APACHE SINGA 1.0 released

September 09, 2016

Apache SINGA is now a distributed machine learning engine, and Version 1.0 (a major change from v 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3) has just been released:

Release notes

APACHE SINGA 1.0 is released On 9 Sep 2016.

NEW features include:

  • Tensor abstraction for supporting more machine learning models
  • Device abstraction for running on different hardware devices, including CPU, (Nvidia/AMD) GPU and FPGA
  • Replace GNU autotool with cmake for compilation
  • Support Mac OS
  • Improve Python binding, including installation and programming
  • More deep learning models, including VGG and ResNet
  • More IO classes for reading/writing files and encoding/decoding data
  • Replace website building tool from maven to Sphinx
  • Integrate Travis-CI