CS3242  3D Modelling and Animation

Workload: 2-1-1-3-3

Pre-Requisite: CS3241, PC1221, MA1521and MA1101R

Modular Credits:  4.0



This module aims to provide fundamental concepts in 3D modeling and animation. It also serves as a bridge to advanced media modules. After taking this module, students should be able to use these concepts to easily build or work with digital models, manipulate the models by means of computer deformation and animation, and use lighting and rendering techniques to create appealing scenes. Topics include coordinate spaces, transforms, 3D model representations, hierarchical structures, deformation, procedural modelling, particle systems, character animation, shading networks, lighting, and scripting concepts.


Student Learning Outcomes

At the end of the module, the students should be able to:

1.       Understand the fundamental concepts, mathematical formulation and algorithms of 3D modeling and animation.

2.       Design and implement medium size software of 3D modeling and animation.

3.       Conduct research and development in 3D modeling and animation.


Course Assessment

Students will be assessed on:

CA components:

(i) Projects


(ii) Mid term test


Total for CA:


Total for Final Examinations:


Total Assessment:












1.       ACM SIGGRAPH course notes and research papers in 3D modelling and animation.

2.       Peter Shirley, Michael Ashikhmin, Steve Marschner, Third Edition: Fundamentals of Computer Graphics, A K Peters/CRC Press.

3.       Rick Parent, Computer Animation, Third Edition: Algorithms and Techniques, the Morgan Kaufmann Series in Computer Graphics.

4.       Alan Watt, Mark Watt, Advanced Animation and Rendering Techniques, Addison Wesley.

Teaching Assistants

2008 Tan Shao Yun, 2007 Lin Jiahao and Hu Sixing

Course Materials