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Professor Dr. Jorge Sanz has over 30 years of applied and industrial research as well as extensive experience working with global corporations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. He has specialized in Financial Services and Advanced Manufacturing, working in the past also with Telecommunications companies and Government enterprises.

Jorge's research interests are in multidisciplinary topics found in the interplay of business-legal-operations-technology domains. His work focuses on business transformation, business analytics, legal cognitive and regulatory systems and cloud-based highperformance big-data applications.

From a cross-industry perspective, Jorge conducts research on analytical modelling, business componentization for industry operations in seeking for new economies-of-scale, business innovation through accelerating the adoption of digital solutions, with applications in front-office, back-office and enterprise performance management. He specializes in predictive models for large data sets and infrastructure for data-centric computing applied to different lines-of-business such as Finance and Accounting, Regulatory Compliance and Legal, Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Operations and Quality Assurance.

Jorge has worked at different times in IBM, for over 20 years at the IBM Research Division in Silicon Valley, California, and also as Director on different international assignments in Latin America and Singapore. He has been Global Chief Innovation Officer in Banking for IBM for the past five years, thus rounding 18 years of innovation efforts in the finance industry.

In academic terms, Jorge has held different professorial positions at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, leading to a Full Professor appointment in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in 1993. He was also the Founding Director of the Business Analytics Centre at the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2013, leading an analytics program that became topbranded in Asia-Pacific and among the most successful ones worldwide. Earlier, he was President of the University of Saint Andrews in Argentina. All in all, Jorge dedicated several decades to work with over 350 students in different business, legal and information technology areas not only through teaching and doing research but also, mentoring and coaching undergraduates and graduates passionately.

Jorge has been a Fellow of the IEEE Society for over 25 years. In July 2010, he got an IBM Corporate Award for , which generated over 2 billion dollars in service revenues. In May 2016, he received a Corporate Award from 17 global enterprises for leadership, innovation and contribution to operations in Asia-Pacific. In April 2017, he got a Corporate Recognition from NUS Business School and NUS School of Computing for outstanding leadership and dedicated service.

Jorge founded, and is leading today, the first applied research Centre in Luxembourg on Finance Innovation Technology and Systems, hosted by the Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). He also conducts applied research on selected Industry 4.0 and Regulatory and Legal Technology topics as a Scientific Director in LIST with a number of companies and regulators in Europe. He leads a group of over 30 applied researchers, experts in key transformational and interdisciplinary competences.

He also holds a joint appointment as Professor at the School of Computing and Business School in the National University of Singapore (on leave).