) Essay

Please explain your selections for the previous question.

1. it  helps to better understand the contents covered in lecture

2. The trainings help us to better understand what was taught in lectures.
The EXP and achievements is like an incentive or motivation to complete the tasks.
It is convenient to be able to submit online.

3. it enhances competetiveness

4. Because I like challenges, I want to get more EXP and achievement thus increasing my spirit to learn. The interaction with teacher especially tutor is also good, they help us correct our mistake. last, cause I love game and programming, I didn't feel like it's a tedious work like any other homework.

5. Coursemology platform helps to keep track of our performance.

6. Actually if my other modules are easy then the mode is very nice for me. But the reality is for the first semester I haven't be familiar with the study system of NUS and haven't formed my own style of study. So in this case, the competitive mode of coursemology becomes more painful for me than it should be. I have other things to do, not only CS1010S.

7. They provide incentives to do work.

8. We would want to lose out ? Most people would want to be top few so when this kind of competitive games are out , people would probably work harder in order not to lose out, the same is for me.

9. Good stuff

10. i dont like the exp and achievements because i am a relatively weak student and i feel demoralized when i see other people doing so much better than me

11. The EXP and leaderboard system gives us an idea of where we currently stand compared to the cohort, somewhat pushing us to work harder

12. It helps me consolidate my learning immediately

13. Trainings allow us to reinforce our basic skills and the content given before each mission allows us to have a clearer idea as to what we need to do

14. trainings make me to test it online after finishing one question which is very convenient

15. The whole game idea was an innovative and interesting one. It motivates us to constantly level up just like how we play games. The first 3 webpage that i open on my laptop everyday will be : facebook, IVLE and coursemology. No joke.

16. To complete the training in 24 hours forces me to review the content. The concept about EXP is quite fun.

17. cool~ which other module would actually come up with something like this! no way for math mods T.T

18. it forces us to do our work continuously. and the storylines prevent the missions from getting to dry and boring

19. The whole idea of game immersion, the role playing concept and the content delivery and submission through cosmology will prompt us to do our weekly practice of cs1010s. The trainings make sure that we understand what have been gone through during the lectures. Interaction with tutors through comment system on coursemology allow me to clarify what i dont understand directly before i forget my questions haha.

20. The continuous structure for the missions help because they show how you could improve your skills with every new knowledge. The real application helps to consolidate the knowledge while using it to do fun things. We acquire and master a skill by using it. :)

21. I think I really  benefit a lot from the coursemology! Training is really the most helpful one to me !

22. Game ma... Nice...

23. I get addicted to the game system and try all I can to level up as soon as possible. I also get obsessed with completing missions asap when I see myself on the leaderboard or just to unlock some achievements on coursemology. The comment system also allows me to clarify my mistakes in missions and sidequests with my tutor whenever I have my laptop and the internet, no longer having to wait till tutorial time.

24. because I will learn by myself in most times

25. Makes learning fun. Allows us to engage w our tutor to clarify mistakes easily.

26. i find that all the above selections have some way or the other made learning computing much happier and interesting.

27. The leaderboard and exp system is very motivating and encouraging. work comments and corrections are all saved on the website. so its really convenient and save paper! The storyline is quite entertaining but i think the missions and tasks itself is quite challenging and fun by itself even without the storyline, even for someone like me without computing bkgrd

28. Side quest - Forces the brain to think in a different and non-conventional manner
Trainings - Serves as checkpoints, to determine if the information we are required to know is already in our heads
Interaction - Doubts are cleared immediately. 

29. game encourages learning

30. The whole idea of gamification is really cool, especially for an technology-based module like this.. I wish all subjects could do the same thing. The leaderboard and achievements is a way to motivate myself and to compare myself with high achievers.

31. The EXP accumulation system drive me to complete missions just like I am playing a game....

32. Role playing concept : It makes us feel a sense of accomplishment when we have achieved extra EXP.
Having storylines: So that the assignment does not feel so still and boring like the usual, makes us more interested.
Trainings: forces us to read through and understand what we have learnt just 24 hours before that 
Content delivery and submissions: encourages us to do on our own and we can then look and review on our submissions again. 
Interaction with teaching staff: comments/feedback give us an idea on what we have did that is wrong or what was our misconception

33. - The role-playing concept gives some sense of motivation for me to finish the misions/trainings/side quests on coursemology.
- Content delivery and submissions through coursemology allow me to look back and revise on past submissions.
- Interaction with teaching staff through the comments system allows me to have better understanding of the parts where i got wrong.

34. I think he comments on the codes are very good for us to learn how we can improve. The leaderboard is a good and bad thing. if you are on it, you feel good if not it just makes you demoralised. especially if you see the first few are many levels higher.

35. Motivated to gain exp
Storyline somewhat interesting
Trainings quite helpful

36. training helps reinforce concepts while comments allow us to clarify doubts directly

37. game immersion is meaningless. for me study is study. the only thing that is meaningful is to have some short conversation with tutors to clarify concepts and check my understanding.

38. Just the trainings.

39. The whole idea of gaming makes it more interesting to complete the missions. The storyline is good because it makes what we are finding more logical. The leaderboard is good as we can refer to the levels and spur us on to be in it.

40. It consolidates some concepts taught in lecture.

41. It is interesting to have such platform to study.

42. It allow us to practice before doing mission.

43. I think coursemology have been impactful to my learning of of this module indeed. Apart from regular practice, I like that coursemology has allowed computing problem to be presented and approached in a practical manner. Coursemology has allowed for timely feedback and assessment which makes learning much efficient. I like to it has allowed us to tackle the problem with greater flexibility of time and location as well, contrary to working the problems in a lab.

44. the leader board drive me to study harder

45. Most relevant to lecture

46. Well, the time I have spent on CS > time spent on other 4 modules combined

47. The whole idea of game immersion is interesting.
Training can force us to revise the content that was went through in lecture.
Interaction with teaching staff through comments system on coursemology allows us to get feedback and identify our mistakes or misunderstand of certain concepts.

48. i only find the trainings having a positive impact on my learning. To me, the others (although might be useful), they are a waste of time, and way too much time and effort is spent on so little percentage

49. In order to get more EXP I would work more carefully and harder to get full marks.
Tutors also encourage me to keep on working.

50. Coursemology makes this module special!

51. they allow me to keep up with learning and it is fun to have something like game.

52. The idea of having story lines make it fun to study

53. I believe learning should be taught in a fun and approachable manner, instead of the usual textbooks, homework style.

54. Constant datelines due every week forces students to practice consistently which I feel is quite essential to learning any programming language.

55. They are much more interesting. Comment system is especially useful for making feedback specific to certain problems.

56. Overall, the game system gives me a interesting homework experience.

57. all parts are quite creative to induce me to learn

58. I learnt more through coursemology because it was compulsory to gain exp to reach lvl 35!

59. For training, I think it is just a little boring compared with missions and side quests.
Besides, the story lines  sometimes really confuse me... maybe it's because my poor English.

60. It doesn't make work look as boring as it actually is. To gain as much EXP to level up is a motivating factor to want to spend more time figuring out the questions.

61. I really like those cute stories before the questions! Though I don't really have so much time for them as the workload getting heavier and heavier...

62. Trainings are automatically graded, which is convenient.

63. The system just attracts me to finish all the work

64. I just want to level up to level 35...

65. I am not really interested in the storyline

66. My doubts can always be cleared on time with the help of the teaching staff. And it is quite challenging and fun to compete with peers.

67. I guess its all cool and stuff, doesn't feel mundane

68. that makes studying not too boring

69. It is quite enjoyable to see the XP going up and be able to solve daily problems.

70. I'm not so sure. Maybe just the competition urges people to work more.

71. could do assignments at own pace. different ways of coding introduced progressively allow understanding of coding better. grading and comments from greeting staff help clarify doubts quickly which also help in understanding. game immersion gives a little more motivation to do assignments and the storylines provide a little humour which is fun to read.

72. Storylines is very distracting.
Leadership board is stressful, in some sense

73. They all helps me practice for this module. The interaction online through comments make me know what I need to improve, so it is also quite useful.

74. inspiring!

75. A storyline makes the missions more interesting.

76. Having the ExP , achievements and leaderboard motivates me to complete the missions and side quests early. Training helps in my understanding of the new concepts.

77. This sort of 'game' system allows me to have constant revision of my learnings each week, and actually it makes me more engaged and enjoy what I'm doing because I know I can level up after clearing my missions. There's a fun factor to it, and sort of unknowingly forces me to revise concepts in an effective manner, knowing how to apply it. The commenting system is also very convenient for the tutors to comment on our mistakes, serves as a reminder always whenever looking back for revision. I also like it when our submissions get saved, and we van always review back on our past mistakes.

78. The role-playing concept gives me incentives to work harder. Story lines give the study more fun. Trainings help me in learning the basic concepts. The interaction tells me where I went wrong.

