Personal Info: Australian citizen. Born in Tianjin PRC.

Personal Interests and Activities

Tennis (the main game these days). I am a registered tennis coach and my students are my 3 children (like to help other kids whenever I have free time), but the results are very good. In the Singapore national ranking (May 2013), both my boys Jie (15) and Chen (10) ranked #1 in singles in the 16U age group and 12U age group; it may be the first time two brothers ranked both national #1 at the same time in Singapore tennis history. Recently, my daughter Tianyu (8 yrs old) has become Singapore national junior 10U singles champion in June 2014 (without losing a set) and has also reached national #1 position for her age group. In 2015, Jie helped his high school won Australian High School Championship and represent Austrlia in the World High School Championship in Doha. In 2018, Chen (15) has reached #1 position in Australian national ranking for 16s and played #1 singles position for Australia in Junior Davis Cup and won deciding match against #1 player from China in the final qualify round. He also played in the main draw in 2018, 2019 and 2020 Australian Open Junior Grand Slams (see Chen Dong's brief profile). During Austrlian Open 2020, Chen practised with World #1 Djokovic . Recently, Chen received the NCAA scholarlship at G. Tech. I also developed the first Markov Decision Process (MDP) models for tennis strategy analysis in PAT verification system (formal methods is applied to sports for the first time). The system has started in helping professional tennis players in their pre-match strategy preparation.

Other hobbies include competitive tennis (current member of NUS staff representing team; past member of UQ student representing team) and Ice Hockey (past member of Brisbane Ice Hockey team). Teaching kids roller hockey:
Jie is defending, Jie is fighting back (avi file) ,
`Blance': family match (Jie-Mum vs Chen-Dad), Chen-Dad attacking (avi file) ,
spins and jumps .

Rollerblade-Tennis. (This is an old news). I would like to promote a new combined sport, rollerblade-tennis (or inline-tennis). I believe you can have more powerful shots as you're smoothly turning into the ball and put more body weight into your shots. Of course stopping is a bit of problem, so the rule is to allow second bounce for the drop shots :-) Mixing tennis with roller blading together is a great fun!! Have a look some of my own inline tennis action shots taken in Dec 1994. I'd like to find out who else in the world is also interested in this new game. My best inline-tennis partners are my cousin Ray Young and Dr. Dave Matthews, we played in Brisbane and in Canberra many years ago (we would like to claim that we invented this game --- challenge :-)). A recent inline tennis video against my daughter