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LocalRecipes emphasis on easy recipe on Homemade Singapore Food. You’ll find ideas for easiest-ever weekday meals, inspiration for relaxed weekend entertaining, plus more challenging cookery projects to stretch your skills. We triple-test all our recipes so you can be 100% certain they’ll work first time – and they're all nutritionally focus to help you enjoy a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

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Grab & Go

Quick with time saving and eating better in no time!

Toast Kaya Bread, Popiah, etc.

5 min Beginner

Simple and Light

Switch things up with a lighter option!

Mee Hun Kuey, Singapore Noodles, etc.

20 min Intermediate

Fun Trying & satisfying

You will never regert if you challenge it

Nasi Lemak, Rendang Chicken, etc.

120 min Advance

Cook Tips

How to cook a poached egg?

  • 1) Crack your egg ...
  • 2) Bring a pan...
  • Ingredients
  • Eggs, Vinegar, Water


How to cook Quick and Easy Healthy Dinner?

  • 20 mins
  • Flexible
  • 3 dishes 1 soup
  • Nutrition Fact


LocalRecipes Features

Cooks Facts

Preparation of Ingredients, Additional Tips to advoid food waste

Good Hygine and Food Safety

Wash before cook, Preparation of Uncooked Food

Homemade Food Nutrition Fact

Sustainable food choices and low-cost food choices without sacrifice of nutrition

Master Your Cooking Skills

Homemade Singapore Local Foods all at your fingers tip

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