79. usually don't look at the storyline... Maybe interesting to some students, and contests don't really help me with the learning, leaderboard also not so much an incentive for me. others are helpful

80. Unconsciously, we will want to have higher levels, thus, it influences us to try and do the missions as best as we could. Submissions through coursemology(online) makes it easier for us since we can do our work at night and just submit it when we are done.

81. the two i choose are quite useful

82. The levels and leaderboard system motivates us to do better and be one of the top few

83. I believe that we learn the most when we can explain the concept to others. Lectures are way better than other modules lectures as the ideas are broken down and understandable. Perhaps, on top of the missions side quests and contests, a buddy system could be implemented. To minimize administrative work, this pairing could be done randomly using the nominal roll. Every week the buddy changes. Each buddy's role is to set a question for his buddy. If the buddy can solve it, he gains points. If he cannot, the person who set the question must explain to him why the answer is as such.

84. The game system is a very new concept for me, especially since I am not a gamer. I find it extremely useful and motivating to somewhat relate doing assignments to playing a game and eventually leveling up.

85. i really like the comments system, as it makes it easier for the student to interact with the tutors and lecturers without having to shoot emails back and forth. tutor's comments are also directed at a particular line, which is really handy. some students might not notice that there are comments, though.
Overall i think the game system is quite fun, but I wouldn't want to be taking more than 2 such modules per sem, due to the high workload

86. I can clear my doubts regarding to the mission through the "comment" section.

87. Oh, I have chosen all the choices... Yes, coursemology is a quite effective and interesting self-learning system. Its similar design to RPG game also makes the learning process interesting and challenging. I learnt lots of valuable things from the process. It is a good system that should be used in other courses if feasible.

88. help me to focus on my cs learning


90. It's great to know hard work is rewarded in this module. And the storylines help me to get accustomed to long questions in tests or exams.

91. The exp was a motivating factor for most students to try and at least attempt the problems.

92. The game system really increase the interest on coding.

93. Engages students and 'forces' them to do their homework (In a good way).

94. Cool for study

95. EXP and achievements motivate the students to wish to do more work. While trainings help to reinforce what has been taught prior to lecture. Interaction of the tutors via the commenting system makes consultations more approachable and convenient, which is something not usually seen in other modules.

96. Interaction with teaching staff through comments allows us to find out where we have gone wrong and how we can improve.

97. i like rpg

98. The EXP concepts motivates me to want to move up the level by gaining more exp.

99. Role Playing Concept: Who doesn't like playing RPGs?
Side Quests: Motivation to want to "level up"
Trainings: Actually this is more academic. Trainings tend to give -some- hints to how to approach missions
Content delivery&submission: Very well coordinated. With datelines and everything to make sure you never miss a beat :)

100. See whether digest the chance to get A

101. trainings helped me in understand the more basic concepts+ foundation

102. some trainings can help me understand the lecture better.

103. It is interesting to have a game scheme and feedbacks from tutor through coursemology are immediate.

104. It is useful to see how I'm faring among the others.

105. I really enjoyed reading the storyline. And the game immersion makes me feel less stressed. Gaining EXP and achievements also makes me feel a sense of achievement.

106. Personally don't really like the story line, not my cup of tea, maybe the rest would like it.

107. The game system and awarding of exp for each assignment completed will somehow push us to complete our work and in the process grasp the concepts more quickly.

108. I like the game system. 

109. It encourages us to do work more quickly and more interested to complete the work more quickly.
The story lines keep it interesting! Its what I actually look forward to for each mission. heh.
Trainings are great. They reinforce what I've learnt and makes me aware of what I know and what I don't know.
Comments allows me to clarify my doubts.

110. Interaction is quite helpful.

111. The game-concept is interesting. side-quests are hard but improve students' understandings on the language. training help students to strengthen the basic.

112. I just don't care about leaderboards, I have my own pace of study. Other items are quite interesting especially "interaction with teaching staff through comments system on coursemology". The first time I got comments by my tutor and Prof Ben I felt really really excited!!

113. I like the idea of getting all the people into leaderboard. it makes the missions like competition. frankly, I put more time in it because of the leaderboard.

114. its a competitive environment that force me to learn

115. I like to get EXP and level up after every submission, which give me a sense of achievement. What's more, to stay in the leader board also encourage me to work on.

116. due to the fact that i am somewhat addicted to computer games, so the style is attractive m

117. Trainings help to reinforce concepts.

118. Leaderboard: some competition helps me study more effectively and give me a good chance to learn from the "leaders"
Side quests: think more, practice more and do some research by myself
Trainings: helps me understand the basic conceptions better
Interaction with teaching staff through comments system on Coursemology: easy for me to ask them questions and chatting with them makes me more interested in this course.

119. The coursemology in general is helpful. The creativity of the storylines brings me joy when attempting the missions.

120. Getting points for every assignment turned in is a good incentive. The leaderboard is good for people who are ultracompetitive

121. I like the role-playing style. It motivates me to study.

122. Side quests allow me to think out of the box.
Training allows me to estimate the knowledge that I have for one topic after lecture.
Staff's comments allow me to improve on my code.

123. Once I get higher ranking on the leaderboard, and then someone get higher rank than me. I will get more enthusiasm to do my mission, side quest, and even the contest.

124. More interesting. Not the usual scoring method

125. Engaging and interesting

126. I have to chase people. and I will know what I did not do or did not do well.

127. It brings assignments to a different level.

128. trainings and side quests are helpful. however, i am not a gamer hence I am really impacted by the whole gaming

129. which is quite consistent and know what's going on there

130. Exp and leaderboard can motivate me to be an early bird in doing missions, and story lines are really cool

131. EXP encourages, trainings allow us to try over and over again until we get it right. This allows us to leave an impression of what went wrong. Learnt new things through coursemology through comments system.

132. motivation

133. Trainings allow us to try out the questions that are related to the content taught in the lecture on the actual day itself. Hence this reinforces what we've learnt during the lecture, so that we know what we have really learnt from the lecture and it somewhat provides a preview of what's expected for tutorials and recitation.
For the interaction part, the tutor is able to specifically point out what is wrong with our codes and give us feedback which is useful for our learning.

134. Make learning python less boring.

135. EXP system encourage people to complete missions and trainings on time so that they can level up.

136. Trainings teach the basics.
EXP allows us to track our progress.

137. Passion and immersion are what make up my wanting to study.

138. The role-playing concepts that uses EXP and achievement motivate students to do more.

139. Side quests and trainings provide examples on how lecture content can be used. Extra trainings help reinforce concepts too.

130. Trainings as stated in qn32
Interaction with teaching staff helps to clarify some doubts through online medium.

141. First time anyhow spam until correct. But the good thing is that we can review the questions.  Which the qn makes more sense after we have better understanding of the topic

142. I guess it's the 'competition' that pressures you to really keep up. And the crazy deadlines force us to spend a hell of time on CS to figure out what we need to know and what we need to do. Having the leaderboard tells you how far you are from the more hardworking/the better students and is therefore an indication of how much more you have to do to be near their level (not to be on par 'cause that's a little crazy.).

143. Based on my observation, training is the only exercise that is closely linked to our content. Others are just creating unnecessary stress and taking up too much of our free time.

144. it is very convenient.

145. get more practice loh

146. useful

147. having follow ups to the lecture/missions reinforces my learning. I personally enjoy having storylines for the work I need to do. its more interesting and links up the task

148. The game immersion is engaging.

149. All of them have positive impacts on me...I would like to include the contests as well.

150. I can have a sense of achievement when finishing missions by myself.

151. Love it.

152. The idea of generating a course into a game is fantastic.

153. The Coursemology platform really make me feel that I am playing a game instead of doing a boring homework assignment.  The leaderboard serve to be a gauge for me to see if I am lacking behind too much. I think it serve as a motivation for some stronger.

154. I love gaming! I am addicted to victory, so I like competitions and want to see my name on the leaderboard. This idea gives me more motivation to work. I also find trainings worth spending time for as they are difficult and valuable of knowledge.

155. It just makes homework more than just homework. It is like a mission in a game. It is good because we do the training for foundation and then more on to missions to apply what we learn and sidequest to challenge ourselves. It is a good feeling after finishing all the missions!

156. more interesting

157. it's good that we can interact with the teaching staff through the comments system, and that our missions/sidequests are graded by them rather than auto graded. allows us to clarify anything we're unsure of in the comments, and learn alternative ways in which we could write the code

158. Interesting

159. the trainings provide immediate feedback which is very effective in bridging the knowledge gap ..

160. making it a game will let people feel eager to study, or finish the task

161. I do not really like the story lines and the concept of gaming. The efforts the Prof and tutors made are great but the effect is somehow not so great for me.

162. The role-playing concept helps us to do coding in a different and interesting way as oppose to normal tutorial and recitations.

163. Quite convenient for online submissions and learn from those missions, trainings and side-quests.

164. Overall, the EXP method is a brilliant idea to me.
From my opinion, it is not a game. Ever mission is just a quest that I need to conquer. 
So my biggest wish is after finishing all missions, I can have a deep understanding of Python. 

