Faculty Member:  LEONG WING LUP, BEN
Department:  COMPUTER SCIENCE Academic Year:  2007/2008
Faculty:  SCHOOL OF COMPUTING Semester:  2
Activity Type:LECTURE
Class Size  /  Response Size  /  Response Rate :51  /  33  /  64.71%
QnItems EvaluatedFac. Member Avg ScoreFac. Member Avg Score Std. DevDept Avg ScoreFac. Avg Score
(a)     (b)(c)     (d)

1The teacher has enhanced my thinking ability. 4.545 0.666 3.879 ( 3.815) 3.876 ( 3.843)
2The teacher provides timely and useful feedback. 4.424 0.830 3.884 ( 3.754) 3.907 ( 3.844)
3The teacher is approachable for consultation. 4.545 0.666 3.928 ( 3.824) 3.954 ( 3.920)
4The teacher has helped me develop relevant research skills.*NANANANA
5The teacher has increased my interest in the subject. 4.333 0.854 3.765 ( 3.706) 3.778 ( 3.734)
6The teacher has helped me acquire valuable/relevant knowledge in the field. 4.424 0.663 3.905 ( 3.799) 3.926 ( 3.852)
7The teacher has helped me understand complex ideas. 4.242 0.751 3.835 ( 3.685) 3.838 ( 3.734)
Average of Qn 1-7** 4.419 0.741 3.866 ( 3.764) 3.880 ( 3.821)
8Overall the teacher is effective. 4.455 0.617 3.933 ( 3.786) 3.946 ( 3.845)

* This includes skills in research methodology, research problems/questions, literature search/evaluation, oral presentation and manuscript preparation.

** If Qn 4 is NA, it will not be included in the computation of average score (Average of Qn 1-7).

Frequency Distribution of responses for Qn 8

Nos. of Respondents(% of Respondents)












17 (51.52%)

14 (42.42%)

2 (6.06%)

0 (.00%)

0 (.00%)

Teachers teaching all Modules of the Same Activity Type (Lecture), at the same level within Department


114 (21.76%)

242 (46.18%)

123 (23.47%)

32 (6.11%)

13 (2.48%)

Teachers teaching all Modules of the Same Activity Type (Lecture), at the same level within Faculty


189 (24.97%)

346 (45.71%)

159 (21.00%)

42 (5.55%)

21 (2.77%)

1. A 5-point scale is used for the scores. The higher the score, the better the rating.
2. Fac. Member Avg Score: The mean of all the scores for each question for the faculty member.
3. Fac. Member Avg Score Std. Dev: A measure of the range of variability. It measures the extent to which a faculty member's Average Score differs from all the scores in the faculty member's evaluation. The smaller the standard deviation, the greater the robustness of the number given as average.
4. Dept Avg Score :
 (a) the mean score of same activity type (Lecture) within the department.
 (b) the mean score of same activity type (Lecture), at the same module level ( level 3000 ) within the department.
5. Fac. Avg Score :
 (c) the mean score of same activity type (Lecture) within the faculty.
 (d) the mean score of same activity type (Lecture), at the same module level ( level 3000 ) within the faculty.


Faculty Member:  LEONG WING LUP, BEN
Department:  COMPUTER SCIENCE Academic Year:  2007/2008
Faculty:  SCHOOL OF COMPUTING Semester:  2
Activity Type:LECTURE

