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Computational thinking is increasingly being recognised as a fundamental problem solving method for everyone. Computational thinking involves problem formulation, solution development, and solution analysis, with a focus on computation and computational tools. This module emphasises the computational thinking thought process and the communication of the process and the solutions, rather than implementation of the solution on a computer. Students learn to apply omputational thinking to solve problems and discover new questions that can be explored within and across disciplines. Students are assumed to already possess elementary critical thinking and logical thinking aptitudes, which are practised in this module.
Learning Outcomes
Computational thinking (CT) is an important 21st century skill and a fundamental method for solving complex problems. CT involves problem formulation, abstraction, decomposition, pattern recognition, and algorithm design. This module emphasizes the thinking process, and the communication and substantiation of the process, rather than focusing on coding. Students learn to apply CT to understand and solve everyday problems within an across disciples. Students learn to leverage on CT to ask new questions, to formulate new problems, and develop new solutions.

As this module is about the thinking process, you don't need to know anything about programming or coding to take this module. Moreover, we don't expect you to become an expert problem solver after taking just one module. Even experts take years of continuous practice and improvement to become experts. Therefore, the emphasis of this module is on learning and practicing the proper, guided thinking process, rather than how good is the solution that you come up with.

Please refer to LumiNUS GET1031 / GEI1000 for more details.

COVID-19 & Room Constraints
Due to COVID-19 and room constraints, tutorial discussions and project presentations will likely be conducted over Zoom.
Lecturers / TA
A/Prof. Leow Wee Kheng
Email: leowwk@comp.nus.edu.sg
Office: AS6 #05-07
A/Prof. Leong Hon Wai
Email: leonghw@comp.nus.edu.sg
Office: COM1-03-17

06 July 2022