165. It is very difficult to see this as a game.

166. Just like in a game, it spurs one in gaining more badges and also more experiences, thus this spur students in wanting to do their very best

167. The EXP and achievements will give the students a sense of progression. Besides the idea of game immersion is creative and attractive. 

168. They are helpful practice.

169. Everyone hopes to see his/her name on leaderboard, then all of them will strive to learn and earn EXP.
Personally I think the storyline is useless, I never read the story before missions.

170. Training and side quests help me to consolidate and maybe my understanding. Interaction with the staff allows me to clarify with them when in doubt

171. I like the side quests because they can make up the EXP I lost in some missions.
Trainings are more easily edited than missions because they do not require me to edit the whole template.

172. Comments come right after grading and that allows me to correct my mistakes and learn form them. And the trainings allow me to revise what I have learnt in the lecture.

Skip: 52 (23.2%)

I am glad to see that Coursemology was generally well-received.

3) Multiple Response

Which parts of the game system have a negative impact on your learning? Tick all that apply



The role-playing concept: EXP and achievements


The leaderboard


Having storylines for each mission


Side quests


Trainings 7
Content delivery and submissions through Coursemology


Interaction with teaching staff through comments system on Coursemology


The whole idea of game immersion


We are aware that the leaderboard generates stress for some students, but it seems to work for some as well. Stress is not always a bad thing though.

4) Essay

Please explain your selections for the previous question.

1. Sometimes don't want to read the story. Actually it is not a negative part as I just ignore it.

2. leaderboard stresses people to do their work (may be good or bad)

3. It makes people more stress and competitive about their level and stuff.

4. I don't think any have exactly a negative impact, but maybe its the 'addictiveness' level that makes us unknowingly spend more time on Coursemology such that we neglect our other mods.

5. Takes too much time to be read.

6. There are too many students who are over-enthusiastic, very hard to compete

7. i feel demoralized... :(

8. Can be quite time consuming sometimes.

9. I am having trouble finishing missions and the side quests are just too much.

10. Stressful

11. quite pressurising

12. Very demoralising

13. It really gives me a lot pressure.

14. Just as something is positive, it could have negative impact as well. Like keep doing sidequests in order not to lose out, spending so much time in such one module, neglecting other module and just do the sidequest for the sake of getting EXP but not for the sake of wanting to learn more.

15. Leader board is meant only for people who have background, sometimes a bit discouraging.

16. Instead of learning the proper key concepts, students are competing against each other to get higher EXP and achievements.

17. Stressful to be on par with those people

18. Stories are unnecessary

19. although it is said that side quest are optional and one should do it to make up for careless mistakes for mission. but seems like everyone does the sidequest and it seems to have become a requirement to do it as well.

20. too stressful

21. I really think it can only let those who cannot do well down...

22. ........ ITS NOT NICE SEEING 10394090239609 PEOPLE AHEAD OF ME

23. Actually no negative impact. Just the leaderboard makes me feel very anxious sometimes.

24. Leaderboard makes weaker students feel like shit and the Side Quest should be easier.

25. Storylines can be confusing.

26. demoralising at the same time

27. By looking at the high levels people it might add on to the stress level as some might not be able to catch up and lacking behind.


29. Sometimes can't do the training because of time constraint and the 24 hour +50 bonus EXP will just be gone. It is a discouragement.

30. the system is generally very fun to use and a very different way of learning that i do enjoy :)

31. A little cut-throat.

32. They sidequestions are interesting but take me much time to do. However, if I don't do it I cannot catch up with others with respect to EXP. It makes me struggling.

33. no other choice

34. Once you miss the minimum grade to earn the badge, you don't have the chance to earn that badge again forever... LOL

35. It is too stressful.

36. When I see that my level is way below the leaders, it demoralizes me and makes me worried

37. Knowing how I am doing compared to others is somewhat very intimidating.

38. For me is not much of a use cos my name was never on it before.

39. Too stressful. But maybe it has a positive impact for those on the leaderboard.

40. The leaderboard makes me feel the stress.

41. the leaderboard only places more pressure on the weaker students (me) to catch up to the rest and to earn the 35%. 
the storylines are sometimes way too long and very confusing to understand
dont really see the point of game immersion

42. not interested at all,i just wanna quickly finish the work.

43. Demoralising

44. It stresses me up!

45. Quite competitive. Demoralising for some.

46. Just too much questions>

47. To long, have no time to read.

48. The story is somehow boring :P.

49. Everything else is fine, not good not bad. The leaderboard sucks. It should be taken away. It is extremely demoralizing and reveals who are the craziest people in SOC.
Storylines make the mission so much longer. We should be direct and crude with words. Some tasks are made complicated due to excessive information and storylines. It is no longer all about coding.
Sidequests seem to be compulsory cause missions are so hard so everyone will be afraid taht one day they can't do and they need their sidequests.

50. Time consuming

51. feel very stressed when i know i am left behind and people may just try to do the code and when they know get correct answers then they will move on without learning.

52. It makes me feel bad whenever I think I am too dumb.

53. feel a little pressured when there are people climbing up levels like nobody business but it kind of help to pace my working speed i.e. if lagging too much then it's time to buck up

54. not interesting at all

55. The leaderboard puts more pressure on those who are lagging behind the rest (ie. very stress)

56. So sad because i can never get up there.

57. I think the reason is that I am not in learderboard
the story, ok, make the pdf a bigger size and I never look at it expect for the first time

58. I dun want to know their level. It makes me feel stressful...

59. It makes the questions seems naggy...

60. Too much details. Something its a bit waste of time to read the whole thing.

61. Too much pressure. If I can't do it (after my training and then mission for that week), I feel like I am falling back.

62. Having a leaderboard can be a double edge sword to every student. It can either boost confidence or lower someone's morale. I prefer it to be anonymous.

63. I have to say that some of the expressing of mission instruction is not very clear.
(Maybe my English is not very good) I miss understand it sometimes.

64. stressful

65. Leaderboard is a double-edged sword to me.
It drives me to work harder so that I can get closer to those top rankings. However, it is really stressful.

66. It can be demoralising to see the fast progress of other peers, suggesting a feeling that you may be lagging behind.

67. Side quests are usually tougher than the main quests, and not all students can do it. In the end, some people will have lower levels compared to others and become somewhat stressed.

68. Most of the time I find them difficult, and they kind of annoy me because I can't do them

69. It don't seems to be a game...

70. stress

71. It is kind of lame...

72. Somewhat a little messy when I try to find the question

73. not really needed. give people more stress only

74. The sidequests are often very stressful to do.

75. Its stressful..
The sidequest are too rush

76. these stories are not so useful

77. Sometimes the story is just too long:(

78. It keeps me distracted.

79. actually, I do not think any of them has any negative impact. They are all helpful.

80. because I do not like treat knowledge as games...... I want to be more serious about the knowledge.

81. No time to finish all

82. As much as the stories are very interesting to read, it may get a bit lengthy sometimes and creating the impression that the mission description is very long, thus appear daunting at first sight.

83. Makes it quite competitive

84. Very demoralising sometimes.

85. Some achievements and EXP can be lost forever if you mess up one mission/don't finish a sidequest. Leads to OCD.
I am uncomfortable with the "deadline" for trainings being only 1 day, because I have long Wednesdays and Thursdays.

86. The reason why CAP is kept confidential as a personal secret is to prevent undue stress on fellow colleagues. The usage of bell curve by PROVOST is already causing some debate, but I felt that moderation is good. But that reflects only how well you perform against your peers in that year, that sem, that cohort. Stress can be a good motivator for students who can manage the workload, but for those who struggling, they could possibly give up. That is where I felt should not be a case for any student.

87. personally I don't like it. it spends you a lot of time building and maintaining the whole system but I saw very little benefit from doing so (for undergraduate students. perhaps it is really a good idea to try this on sec 2 students)
an online system is still necessary anyway, but can simplify the whole thing.

88. Very demoralising when you see people getting a very high level while you're still stuck at a low level struggling.

89. I don't know where is the storylines actually. I would like to see.

90. it makes me kind of stressed...

91. Gets a little depressing and demoralising at times. LOL.

92. Leaderboard is pretty annoying

93. Content delivery and submissions through couremology: Sometimes I need to copy and paste the codes and test them again and again to ensure the form and space are all correct before submission...

94. Sometime so confusing >o

95. Reading too many words in missions and sidequests make me feel like this is a English module...

96. Not good

97. sometimes make me feel tired

98. I might be a little "addicted" to the missions and sidequests.

99. Some side quest can be very tough

100. The leaderboard is created to give extra pressures on us.
Side questions are almost the same as missions because everyone does it.

101. It is somehow stressful and demoralizing to see people's level in the leaderboard.

102. Distracting

103. the stoy lines should just be eliminated . waste pdf pages

104. it just make the mission too long to read

105. The leaderboard merely showed who had taken the python bridging module before this semester, which not surprisingly were mostly non-singaporean students.

