Selected topics in the following list will be taught. We will try to match the topics to the students' research areas.

Problem Formulation
    formal problem definition, ideal solutions, problem solving, performance evaluation

Vector Space Approach
    vector space representation, principal compoments, dimensionality reduction, Gaussian mixture,
    matching in vector space

Exemplar-Based Approach
    exemplars, non-Euclidean distance measures, nearest-neighbor method, k-medoids clustering

Rigid Model Approach
    rigid and affine transformations for 3D objects, 3D object warping, 3D object matching

Deformable Model Approach
    warping, elastic snakes and superquadrics, energy minimization method,
    active shape model, active appearance model, level set, Laplacian deformation

Video Analysis
    tracking, Kalman filtering, particle filtering, dynamic time warping

Discrete Model Approach
    graph model, best-matching subgraph, bipartite graph algorithm, subgraph isomorphism,
    conceptual graphs, fuzzy conceptual graphs, error-correcting subgraph isomorphism

Putting Things Together...
    similarities and differences, strengths and weaknesses, relating to other methods,
    integrating various approaches

Last updated: 7 Jan 2009