Recipes! *8=p....

Welcome to my recipes page. I cook by estimation rather than by measurements, so the measurements given may be a little off. The dishes in each section are listed (roughly) in the order of chicken, pork, seafood and vegetable. 

Dishes containing pork and pork products are marked (P).


Chinese cooking  is great for beginners; The recipes are relatively simple and use few ingredients.

Kampong Chicken

Chicken Rice

Claypot Chicken Rice

Steamed Chicken

Cheer-Cheer Chicken

Kong Bak (P)

Pan-fried Pig Liver (P)

Fishball Tang Hoon

Fried Rice

Chye-poh Egg

Chicken Rice (vegetarian)

Fried Tofu Balls

Kailan with Oyster Sauce

Ketola with Egg and Tang Hoon


Malay and Peranakan cuisine  is, in my opinion, the king of all cuisines. Nothing any fine dining restaurant serves can top the intricate flavours of a Peranakan or Malay meal! They can be a little challenging and time-consuming to put together though. I prefer the more Malay types of Peranakan food. Here I've left out classics like Ayam Buah Keluak, Babi Pongtay, Hati Babi Bungkus, Itek Sio and Itek Tim, largely because  they're too much trouble. Perhaps another time, yah? 

Rempah Titek

Nonya Sambal

Ayam Kecap

Kari Ayam (Peranakan/Chinese)

Kari Ayam (Malay)

Ayam Merah

Kari  Kapitan

Devil Curry

Babi Tempera (P)

Sambal Sotong

Kari Ikan

Sambal Ikan

String Beans with chye-poh sambal

Kangkong Blacan


I don't do too much Indian cooking. It stinks up the rest of my (tiny) apartment, and in any case I prefer the more delicate flavours of Malay and Peranakan food.

Gosht Dopiazah (spicy beef curry)

Chicken Curry

Tarkar Dhal (Lentils)

Aloo Bogar (Potato Curry)

Tamatar ka Salan (Tomato Curry)

Bhindhi Bhajji (Okra Curry)

Pilao (Spiced Rice)


I find Western Food much too plain, but great for a change once in a (long) while.

Honey and Parsley Chicken

Chicken Stew

Creole-style Chicken Stew  (Untested!)

Spaghetti Bolognese

BBQ Ribs (P)

Fast Hawaiian Pizza (P)

Salmon with White-Wine and Lemon Cream Sauce

Salmon with honey-lemon sauce

Baked Salmon

Potato Salad

Bubble and Squeak

English-style Pancakes

Pancakes with Mushrooms