106. stressed that everyone is doing them and i havent!

107. It causes unnecessary stress.

108. Feel demoralized and stop caring as the leaderboard people are too far ahead of me.

109. It gives to little hints for the anwers

110. It's competitive this way
Quite a chore for submission

111. I hate stories!!! I spend more time reading instructions than coding. Especially for mission08. Why not just give instructions concisely?

112. It takes me quite a long time to read through the story every time...

113. The storylines were alright at first, but they become a bit distracting recently.
Leaderboard: see below :)

114. Better than assignments.

115. It increases competitiveness.

116. Side quests: sidequests are usually more difficult and i really have no time to complete them, hence it makes me lose out to many of the other people who complete the sidequests, on top of the missions and trainings.

117. Very stresssssful when my peers get really high level.

118. some are even harder than main mission

119. stressful

120. however, i am not a gamer hence I am really impacted by the whole gaming idea. also, seeing how other people are leveling up so quickly made me feel more incompetent than motivated.

Skip: 104 (46.4%)

We are quite aware that the leaderboard will create stress. On one level, the stress is likely good to keep the students who are falling behind on their toes.

That said, there is no real need for the students who don't like the leaderboard to look at it. :-)

5) Multiple Response

Which of these game features encourage you to finish missions the most?





Achievements and badges










Missions Themselves






It is interesting to note that the gamification mechanisms seem to be working as intended.

6) Essay

Please explain your selections for the previous question.

1. I am very happy to see my new achievement when I open the page.

2. Actually, CS itself is just like an interesting game to me. The ideas, algorithm, thinking and designing process, coding all attracts me a lot.

3. After completing missions it feels good to have your name on the leaderboard as it is a sense of achievement, for the badges it does not really affects much.

4. I want to pass this module

5. exp = grade.

6. make me feel like to do more work

7. If I know something is fun and yet applicable, it makes me think about it and it urges me to think more about it.

8. The levels spur one to keep wanting to achieve the next level

9. Good way to award students for their achievements

10. I don't know... it is somehow delighted to see your new achievements appear on the screen whenever I open coursemology...

11. when you see a gap between the level of those on leaderboard and your own, you will be pressured to do more.

12. Encourage us to complete all side quests and mission to aim to get up on leaderboard.  Else we wont even bother during the side quests since its not compulsory

13. i kind of know that i wont be the top...but the fact that everyone is so much ahead of me ind of motivates me to work harder in order to catch up

14. It makes u work harder

15. It tests how much I really understand the concepts through submissions of Missions (in a fun way because of the storylines)

16. normal homework.... just need to finish.

17. if i lag too far behind people, i feel way too stupid and dumb and useless

18. Not too sure. Just wanna get my work done and know my stuff (or know what I don't know). Maybe the levels of people on the leaderboard plays a small part.

19. I feel that I am right on track (and therefore, happy) if I manage to get an achievement for my mission. But if not, then I just go on to the next one and try harder.

20. Cause I want 35%.

21. Can faster get to level 35.

22. To gain EXP so as to catch up with my friends.

23. marks for the online mission takes 35% of the final marks

24. the idea is interesting
25. So that can proceed to other mission, sidequests
26. want to be in the leaderboard
27. exp
28. I hope to get more exp~
29. chase people!

30. The encouragements from the tutor makes me feel motivated.

31. When there is a level up, there is a sense of accomplishment.
32. They give me the motivation to finish the missions - some sense of reward.
33. need to level up !
34. It feels so good to see my photo on the leaderboard.
35. I feel a sense of achievement when I see that my level is not very far away from the top student, and I know that I am still good in this mod.
36. exp drive me to work harder
37. EXPs count towards the final grade
38. it causes me to feel like in a gaming condition
39. instead of encouraging me, it forces me to finish the mission promptly.
40. I want to be the very best, like no one ever was :) (unfortunately thats not the case)
41. I see missions as a homework that i am required to do. So i'll just try to complete it as soon as possible so that i wouldn't have to bother about it again
42. I won't be able to reach level 35 if i don't complete the missions by the deadline.
43. sense of achievement
44. there is a pressure to continuously attain higher levels
45. Hoarder
46. Having my own name on leaderboard is a cool thing
47. Every time you see a lot of people in front of you you ill feel pressure naturally...
48. I do not really care about achievement. I prefer to get higher level.
49. Gaining more EXP and leveling up gives me the incentive to complete the missions.
50. Once I achieved the badges, I feel a sense of satisfaction
51. you will be afraid to lose out.
52. Just want to level up.haha~
53. since I want to achieve more and get higher levels
54. Want to get full marks and all the EXP I can get.
55. Good to level up and it is self encouragement more than anything. The badges seems...........useless???
56. Good to know where you stand
57. Because it's graded.
58. A sense of achievement.
59. To answer questions from my peers when they could not debug. It gives me a sense of achievement.
60. I wanna be the very best, that no one ever was
61. After the given time to finish the mission, the exp given will be reduced. This will make me more anxious to finish my mission on time
62. I don't like to leave problems unsolved.
63. Everyone hopes to see his/her name on leaderboard, then all of them will strive to learn and earn EXP.
64. I wouldn't know how many missions would there be so in order to ensure that I am able to reach level 35, missions have to be done.
65. Well, I don't care about leaderboard/achievements/badges because seriously, this is learning, so I don't see the point of seemingly creating a competition among people. Those who are already struggling may even become more stressful by looking at leaderboard. Therefore, the my motivation is to gain exp to complete the requirement for the course at my on pace/freetime.
66. CAP is important
67. no motivation. have to do in the first place. maybe the level part. have to level up.
68. of course
69. Overall, the EXP method is a brilliant idea to me.
From my opinion, it is not a game. Ever mission is just a quest that I need to conquer. 
So my biggest wish is after finishing all missions, I can have a deep understanding of Python. 
70. Motivation to level up.
71. Having more achievements somewhat decorates your profile
72. Because that determines the CA marks
73. As others have attempted the missions , I'd better hurry up also...
74. Feels good when I see my name on the leaderboard:P
75. When you see others leveling up much faster, you will tend to feel pressurized to do so too
76. It certainly feels nice to earn some form of achievement.
77. I want to finish the mission to achieve them.
78. The grades
79. i have to reach lv35, so i can get full assessment for coursemology. 35%
80. If my friends all finish it, I will definitely want to catch them! But in general, I tend to finish the missions early because I seem to be that kind of person. I don't want to do things in the last minute.
81. Just like games. I like to collect objects to mark the progress.
82. Scores are important...
83. Completing a task makes me feel proud of myself.
84. no pressure, no motivation
85. give me a sense of competition. And it encourages me to continue working in front of the screen in order to keep my name on leader board.
86. I can feel I am doing well and fast to be in the leader board.
87. I love playing games
88. The achievements required a threshold of certain percentage which I believe motivate students to try their best to submit the correct code.
89. It's part of my final grade.
90. feel a sense of achievements and the badges are well designed
91. men always enjoy competition!
92. Make us have a sense of accomplishment.
93. The achievements is like having a personal collection of items.
94. Need the EXP to level up.
95. I am aware that if I attain level 35, that would allow me to secure 35% of my final grade. Also, I see the missions as a form of practice and this is helpful given the fact that without the missions, I may not even allocate time for CS1010S.
96. Its cool and fun
97. I do not really see it as a contest. So I just do it according to my own pace...
98. We are encouraged to achieve the badges as everyone will have those badges and hence, we will want to do well to get those badges
99. I want to be on a higher level compared to my friends.
100. I like study, do you believe?
101. it's like pokemon i like leveling up!
102. Every time when I open the leaderboard I was shocked by the high levels my classmates got. This encouraged me a lot and pushed me to finish my work.
103. Attractive angkong... Leaderboard hard lah... too many powerful people...
104. I want to be able to complete it quickly!
105. feels good to level up
106. Encourage me complete missions faster
107. I need to get good marks to make up for my bad past scores.
108. I want to unlock the badges
109. Can't.Leave.Quests.Undone
110. it's my engine
111. I enjoy seeing the notification that I have leveled up.
112. I just want to get a good grade for this module, so even without leaderboard or any achievements, i will still complete my missions on time.
113. I guess it is a must to do the missions.
114. always want to have more exp
115. Feels good to see my name somewhere at the top as not everyone gets to be there... so it motivates me to finish missions/sidequests more quickly
116. It convinces or deludes you that you are really getting better, which regardless is encouraging.
117. The achievements allow us to have a sense of accomplishment.
118. I like the idea of getting all the people into leaderboard. it makes the missions like competition. frankly, I put more time in it because of the leaderboard.
119. i wanna be the 1st
120. Very contented to see that I have levelled up.:))
121. Encouraged to level up to reach level 35
122. Can see where you stand among others.
123. You will feel a sense of satisfaction after finishing each mission.
124. Achievement
125. I want to be on it. But there are the people who have computing background hogging the seats! >:(
126. I say some of my friends there, it encourages me.
127. So that I would be able to attain EXP.
128. The leader board allows me to know my peers progression, and somehow force me to complete the works on time.
129. It is kind of encouraging.
130. If we don't do our Missions, we don't get EXP and we fail the module.
131. I am afraid that if I miss the deadline for the mission I will lose out of the exp and cannot level up :((
132. if i am lacking behind too much, i know i will need to catch up using the leaders board as a gauge
133. vanity
134. ultimately this will add up to your final grade
135. lvl up to level 35
136. It is very motivating to see yourself leveling up after every mission.
137. I just want to reach level 35 as soon as possible so that I can take a breather from all the missions and concentrate better on other modules.
138. since I may not always be on the learderboard so the level shows the difference between us which encourage me to finish missions the most
139. actually just the exp to get higher mark...
140. I really like the design of those trophies
141. Well, cause I wanna know what level can I reach
142. when I see my friends gain high achievement and level, I tell myself that I have to work harder
143. The achievements stated give me the encouragement to complete the missions.
144. The deadline encourages me to finish missions the most
145. Leaderboard is exciting.
146. I like to see increasing numbers.
147. I admit I like competitions a lot... And it is great to see myself on the board. It really encourages to study harder and do better in the future missions.
148. Same as what I said before.
149. Want to level up
150. I love the trainings since they are quite helpful to me. They are closely connected to what we were taught during the lectures.