Q9  What are the teacher's strengths?
1.He makes us think seriously about things.
2.Timely feedback on applications.
3.Intelligent, Engaging, and Analytical. Encourages us to pursue our dreams, passions and ideas Genuine interest in helping us improve our application Enhances our thinking process Strong networks that helps us learn more about insights about the industry and experts Encouraging and Prompt in Feedback
4.Dr Leong is a very good teacher. He sets up very high standards for his students and provides so much guidance and help, give us a lot of suggestions on how to make our project better. He is also very approachable.
5.Great rapport with students, expends effort in arranging external support, expends additional effort in many other respects such as extra sessions and providing feedback, generally flexible
6.He is very dedicated.
7.has great ideas and is passionate about his work.
8.Makes an effort to know all his students well. Understands the challenges that students face. Provides instant feedback. Designs assignments in a way that students learn something, experiment and explore more instead of merely following century old procedures. (Anyone who is reading this, please learn this art from him, it will make a huge difference to all your students) Instead of just giving you content filled lecture slides, he will rather tell you a story in which the content is embedded, and it will be something you will never forget, and will instantly remember when you face a similar situation in practical life.
9.Humbleness, Approachable, Encouraging, Committed, Hard-working
11.Is relentless and passionate about some very educational things that few other lecturers care about. Worked very hard (and succeeded in) making this class unique and outstanding.
12.effective way of doing&arranging things, clear illustration on complex problems
13.Go the extra mile to organise this module
14.Can inspire people.
15.Plenty :)
16.Approachable, friendly and knowledgeable.
17.He is a very dedicated and inspiring teacher who is actively interested in his students.
18.Brings out the best in his students by continuously pushing for maximum output. Offers good advise and gives valuable insights on many occasions.
19.Two words to summarize everything: damn cool
20.Ability to analyse very well.
22.Very responsive and nice to his students. He devoted a lot of his time to organize the module and make it successful. He also shared some great ideas about the subject.
23.Is direct and tells you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. Helped us have interesting lectures from guest lecturers.

Q10  What improvements would you suggest to the teacher?
1.Provide more assistance and consultion More organized course content Deadlines are confusing. They should be made more clear to the students, eg. in the form of tables which is always updated More emphasis on learning Less spam mails, important announcements can be made in ivle, general topics can be posted in the forum
2.1. Not to be demoralized and give up finding external experts to the class just because of poor attendance 2. Have more sessions with "unconferences". I think the collective intelligence of the students are in general smarter than most of the speakers. 3. Have 2 assignments, and 1 final project. Final project team members will do the application seminar together to be fair to the coders. 4. Assignments should be simpler to familiarize students (preferably step by step) into the framework. Most expert coders are in year 1, and the students from other faculties want to learn some form of coding too.
3.The module can be improved if the lecturer can do better scheduling
4.Restrict assignments to technical requirements only so students won't feel the need to pour too much effort and impress in every assignment (not that that's all bad, just that it splits effort that may do better concentrated). Instead maybe allow full-fledged "trial" apps as extra credit and strongly emphasize that students actively think about and research on what to attempt for their final showcase app from day one, and at the same time shift the requirements ahead (e.g. come up with some possible final app ideas by first week of Feb etc)
6.Accept criticism with an open mind and be more clear in course objectives.
7.Just never stop what you are doing, no matter how many challenges you face! It will be great if apart from students, you can inspire some teachers to revolutionize the way they teach as well.
8.change the schedule of the module less times
9.keep up!
10.Always end classes late and sometimes the deadlines for assignments is not announced clear enough.
11.Maybe organize a bit better. I guess you already know what to do for the second iteration.
12.Don't overstretch yourself and take on too much stuff.
13.He should try to more reasonable in setting certain goals and expectations from his students.
14.Some students are unable to withstand the stress and may under-perform under this teaching style. Suitable only for the best.
15.Do not be too critical of a new idea, and let the students surprise you with their results. This way, even if the students fail, they will not be afraid to show you that they have failed, and what they learnt from it. Otherwise, they'll just go the tested method in fear of an "I told you so" from you.
16.Tends to be crafty and gives unreasonable workload.
17.The scheduling/grading of the course could be more focused. Sometimes it seems like certain grading schemes just pop-up suddenly. like peer-appraisal. But anyway it is ok since this is the first time such a class is conducted. Overall, a very good lecturer.


