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I am a Senior Lecturer here at the School of Computing (SoC), National University of Singapore. I graduated with a Master of Science (MSc.) in February 2000 and a PhD in July 2004 from the National University of Singapore.

My current research interests include defeasible reasoning, belief functions, speech recognition and dialog systems. My publication list may be found here.

Teaching Activities

CS2105 Computer Networks I (Semester 1, 2005/06)

CS3220 Computer Architecture (Semester 1, 2005/06)

CS1104 Revision Notes

SCPU Simulator (You need this to make sense of Lecture 15 through 18. MS Windows 98 and better needed, 1024x768 resolution)

Hypercube Broadcast Program

CS2271 Embedded Systems (Semester 2, 2004/05)


CS1104 Computer Organization (Semester 1, 2004/05)


CS1101C Programming Methodology in C (Semester 2, 2003/04)


CS3243 Fundamentals of AI  (Semester 1, 2003/04)

CS3220 Computer Architecture  (Semester 1, 2003/04)

Tutorial 2 Unofficial Solution

Notes on EPIC Architecture

Tutorial 4 Unofficial Solution

CS2105 Data Communication (Semester 2, 2002/03)

UDP Quotes Server

UDP Timeout Demo

CS2105 Lab Grades

CS3220 Computer Architecture (Semester 1, 2002/03)

Tutorial 6 Longer Solution

Tutorial 8 Longer Solution

Tutorial 11 Longer Solution

Q&A Part I now available here.

Q&A Part II is  here.

Q&A  Part III is here

CS1104 Computer Organization and Architecture (Semester 2, 2001/02)

Semester II 2001/02 Help Session Notes (Click on BACK to return to this page)

CS2106 Fundamentals of Operating Systems

CS2106 Tutorial 1 Answers for question 5 and 6

Explanation of implementation of Counting Semaphore using Binary Semaphore

Explanation of implementation of Monitor using Semaphores

Answers for Tutorial 3

CS2271 Introduction to Embedded Systems

Adder32.c - A 32-bit adder implemented using 4-bit blocks

Research Activities

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Personal Stuff 

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Contacting Me:
Snail Mail: Department of Computer Science,
School of Computing,
National University of Singapore,
Computing 1,
Law Link,
Singapore 117590.
Office: Computing 2 (COM2),
Law Link,
Singapore 117590.
Tel: 065-6516-7352
E-mail: alias #=@; alias !=.; ctank # comp ! nus ! edu ! sg
Geek Code: GCS d- s+:++ a C UL++S+ P L++ E--- W++ N++ w--- PS--- PE+++ PGP++ DI++++ G+ e++++  h--- r+++ y?