Information for Prospective Students


Prospective students interested in graduate studies in bioinformatics in the SOC Computational Biology Laboratory are invited to visit for admission criteria.

Prospective students already qualified under the various criteria in SOC may wish to identify a suitable Professor or Supervisor in the SOC Computational Biology Lab first, and to discuss their prospective research projects with them in advance. For a list of professors in the Lab, please click here.


For non-degree internships or attachments, please note that we do not have any scheme for financing. All internships and attachments have to be on a fully self-financed basis. All interested candidates are to provide their own finances for board and lodging and return airfare, stating their preference for a specific project topic and/or desired professor, and the duration of the internship/attachment period.

This category also applies to students from other institutions who have their own requirements for graduating, requiring internship or research attachments at institutions such as ours. In such cases, if fully financed, we can provide a statement of proof and reports certifying the student's successful completion of an internship or attachment.

These attachments are to be negotiated directly with the professor concerned. For a list of professors in the Lab, please click here. Alternative, the student can directly upload his application to the following website, and it will be automatically circulated to all faculty members.

Lab Coordinator: Limsoon Wong / Last updated: 30 January 2018.