About US

The frontier of medical science has rarely been as exciting and as full of opportunity as it is today. From basic science to clinical research to health services research, the opportunities made available through the impressive recent advances in the biomedical, physical, and computational sciences have brought us to a place of unprecedented opportunity. It is also now widely appreciated that present-day biomedical researchers are confronted by vast amounts of data from genome sequencing, microscopy, high-throughput analytical techniques for DNA, RNA, and proteins, and a host of other new experimental technologies. Coupled with enormous advances in computing power, it is expected that this flow of information should enable scientists to model and understand biological systems in novel ways.

Over the last decade, however, the community has come to the realization that, effective use of the explosion of data, new challenges must be faced especially in the development and application of computational analysis and knowledge discovery technologies and methodologies. The SOC Computational Biology Lab was thus established. The research of our lab will benefit biological and clinical researchers by enabling extraction and inference of new knowledge and value-added information from diverse biomedical data.

Our lab comprises a highly qualified and skilled research team working on advanced techniques for solving of problems arising from biology and medicine using methodologies and tools from computer science. Our team includes faculty members and research students from local and foreign educational institutions. Our core technologies facilitate development of practicable software to help biologists and clinical researchers in knowledge discovery. Our projects tie in to on-going work with international collaborations and with demonstrated practical promise. We target our research at results and deliverables of international significance. In particular, our work contributes in establishing Singapore as a well-regarded international center for computational applications in the field of biology and medicine.

Our Address:

Computational Biology Laboratory
School of Computing
National University of Singapore
Level 1, Building COM1, 13 Computing Drive, Singapore 117417

For more information, please contact the Lab Coordinator (Ken Sung, ksung@comp.nus.edu.sg), or other faculty members of the lab.

Lab Coordinator: Limsoon Wong / Last updated: 30 January 2018.