Skip: 74 (33.0%)

Yes, it is here that we can see how the leaderboard and EXP motivates some students to work.

7) Multiple Choice

Which of the following best describes your motivation to get on the leaderboard, in relation to the work you do? 



I do everything I can to get on it


I am generally motivated to get onto the leaderboard


Being on the leaderboard is a nice side-effect of doing my work


I don't really care about it




To some extent, these results are not surprising. We have shown the first 30 students on the leaderboard, so it's likely that 40-50 typically end up on it at some point and so for them the leaderboard is motivating. Maybe we should have more students on the leaderboard in future years?

8) Multiple Choice

How much has the game system enhanced your learning compared to regular instruction?



Not at all :(


A little


Moderately :)


Very much!


It's a brilliant scheme!




It's nice to see that the game system seems to have enhanced the learning experience for 85% of the students. :-)

9) Essay

Please let us have your comments and suggestions on the platform

1. Creative and interesting platform help me study more effectively.

2. v v well and good designed.

3. Very good:)

4. One small suggestion: The content saved should be automatically submitted after deadline because I have missed the deadline by pressing the wrong button.

5. Sorry, I don't think I can contribute any help.
Generally, it is a good learning tool to me.

6. acceptable

7. It would be nice to have an unsubmit button as long as it is before a stipulated due date. Of course, if tutors already graded the mission then too bad.

8. I prefer a reduce of workload.

9. It is kind of cool.

10. Cool platform. Seriously.

11. design can be nicer.

12. I felt that the leaderboard is not the main factor motivating people to do their work. I felt it is more due to the platform. The convenience to submit codes and do questions online, with immediate feedback on whether we are right and wrong. From there, we can immediately learn from our mistakes. Learning form confusion and mistakes is the best experience where one will remember long enough.
We should acknowledge that there are multiple solutions to a single problem. Anything under the sun can be a possible solution. The process of thinking is where new algorithms could be found and rigidity is where we don't want to be. However, two people are unlikely to think alike unless they know each other well enough. Hence, making coursemology more transparent is a very good way to bring out this point.
What i mean is that, after the dateline, the works of all students can be viewed by other students. This ensures that those who can code and cannot code can learn from each other.

13. Allow us to skip questions for trainings, instead of spending so much time on one question in order to get it correct and move on to the next question.

14. Just fantastic... I could never imagine I can learn and be evaluated in such a way before.

15. Nice.

16. Very nice

17. it is nice~

18. fails to load at time. crashes some times while doing training

19. It is an efficient platform as all our work are collated there and we can always review our work based from there.

20. The platform is generally good, but sometimes the page just stop when I submit the training.

21. Easy to use.

22. very good

23. it is convenient and helpful to have such platform

24. it is good
25. very nice and impressive!
26. Good enough
27. It will be a briliant platform if it helps us with more guidance.
28. The platform us very good and well structured.
29. It is helpful to me. I suffer from it but make progress.

30. It's a pretty brilliant way of stealthily making us do more work. More work equals better understanding equals more fun. It's not nice to know that I'm in a virtual skinner box, but it really goes a long way towards making me understand the ideas.

31. Nice
32. Interesting and fancy.
33. Its a good platform generally. Just the linking with facebook thing not sure how it works.
34. It's a cool platform.
35. Need to increase the stability of the platform, the page may hang sometimes when doing copy and paste
36. actually it is better to combine Forum and Coursemology together.
37. I cannot explain, comment and reply on my tutor's comments. That is a bad thing.
38. I think this platform is quite good.
39. good platform
40. No comments, its good! Just that pace of missions too fast! After u submit a mission and thought that u can take a break, before you know it, a new mission is out already.
41. It is a convenient platform to facilitate our learning.
42. This is a quite good learning system that should be used more in the university.
43. The interface is nice, better than the ivle interface.
44. How? I just need a good grade, I died many times in other modules already, tolong tolong popi popi...
45. It is easy to use.
46. Can submit the missions several times so that we can improve on our work after the tutor give us feedbacks on our work
47. nice
48. It is very interactive and helps a lot, especially in my case where programming is an entirely new and foreign thing. It makes learning much more fun and exciting!
49. Generally no issues with coursemology.
50. The platform is awesome!
no need to print a lot of homework. 
save a lot of paper
GREEN stuff!
51. Have a BBS forum that is better than the one in IVLE
52. i feel quite comfortable using it. i did not encounter any problems whatsoever.
53. Not bad actually. Maybe the exp and game thing can be improved by giving us a comic as a treat (like CS1101) rather than just getting exp and seeing no where. Leaderboard should be removed immediately if possible.
54. I think its quite a cool platform for tutorials and homework! I can do my trainings and missions almost everywhere. (with wifi)
55. Very good
56. Quite a awesome platform.
57. In general, it is efficient.
58. Interesting idea
Convenient to use
59. works damn well for something that was built by other students. Unlike CORS.
60. It is a good platform to study.
However, because the mission and sidequest came up too fast, I need to rush almost all the time.
61. The platform is good.
62. Just the answer checking scheme isn't great.
63. i like it. it's easy to navigate and achieve teaching objectives nicely
64. Nice !
65. I think it good enough.
66. do not show the optional training under another label...didn't know about these practices until the day before mid-term
67. it is quite a helpful platform, with all the extra practices and all
68. It's a very good platform for new programmers like me to get hooked to wanting to learn more about programming.
69. Excellent!
70. Brilliant idea. Need to enhance the service stability.
71. It was a nice interactive platform for everyone to compete with each other.
72. keep it.
73. i think good
74. it works quite well
75. its a cool platform...easier to complete homework on my own time...
76. It is really a great idea and should keep it up!
77. im generally happy with
78. Very good
79. The concept of studying python via game system is actually very cool, and it did let us to put more efforts on this module. However, I have to say, some missions or side quests are not so related to what we are taught in the lecture, such as turtle. We have to learn turtle by ourselves and start to do the missions. Besides, after mid-terms, I realized that the questions in the mid-term test are not so related to those missions or side quests. Personally, I think the trainings are very good, they're talking about questions we've learnt during the lectures. However, for missions and side quests, some of them will really take us a lot of time to finish. Sadly, I really put a lot of effort on the missions and side quests, I saw little help to my mid-term test. As for contest, they will take me like two to three nights to finish one work. I think everyone wants to win the contest so that we can show up on the leaderboard or even be the number one. However, actually it has little meaning to be the 'number one'. It's the game concept that has made us 为了做题而做题, but not 为了学知识而做题. So I think that's the controversial part. I'm not criticizing the whole game idea, but I believe it can be much improved. My advice is: make missions more related to what we've learnt during the lectures, and it should have the effect to help us be more comfortable with the exam questions. So the missions could be past year paper questions that related to the lecture, and the side quests could be questions from other universities' exam papers. A very good example, the bus missions didn't come up with questions to distinguish 'is' and '==', if I remembered correctly, so I didn't even think about 'is' and wrote '==' directly in my mid-term exam.
80. Nice idea..feel surprised
81. Good for interaction with tutors and seek for help~
82. It is okay.
83. engaging platform
84. The good part is that coursemology can really made me want to do CS1010S because it is like playing a game to see who can reach a higher level.
85. Not bad
86. quite good and fresh. Is that possible to show the shortest or the most correct keys for trainings after doing it so that we can learn?
87. The platform works perfectly
88. clear and powerful, very good website and game system, compared with the poor-designed CS1010 website
89. Generally quite good.
90. It's the best studying platform I have ever seen!
91. really make some video game rather than those paper written stuff
92. Its a great platform!(: However, it is quite annoying when sometimes it screws up and I have to refresh the page and all my codes go missing and I have to redo it all over:(
93. it is a good idea to introduce this system
94. I think it's a well designed platform.
95. it is a good platform for submissions and easy to navigate.
96. Very good platform, highly recommended to apply for other modules as well
97. fine
98. I hope this system can be spreaded around NUS especially in project-based, IT-based modules cos it's really fun.
99. very good!
100. It's a great platform for learning!
101. I would rather not connect my facebook to coursemology. But i dont mind using the nus account
102. Very useful, though still a little buggy here and there.
103. A very interesting platform.
104. It is brilliant website.
105. It's a brilliant platform!!!
106. It's a wonderful platform.
107. a fantastic platform
108. simplify it please. make it look more scientific and professional. (for university students)
109. It is okay
110. It could be better if it can have a feature that help us to correct our code and provide us with some explanation
111. It's an interesting platform to use for education.
112. IT is awesome. I might consider taking programming that does tutorial homework like this. Too cool for school.
113. I think it is a refreshing idea and helps us learn at our own pace though a bit stressful at times at the amount of workload presented to us.

