Sashankh C Kumar

About me

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An enthusiastic Computer Science undergrad interested in Software Engineering and Aritficial Intelligence, with a focus on solving real world problems with technology. View my full profile here.

Projects and Hacks

Tetris Game Playing Bot

Developed a Tetris Bot using genetic algorithms to clear a best 3 million lines.

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3D Reconstruction - Computer Vision

Reconstructed the 3D trajectory of a ping-pong serve from 3 camera views.

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Find and Seek

Implemented Cmd + F search for videos using Speech-to-text and Optical Character Recognition.

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A chrome extension that secretly tweets your browser activity to demonstrate security issues.

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Frontend only app to visualize a customizable HTML album of your favorite pictures.

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Worth it?

A super quick HTML app that manipulates cost of living data to show you what a few bucks are worth in each city.

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Autodesk Singapore R&D   -   Software Development Intern

May - Oct 2018 (6 months)

Interned with the Design Graph Team of Autodesk R&D Singapore to develop a cloud platform for Machine Learning (ML) solutions to 3D data problems. Evaluated and refined ML algorithms, and contributed to the Software Development process for the supporting cloud infrastructure, following Agile practices.

- Developed features for a cloud computing framework with high data throughput
- Features, bug fixes and testing for API Server
- Languages: JavaScript (Node.Js), Python and C
- Gained experience with Docker, Terraform, Amazon Web Services, Linux ( Virtual/Native), High Frequency Database, RESTful APIs, API Servers, Apigee API Proxy, Cloud Computing Principles

AiTreat Pvt. Ltd   -   Software Development Intern

Dec 2017 - Jan 2018 (1 month)

Explored CMUSphinx project for developing speech to text functionality for robot.

NUS Computing - Undergrad Teaching Assistant

Aug 2017 - Dec 2017 (5 months)

Tutored a class of freshman for a programming methodology course and graded assignments and tests. Conducted problem solving and discussion sessions regarding algorithmic thinking, fundamental data structures, pseudo-codes, and program development in C.