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Last updated : Friday, 11 August 2006

Welcome to the web page for the course Computer Networks II. This is a practical network course offered for undergraduates in  the School of Computing at the National University of Singapore. Follow our links below to find out what we teach in this course.

Students who are taking this course must make it a habit to check this website regularly for updates. Those who plan to or have just registered for CS3103 are advised to use the references in Week 0 section of Weekly Plan to refresh their knowledge in Ethernet and TCP/IP.

Course Description

This laboratory based course will discuss in detail the TCP/IP protocols, the core of the Internet technology,    It provides an opportunity for students to  interconnect LANs in the laboratory using switches, routers, terminal servers etc. It heavily uses Ethernet and TCP/IP protocols to illustrate how networking and Internet connections are achieved. The Internet technology is revised and reinforced specifically with respect to Internet protocols like IP,TCP,UDP, Routing protocols like OSPF. The dynamics of the TCP protocol is discussed in detail. The course also deals with technologies such as IPv6, IPSec, VPN, IP QoS and Diffserv.

Course Objective
1. Students will be able to hold an intelligent and meaningful conversation on a variety of networking topics.

2. Students will be able to analyze networking requirements, ask proper networking questions, and know where to seek answers to those questions.

3. Students will not necessarily be qualified to design networks, however they would have acquired sufficient knowledge and self-confidence to undertake such tasks after a couple of years of working experience.

Our Objective
Our objective in this practical oriented course is to maximize the educational experience of those students who bring a sincere effort and serious interest in the subject matter to the classroom.

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Last updated : Friday, 11 August 2006