Welcome to CS3215 Software Engineering Project
AY2010/11 - Semester II

All the announcements, updates, course materials, etc. will be placed on this course web site, not on IVLE.  Visit course web site regularly. Use discussion forums on IVLE.

Students and vistors to this web site: You can quickly find out about the approach taken in this project course, and about experiences teaching it in this paper " Teaching an Advanced Design, Team-oriented Software Project Course", published at the 18th Conf. on Software Engineering Education and Training.


January 3, 2011

Programming language for the project is C++.

There have been many changes in Project Handbook and Assignments as compared to last year. Be sure you download up to date copies of handouts via links on this web site.

It is most important to kick off project work early. Start working individually, as early as possible - reading the Handbook and working on Assignment #1. You can do this before you form the team.

First lecture: Monday January 10, 1200-1400 COM1/206.

Team registration

  • Start forming your team now! 
    • Each team should have SIX members. Should you fail to find enough team members, please approach the lecturer during the break of the first lecture. You can also use CS3215's discussion forum in IVLE to find teammates.
    • Choose a leader for your team.
    • Team leader should register the team using online team registration form.  Use your Unix id to login. If you are off-campus, please log on SOC-VPN and then do registration. If you encounter any technical problems,  please contact yinxing@comp.nus.edu.sg.

Deadline for team registration is Wednesday January 12, 11:59pm

We wish you great experience and success in the project course! We hope that you will enjoy this course and gain valuable experience, and wish you success with your project.

CS3215 Instructors

December 28, 2010

Welcome to CS3215, AY 2010/11 -Semester II

Programming language for this term is C++.

Lectures:   Mon 1200-1400 COM1/206.

Full course information and course materials will be posted on this web site before the beginning of the semester.

Wish you great experience and success in the project course!

Stan Jarzabek