Skip: 111 (49.5%)

 I am glad to learn that many students are happy with Coursemology. :-) It took us a lot of work to build and implement it. Raymoond would be pleased.

1) Multiple Choice

What is your overall impression of CS1101S thus far?



This is a horrible class. Truly regret choosing it.


Just like any other module


CS1101S is cool


CS1101S rocks. Coolest class I have taken in my life.




Oh no. Sorry to hear that some 10% of the class is quite unhappy. Ah well, we tried our best.

2) Multiple Choice

Has CS1010S been able to arouse your interest in programming?







I was already interested in programming before CS1101S!


I was once interested in programming, but CS1101S killed it :-'(




I guess we can try to do better next time. 

4) Multiple Choice

Would you recommend CS1010S to other students?









I guess this result is somewhat correlated with how well the students feel that they are doing in the class.

5) Essay

Please give us your comments and suggestions on how to make your learning in CS1010S more efficient and interesting.

1. Give more applicable models and add more pictures and casual language. :)

2. I must do some preview and review before and after lecture.

3. Help sessions are helpful for students to clear their doubts and consultations as well.

4. It's good the way it is now!

5. If possible, problems should be related to those covered in the lecture so that it helps us "revise" what we learnt in the lecture.

6. Have lesser missions or shorter missions

7. I need more revision and material so that I can study on my own, not only practicing on coursemology.

8. More cool sidequest!!! Side quest really blows your mind and it gives me a great sense of achievement after completing it.

9. lecture should be taught more slowly

10. more training! more optional trainings for the test!

11. I feel that the options for qn 44-46 are not very specific. For Qn 44, my true feeling is, CS1010S is cool but it is really hard and demanding. Qn 45, though it somewhat raised my interest in programming, I also lost my confident in programming after taking this module, because it is really hard for non-programmers.

12. More tutors.

13. I think the content taught in lectures should not be that difficult compared with recitation and tutorial.

14. the forum offers us a platform to discuss python after class, which makes the learning process more effective

15. Already very interesting lah.

16. New concepts are some things not taught, but given to us to find out. Some are ok, like recursion, but some like calling a function from a helper function. eg foo(x)(y),data extraction. should be gone through in class

17. Encourage group works!

18. Since a lot of materials cannot be taught during lectures, maybe the lecturer can indicate some useful materials we ought to access before doing our tutorials, trainings and missions, e.g. the part of a certain website. I am mentioning this because the website for python language is so vase that I am sometimes lost about how much I should know and which part I should know first.

19. maybe Coursemology platform could give hint to students who tried submitting trainings/missions numerous times but get it wrong.

20. Maybe a solution to missions and sidequests can be posted after the submission.

21. make it easier please

22. I think we can combine lecture and recitation.
And a longer time for tutorial.

23. More guidance should be given. Eg answers for Missions, comments and mark scheme in the solution for past year papers.

24. the time limit is really stressful.

25. Everything is good except the pace is too fast and too time consuming, to the point that i have no time for my other mods. Will really appreciate if the pace is a little slower!

26. More Training, Less Mission!

27. Less homework....

28. add 1 VS 1 coding competition in coursemology.

29. More feedbacks can be given after each mission

30. Extend lecture hours so that lecture can have a slower pace

31. can u turn the game mode from hard to mo

32. It's good enough overall. :)

33. some ways of thinking such as dividing a hard question into small pieces

34. Make the contents easier and release more trainings.

35. More Help Sessions.

36. It will be good to provide the missions solutions so that we can understand more as well.

37. i have nothing to add. I think it is good to keep the active forum

38. Really awesome already!!!

39. I am satisfied with current style.

40. There is a lot of content on coursemology that is in on the notes? Would it be possible to summarize the key learning points and put it in the notes because sometimes the key points are all over coursemology (training/missions/sidequest) and it is harder to revise during exam period..

41. I hope the slices can explain more. And I think there can be more optional short questions for us to practice on.

42. more interesting missions

43. Perhaps during lectures there can be some codetyping for us to see it not so abstractly.

44. it is actually interesting but unfortunately most of the time i am not sure whats going on.

45. webcast it.

46. I think the system is already pretty damn good(:

47. Perhaps the lecture notes could be a bit more structured with clearer headings. Not a big issue actually, I think the current notes are of really high quality and well-equipped with content already.

48. already efficient and interesting

49. More manageable workload.

50. level up the difficulty of missions and sidequests and level down the difficulty of the final exam.

51. Do more practice....

52. MORE ELABORATION TO THE LECTURE SLIDES .. eg. sub heading to what that side aims to demonstrate..

53. explain things more clearly, maybe recitation before the lecture. give more help to people with no background. introduce new things in the lecture in stead of letting us to find it online and try to understand it (we may get it wrongly). basically don't assume we know everything, it's really too hard for me

54. okay, please make sure that everything you teaching us is right and checked, cause sooo many mistakes have taken place up to now!!
what's more, more exp really will make me happy!

55. Game programming would be interesting. A common project for first-time programmers is the game where the computer randomly chooses a number between 1 and 100, and the user inputs numbers until he guesses the chosen number. At every guess, the computer will tell the user if the guess is too low or too high.
I think the bus stop missions would be more interesting if we had to work with NUS modules instead of bus stops and routes. Modules are more relevant to students, and we can alter the program to look for timetable clashes, days which end late, or long break periods between classes for example. It provides more motivation to complete the task, because the final program can be used in real life to plan our modules.

56. find a nice tutor, and learn everything he knows, then you can survive

57. Give some supplement exercises or application exercises? I mean, some web links or related books are okay, not adding more work to this module!!!  Just for those who may be more interested in Python.

58. Maybe can suggest some more resources which is related to Python such as Pygame, Pyglet? Exploring something more about this language is really interesting. (Although I do not have enough time... 

59. Lesser workload

60. Already v efficient.

61. More extra trainings and trainings lesser missions and sidequests.

62. Perhaps, tutorials could allocate about 15 minutes for review of lecture content.

63. even distribution of work

64. can tutorial questions have the difficulty level from easy to difficult?

65. If I am stuck at some question, I will go and do something else and come back to the question.

66. Fundamental codes should be reinforced every time

67. Provide more extra trainings.

68. Make the workload much less heavy and more reasonable. Sometimes the more work we have to do, the more we dread the module instead of mastering the content.

69. Give a more pictorial way in explaining some of the codes.

70. Needs to give appropriate breaks during missions. Submitted within 30 mins of opening before and got back a reply in 2.5hours after that - at 3am in the morning.

71. Missions and side quests that are too tough kills my interest in CS1010S. Occasionally it'll be nice to have easier tasks to boost my confidence.

72. Lectures have a very steep learning curve.
It tends to follow the following sequence:

73. I am not sure as I just do not like programming

74. Maybe lighter workload will be better...

75. some more practice and put the winning work of contest results on the coursemology

76. tell jokes in lecture. not random ones but planned ones. one of my professor in other module does this and I can always remember the content he jokes about.

77. less things to do please...

78. provide more variety of  examples in the lecture notes

79. I think that you can make some small project instead of the contest. let the tutorial group finish one code together which can arise students interests and also help all the students make progress together.

80. the lectures, tutorials recitations could cover more details and slow down a bit ,at least at the beginning stage, i had a hard time to build on foundations

81. Haha, less workload ~

82. more hints can be given when students are stuck at trainings.

83. Just make the contents more organized. Sometimes what we do in training is totally not what we learn in lecture :(

84. Perhaps help with visualizing the more abstract concepts. Like Orders of growth

85. If I can get A, I will consider remove ending

86. Introduce some practical use of these codes...

87. really need to teach at a much slower pace. i understand that there are students who are able to catch things much faster, but need to have a consensus of the whole cohort and go accordingly as most of us have never done computing or anything close to it before in our lives. learning python is like learning a new language and the basics really need to be strong. i think more time is needed to teach the basics at a slower pace.

88. By reducing the emphasis on functional abstraction and concentrating more on the real exam like questions will build a stronger foundation for us.

