Managerial Economics

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The following cases are made available on the condition that you use them in their entirety, without any modification.  For more recent cases, please click here.



Mixi vs Facebook, 2013

Strategic thinking; network effects; Japan

Genzyme, 2011

Strategic thinking; life sciences

Japan: HDTV, 2008

Strategic thinking; sunk costs; demand; Japan

StarHub: English Premier League, 2008

Demand; costs; pricing; Singapore

Hanshin Electric Railway, 2007

Strategic behaviour; economies of scope; Japan

Water, 2007

Pricing; incentives; Canada, USA

Delhi Noida Direct Flyway, 2006

Elasticity; demand; India

Gerbang Perdana, 2006

Strategic behaviour; sunk cost; Malaysia; Singapore

Airbus vs Boeing (B), 2006

Experience curve; manufacturing; second-sourcing; strategic behavior; airlines

BHP Billiton: Iron Ore for China, 2006

Market power; direct price segmentation; steel; iron; Australia; China

Airbus vs Boeing, 2006

Experience curve; manufacturing;  economies of scope; strategic behavior; airlines

Posco: A New Steel Plant in India, 2005

Strategic behavior; steel; India

Air New Zealand: Out-Sourcing Maintenance, 2005

Strategic behavior; incentives; New Zealand

Westpac New Zealand: Employee Incentives, 2005

Incentives; New Zealand

CapitaMall Trust: Renewing Leases at IMM, 2004

Incentives; screening; Singapore

Resolving China's Power Shortage, 2004

Demand; elasticity; cost; incentives; regulation; energy; China

Sinopec Corporation: Two Billion Yuan Question, 2004

Transfer pricing; incentives; organization; energy; China

China’s Quiet Export: Children, 2004

Adverse selection; regulation; gender; China

SARFT Regulation 17 and China’s Beer Market, 2004

Advertising; pricing; competition; regulation; beer; China

Professor Luis Cabral's mini-cases.