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If you are taking CS1010 for AY18/19 Semester 1, please go to here instead. You have stumbled upon the CS1010 website for AY17/18 and before.
  • Welcome to CS1010!

  • Quick access to useful links:

    Dear CS1010 students,

    To prepare for the module, please do the following as soon as possible:

    • Read through the pages on this website.

    • Bring along/remember your NUSNET account-id and password, so that you can log into the computer.

    • Create your UNIX account before week 2. The website is https://mysoc.nus.edu.sg/~newacct/

    • You may also refer to https://docs.comp.nus.edu.sg/node/1517 for other related information, such as what you could do if you forget your UNIX account password.

    • Discussion sessions (tutorials) are conducted in programming labs. You may refer to IVLE to find out where the lab is located. Please arrive there on time.

    • Bring along your matriculation card, as you may need it to gain access into the programming lab for your discussion sessions starting from week 3.
      (Note that the card readers may be deactivated in the first few weeks of class for the convenience of our freshmen. In this case, you can get into the lab without the need of your card. But still, it is better to bring your card along just in case.)
      If your card does not work while everybody else's does, please send an email indicating your matriculation number to smartcardop@comp.nus.edu.sg to inform them of the problem.

    Thanks and the CS1010 team look forwards to meeting you!


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