89. just learning new things while struggling

90. more examples...

91. Workload reduce

92. don't let people with prior experience take cs1010s. allowing that kills it for people (with no experience whatsoever) who genuinely wanna learn. i really like computing but the smarty pants are seriously making me wanna give up.

93. it's alr very interesting

94. On the first lesson, give an overview of what exactly python is all about. Instead of going straight into basic syntax, a video showcasing the uses of python as a software to help people compute and solve questions would be good.
Other than that, having motivational and enriching videos during breaks in between lectures should definitely remain!

95. give more examples that are easier to understand in the lecture notes.

96. Less homework please. Training + mission+ side question + tutorial + recitation. At least 4 times of the workload of my other modules. Heavy workload really makes me stressful and under such stress I cannot concentrate on things I am doing even when I am dealing with other modules.

97. longer due date.

98. some of us have no previous knowledge in computing or programming....
so it would be very helpful if you could explain the concepts more simply and slowly...
the module is going very fast and it is difficult to capture the concepts fully...

99. it is already interesting~

100. It is good enough.

101. slower pace and ensure everything taught is well explained before beginning a new topic

102. For tougher questions, perhaps can give us a bit of clue so as to help us to think along the right direction rather than us having to waste so much time on just a question. When explaining concepts, it is always good to treat us as we don't know everything that's when we get to know what we do not already know.

103. teach C++ instead of Python.
that's the foundation. now we have now idea about stream, library, how compilers work, arrays, pointers.
although Python also have good dynamic and oop feature, but it is way too 'virtue' to make us understand how computer actually works...
by the way, quants use C++/matlab/R right?
All these I self-taught. 

104. I think its just that the pace is too fast and workload is kinda heavy and sometimes I find it hard to catch up.

105. Recitations allocation is a bit weird, if only there was a way to combine it  with tutorial

106. More interaction between us students.

107. More weightage on coursemology...

108. Just keep the style and go on.

Skip: 116 (51.8%)

I suspect that we will reduce the workload in future offerings by reviewing and improving the missions.

6) Essay

Tell us more about what you think about CS1010S. This is your chance to tell us anything you want that is not already covered by the previous questions.

1. I am considering major/minor in CS thanks to CS1010S

2. CS1010S is quite good.

3. this maybe the coolest module I have in the university, since i am a science student

4. its a very useful module, I think lecturer and tutors have really done their best to help us

5. I hope more students can have this amazing experience of taking this module!!

6. do not like the system for IVLE forum... when it is related to exp, doesn't feel right.. I don't use forum often, don't have time to go through all these posts and replies and also feel it spams me sometime...

7. It really takes up too much of my time trying to understand the qns and not knowing what are the correct formats to use to solve the qns

8. To be honest I like CS1010S more than all my other modules! :)

9. just nice!

10. Actually I don't know how to take notes on this class. Cause you have so much minor tips to remember in using the language and you don't a printed, systematical lecture notes to write on.

11. Really I think if the final exam is not hard, we will have more interest and pleasure to enjoy the module instead of pressure to force us to complete the work. Instead, the knowledge can be acquired through a more difficult set of missions and sidequests.

12. Interesting, but tedious

13. The workload is very

14. other than the time limits, everything else is fine.

15. Good Job.

16. 1) It is a really good course for me to understand O-O programming by not only learning the conception by also doing practice.
2) It helps me understanding more about programming.
3) It gives me more motivation to convert to CS :)

17. Overall I feel that Prof ben is a nice and funny lecturer and the tutors are all very helpful.

18. Demanding. Stressful. Tiring. Demoralising (sometimes motivating!) Can decrease the amount of content we have to learn? Too much work too little time :(

19. content is a lot for those with no programming background

20. Prof Ben Leong looks nice... Hope he don't cheat our feelings... Give us nice marks...

21. I dont know if its my worn out laptop or what. But some of the webcast videos' audio gets cut off a few times during the playtime ;/

22. I felt that for those who had never had any programming experience, nor taken the bridging module, CS1010S was really a crash course core module that most were forced to take up. The syllabus was covered so quickly that I believe we have already covered more than what CS1101S covers for the entire semester in just half a semester.

23. since this is the first time to teach python. we need more practice

24. It makes me believe that programming is really interesting, especially for python. Because I found that same work would save much less time by python, compared with C.

25. It is quite easy to understand the concepts even for students without prior programming experience.

26. I really like CS1010S and python. But actually this is really a time-cosuming module.

27. TOTAL HATE AND LOVE RELATIONSHIP with the MOD. But might pick cs1010E because it has slightly less workload.

28. my friends who didn't took this module or took CS1010(E) all teased us.
Some of us felt irritated and felt like being cheated. 

29. CS1010S is really really cool, especially taught by prof Ben. I think I'm really lucky to be a student of prof Ben. So far, CS1010S is the most interesting module I have taken this semester.

30. lectures could be more slowly paced

31. I think the design of mid_term paper is bad. The rule for marking the paper is also unfair. I think I deserve more marks than the current one. And the descriptions for the questions are vague. (eg, is and ==)

32. Some people just don't have that skill to think with mathematical logic. For some, it might be challenging to understand and we should have a CS1000 - Fundamental to Programming for those that really don't get it. It can teach basic logic theories. There must be a placement test - like ES modules - but not related to a specific language that can test the person's capability of thinking logically.

33. It seem to be the most tough course among the courses I have. But quite interesting.

34. cool

35. Sometimes interesting and sometimes killing. orz

36. Should make the achievements more creative (like 'be the first to complete training/missions/etc', 'complete a task with less than 100 lines of codes', 'write a code without using any recursive/ iterative function'....)

37. This new language is interesting but the coursemology system makes it too stressful.

38. its an awesome module which introduces computing in a very interesting and fun way. students taking this module will be enticed to take more programming modules.

39. The mid term test is too unethical. It is not even about coding. Rabbits are like humans...

40. Really awesome already!!!

41. It is quite fun, but too time consuming.

42. cs1010s is a rare experience,  i appreciate the effort by all the tutors and lectures, i hope it can be improved by tendering more to new programmers

43. CS1010S can be a fun module if you completely understand everything. however, major don't

44. More about data analysis!

45. Its difficult, quite demoralising at times :(

46. It is cool if I can do and understand the questions, but sometimes it is really taking up too much of my time. That is why I will not recommend it to my friends as well.

47. It's a hard module

48. It is so draining that my other modules are doing badly

49. workload is kind of heavy and taking too much time of my study time

50. it is very time consuming

51. I find the notes (that are the lecture slides) have too much thrown into them. I would prefer a set of notes rather than the lecture slides itself.

52. I enjoy a lot but I'm also afraid of it because it's really difficult for me to handle...

53. It is somewhat hard for me.

54. i would not have taken it, but it is my core module. however, i must stress that it is not the course administrators' fault, it is just not the module for me.

55. It is a really cool subject. Why just torture the math and stats students? Make it compulsory for all students. It is really interesting and fun compared to other subjects. Even though it may be nerve wrecking when you don't know stuffs but the experience was overall great.

56. Can cs1010S be made easier? it will be extremely beneficial for those without programming background. Maybe, can reduce the content

57. Need to go slower in lectures.

58. It is a good course.

59. CS1010S really arouses my interest in programming and it makes me realize I am terrible in programming later. However, it is really cool. I feel painful choosing CS1010S but I don't regret for it.

60. pace too fast... Repeat x 100

61. the workload is way too much. there are tutorials, recitations, missions and side quests. sometimes, all or most of them have to be completed within the same week. this leaves us really little or no time at all to focus on the other modules that we have. it is not fair that we put in all the time and effort into one module and completely neglect the rest. i think either mission+tutorials or missions+recitations or tutorials+recitation is sufficient.

62. is cs1010 for previous sems like this too?

63. good design,but pay attention to some details, pay attention to what students feel

64. workload is heavy

65. People are nice, but ambitious as well.

66. A little suggestion: It is better to use computer during the finial exam. ;)

67. The workload is somewhat heavy compared to other modules, but it is still manageable.

68. It's tough at first, but now I find it easier and more interesting to learn. The workload is OK. I hope there will be some explanations about training in the future.

69. CS1010 is great. A lot of real life examples and applications are introduced in the lectures and the online platform. I just love the idea that we are learning a way too think, instead of leaning some language.

70. Fun yet too much work.

71. Orders of growth? Painful

72. Tough, but interesting

73. The idea of this module is excellent. Lecturers and tutors are effective. Workload is a little bit heavy. Everyone is damn hard-working. That's it.

74. First time when I started to study CS1010S, I was very excited, and also did a lot of works on it. However, lately when python running on my computer can't read the files I downloaded from the gaming system, and because my computer kept on having indentation errors when I submitted my work, which causes my grades to drop significantly, I became uninterested in programming.