Faculty Member:  LEONG WING LUP, BEN
Department:  COMPUTER SCIENCE Academic Year:  2007/2008
Faculty:  SCHOOL OF COMPUTING Semester:  2

Module Code:CS3216No of Nominations:18

1.Prof Ben's module, despite the workload, has really made an impact on my NUS life. It was one module i've definitely enjoyed very much and learned more from than i ever expected.
2.A radical and unconventional professor who has the amazing ability to filter talented students, engage the students, and yet connect with us. A professor that encourages us to pursue our dreams and passion, and providing instantaneous feedback to us. Like most of us, this module is not taken by him or the students out of logic, but of passion. I wasted an S/U option taking this module, and it is highly likely that I won't score well (My app does not meet my min standards). But given the choice, I will still choose to take the course again. This course has also let me meet amazing friends who I want to meet, and very often I find that we are all similar "odd-balls" in NUS who find that there are more important things in life than grades. The friendship built in this class is likely to last a lifetime - Some networks similar to the USP and NOC network.
3.This is the best module i had ever taken in NUS. The lecturers put so much efforts to make this module successful. Besides technical skills, i had also learnt effective communication skills and how to work with different types of people.
4.Clearly very passionate in attempting to break new ground with a rather new interdisciplinary subject and with a vibrant approach.
5.Prof. Ben is a revolutionary. i was looking for a course that is hands on, and makes learning fun, he promised to do that with this new course and delivered! More important than giving him this award is that more teachers learn from him, NUS definitely needs more passionate souls like him!
6.A teacher with a strong commitment to teaching, who teaches students beyond the content of the module, who taught students how to think about life, who teach beyond the classroom, and outside of the classroom (literally). A true educator teaching students about living their life as well.
7.Passionate in his teachings and always overworking to make things meet. Salute his greatness and possibly his dedication that had touched his students to work, even in times of stress and business.
8.I have never encountered another teacher with the kind of vision that Dr Ben has, or that cares as much as Dr Ben about teaching students to THINK - not just about specific academic ideas, but to be able to adapt to think about any problem thrown at them, and also about directions (even philosophy!) in life. I think this is the model to which every lecturer should strive for. Education needs to be more about life and the malleability of the student's thinking abilities. Aside from that, Dr Ben is fully competent academically, and is a great lecturer that delivers clearly and seldom bores. He obviously takes teaching very seriously and evidences of careful planning and engineering can be felt when I took his CS3216 course. We are also aware that he works very hard towards making the module relevant, interesting and different. In short, I'd like to nominate Dr Ben because he is unquestionably committed to his work, is unusually cautious about what he teaches, is unrestrained by academic focus when trying to teach the right thing, and has done an amazing job with one of the coolest, most outstanding (and likely hardest to teach) modules I have ever taken in NUS.
9.He is very innovative in teaching and helping students to learn things on their own. This makes all the teaching and learning more meaningful and can benefit students in their future lives.
10.Working hard for the new module
11.He's an inspiring teacher. He tries to recognize talents and helps them achieve their goals. He also runs the coolest class in NUS.
12.he is very friendly and hence approachable. He treats all of us as intelligent individuals and keep pushing us to perform at our maximum.
13.He is a very dedicated teacher who encourages and inspires his students to think and give their best. He also works very hard to ensure that the subject encompasses everything that is relevant and necessary.
14.Continually challenges students in extra-curricular areas that trains us to think outside the box. Gives more than what is required as an educator to give a wholesome education.
15.Powerful, inspirational person!
16.Also my CS1101S lecturer last semester, Dr. Ben Leong is the most responsive and nice teacher that I ever had chance to learn in NUS. He devoted his time to organize, provide useful feedbacks, invite guest lectures, and share his thoughts and ideas for CS3216.
17.A very interesting professor who dares to take risks and encourage students to come out of their comfort zone and take risks as well. He is able to tell us what we need to hear rather than we want to hear and gives good feedback. Has made learning very interesting in his module even though the going was tough at times. He also teaches us beyond what is learnt in a typical classroom environment and isn't afraid to share with us what he has learnt in life and the experiences he has gone through. Certainly one of the best professors/teachers I have met and I would not mind taking another module under him.
18.Professor Ben is the most effective professor I've seen in NUS. He always think about what is the best thing he would like to deliver to his students. He encourages us to strive and achieve in university as well as in life.