Numerical Software / Libraries
  Matlab Optimization Toolbox
  Numerical Recipes: C/C++ libraries for numerical algorithms
  GSL: GNU Scientific Library for numerical algorithms (in C/C++)
  VNL: C++ algorithms for matrices, vectors, decompositions, optimisers
  TAUCS: C library for efficient sparse linear solvers
  Netlib: FORTRAN mathematical software, papers, and databases
Computer Vision Software / Libraries
  Matlab Image Processing Toolbox
  OpenCV: Open Source Computer Vision Library (in C)
  VXL: C++ Libraries for Computer Vision
  ITK: Insight Segmentation and Registration Toolkit (in C++)
Computer Graphics Software / Libraries
  VGL: C++ algorithms for computation with points, curves and elementary objects
    in 1, 2 or 3 dimensions
  OpenMesh: computational geometry data structure and algorithms
  CGAL: computational geometry algorithms library
  VTK: The Visualization Toolkit for visualizing 2D and 3D images and models
3D Model Viewer
  Geomview 3D Model Viewer
  Quick3D 3D Model Viewer
Dicom (Medical) File Reader
  Dicom support for MATLAB Image Processing Toolbox
3D Protein Viewer
  RasWin (RasMol for Windows)
Software available in
Graphics Lab, Media Lab 1, Computer Vision Lab
  Khoros Pro 2001 and Cantata
  Intel Open Source Computer Vision Library
  MATLAB (with image processing, signal processing, and optimization toolboxes)
  3D Studio Max: 3D modeling and animation
  Maya: 3D modeling and animation
Reference Books and Manuals
  Cantata (Khoros Visual Programming Environment)
  Learning OpenCV

Last updated: 7 Jan 2009