75. class time is limited

76. Maybe can make it less interesting and fun, so that other modules will not be comparably so boring...
In the midterm, there was one question asking for the fib function.
I think there was a possibility that some students can include this function in their helpsheet...which is like permitted "cheating"
I think it is a bit unfair since I thought whatever covered before would not repeat in the exam in the exact same way...I still managed to answer that question easily, but it would save me a little bit amount of time if I could just copy my own code.

77. The midterm is too exhausting :(((.

78. Will definitely recommend cs1010s to my friends who have not taken it.

79. Put everything on Coursemology instead of half on IVLE and half on Coursemology

80. the workload is just too heavy

81. Programming is hard but rewarding.
Some questions look easy, but after an hour, you can be in front of your computer thinking "why am I still stuck here?"

82. Good.

83. CS1010S is an interesting module but definitely not an easy module even the midterms which was supposed to be easy turned out to be tricky.

84. It's a module that I have a love/hate relationship with. Love it because it's challenging and I feel accomplished when I solve the missions and side quests without any help. Hate it when it's too time consuming and when I get stuck at a certain question I just give up and ask my friends for the code.... I know this doesn't add value to my learning but i feel that it's not worthwhile to spend too much time on this module and neglect other modules

85. CS1010s kind of making me want to change major.

86. Enjoy it but somehow cant cope with it. too fast a pace.

87. it is an interesting module...but again it has to be explained in a more simple way so that we who dont have any programming background can understand

88. The work load is a little too much?

89. The lecturers and the tutors are really working very to help us to understand better. Really very thankful for that.

90. This mod is too time-consuming, although it is an interesting and engaging mod.

91. The workload is particularly high for this course and it results in lesser time for my other mods. Probable to reduce the workload and hence stress level for this mod.

92. If we find that coding is useful and practical then we will spend more time to learn it. So u can introduce us to some fantastic work that coding can do to our life to inspire us~

Skip: 132 (58.9%)

Coursemology is currently being enhanced and we will soon have our own forum, lesson plan and workbin. From next Semester, we will probably not use IVLE anymore except for recording grades.

Compared to CS1101S, CS1010S is already only covering about 70% of the material and has about correspondingly about 60% (?) of the workload. CS1101S has 22 missions and 14 side quests. We only have 16 missions and 8 side quests(!). I actually think that our workload is reasonable if we want people to master programming. 

7) Essay

Do you have any concerns about CS1010S? If so, what are they and how can we help?

1. The workload could get really tedious sometimes. Like, it frustrates me that I cannot solve a problem (yet) and new missions are increasing released to add more salt to the wound. I'm not complaining, there are people out there who can finish the missions extraordinarily fast. It just a concern that I have throughout the module -> the need to want to catch up with others and hence not having much time for other modules.

2. I am afraid that I will fail..

3. I am not as clever as the I am worrying about passing the module?

4. Is it possible to not upload new slides just before the lecture? There are people who wants to print out the slides and take down notes during lect and because there are new updates, they will have to reprint everything again.

5. what do i need to do to get an A if i only got a pass for my midterms? is there still hope?

6. I feel that as the difficulty level of this course is increasing, I an spending more and more time on this course to ensure I can finish what I am supposed to do. I am kind of worry that in the future, this course is going to be too demanding.

7. Pls reduce the workload.

8. I find it fun and interesting. Unfortunately, I've not been able to completely understand it to the point where I'm able to do at least 85% of the questions most of the time.

9. Yes, about final grade. I heard it's hard to get A+/A. I wonder how many students can get it. Is it bell curve?

10. Why the mid-term and final exam are all written exams?

11. i am really concerned that i will flunk this class even with the tremendous effort and the long hours put in. i hope you can help by decreasing our workload or just teaching at a much slower pace in general.

12. A bit fast :( but I understand there is a lot of content to cover, so I guess there is no choice haha

13. Do we have bell curve? :D

14. where is my exp and marks!!?? i want them back!!!

15. Maybe more practice questions like the tutorial type. Not just before exams.

16. I think we can move a bit faster. not Mr Leong speaks faster.

17. Can have more A+/A than CS1010(E), like CS1101S does?
If so, then make CS1010S harder, make us all struggle and learn some real stuff, and then give more A+/A to us. we deserve them. 
thank you and best regards.

18. Maybe more interesting topic like turtle.

19. The workload can be very very very slightly less... :P

20. The bell curve

21. I am afraid that it might get more confusing and difficult to keep up.

22. pace too fast... Repeat x 101

23. Is the cohort graded based on bell curve? if not, what is the grading system?

24. I need more time

25. Confusion of too many predefined codes.

26. Worried that the difficulty of practical exam and the final exam will be out of this world...

27. currently no. but if have i will let my tutor know.

28. Afraid of not passing the module

29. reduce the number of missions

30. I just hope that the bridging module can be expanded to all students next time especially since it is a core module for AM, Stats and BA students.

31. Yes. The thing is sometimes I really cannot understand a concept. There is no explanation in the lectures. It can be hard to finish the training and mission in this case. Because trainings are quite time sensitive I do not have so much time to ask tutors.
Another thing is, sometimes the questions in our homework is not clear enough to give information about what kind of results are expected or what kind of methods are better than others. Then sometimes we write not-so-efficient codes and we do not realize. And then in exams we do the questions wrongly because the way we code is not the expected. No one tells us what is the most appropriate way and why is that so.

32. im afraid that i might not pass the mid term as well as the final and practical...
the past 6 weeks it was difficult to stay with the pace of the class...and understand the concepts fully...
also the help sessions are scheduled very late and it is difficult for me to attend when i really want to...
and i have a lot of questions but can we have like a remedial class for weaker students where the concepts are explained again....maybe in smaller classes....
i have many questions to ask during class...but if i ask all of them i would be holding up the entire class....

33. Please give us revision so that we can revise more before the exam.

34. so far it's okay.. just a bit stressful during times when there are missions and side-quests.

35. Provide more questions to further strengthen our knowledge.

36. Generall, I love this module because it is when and where at least I know what I am doing and what I am supposed to do.

37. how can I catch up with those pros in the leader board

38. New concepts are some times not taught, but given to us to find out. Some are ok, like recursion, but some like calling a function from a helper function. eg foo(x)(y),data extraction. should be gone through in class

39. Just a small question... when doing homework I realize that we are required to use some knowledge which is not covered in lecture...

40. CS1010S may become too popular in the following years, so prepare to use a larger LT and get more tutors

41. Separate bell curve for those who has programming experience?

42. I am afraid I am unable to score well :((

43. I hope I can be taught more about how python process codes. The rationale of their "thinking process".

44. pace is too fast

45. I find that I would always misunderstand the requirements...
Such as the last question for the midterm test, I thought finding grandparents means that all the ancestors should be found out... Then I wrote the code that would find out not only the grandparents but also grandgrandgrand...parents...
I think this is my biggest problem...

46. I really want to know tips to learn CS1010S more efficiently.

47. I just do whatever I can do to get a A at the end.

48. I am concern with passing CS1010S

49. I can understand the solutions given but i wouldn't be able to write the solution out.

50. This is personal, so not yet as of now...

51. I can follow the thinking process but can never write codes!

52. maybe the pace of diff students is diff so some students may worry that they would lag behind, I think this test should not have the bell curve because the background knowledge really means a lot in their performance

53. Does SOC have some winter vacation special term or training? 
I want to learn more about programming. 

54. how many percentage of people can get A or A+

55. I think my foundation isn't there yet... and maybe could recap on data abstraction again!

56. Too little time to learn so much content and familiarise. Especially with no background.

57. The amount of assessment modes and close proximity of the assessments are really exhausting. But I guess there is no better way to ensure we learn the essential content.

58. Hard to score well for CS1010S and as this module has no bell curve it makes the whole thing worst because either many people will ace it or flunk it, only minorities will be in the mid range.

59. Hmmm, we haven't learn to how to create a executable file, I hope to learn that in order to create some games.

60. Bell curve. Certain students tend to do a lot better and this may put those who do not have any background at a disadvantage

61. training system is not very good. 
if you fail to answer the first question, you can not get access to the following questions.

62. I feel that CS1010s is a cool programming module but i just cannot seem to be good at a programming module. I appreciate the effort that all the tutors and Prof have stretched out just to make sure that we can grasp with the module though. This is the module that i feel that the Prof and tutors are most dedicated and enthusiastic in teaching the students. Thank you.

63. What should I do to improve my thinking process? Sometimes it is easy for me to write a code and get the right output. However, the algorithm in my code is not effective. How to improve my ability in coding?

64. The difficulty level of practical and final exam.....

65. just a bit concerns about the difficulty of the final exam.

66. The exams are very absolute. Too much marks/weightage loss if a small mistake is made. I'll probably fail horribly in this module

67. I'm afraid it will become more and more difficult....>

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It is not possible for me not to change my slides. I typically review and update my slides the day before my lectures (even if might have taught the same thing many times previously). People should also refrain from printing notes. There's really no need to print. There's really nothing to remember for CS1010S. The learning is in the doing.

There are currently A LOT of training questions that students can try.

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