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Min Suk Kang

I am an assistant professor of Computer Science Department, School of Computing at National University of Singapore. My research interests lie in the field of network and distributed systems security, blockchain security, and IoT network security.

I obtained my PhD degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2016 under the supervision of Virgil D. Gligor in CyLab. I received BS and MS degrees in EECS at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in 2006 and 2008, respectively.

  • We have multiple positions open: PhD students and graduate/undergraduate interns, thanks to generous funding from Singtel, MOE, Crystal Center, and III, Taiwan.
  • If you are interested, please send me an email with your cv and schedule a call or a meeting.


  • (11/2019) I will be serving as a PC at ACM CCS 2020 and IEEE ICDCS 2020.
  • (10/2019) Muoi Tran (4th-year PhD) has won the 2019 Microsoft Research Asia Fellowship. Congrats to Muoi!
  • (10/2019) Our recent work on DoS against Open vSwitches is accepted for presentation at the Open vSwitch 2019 Fall Conference. Congrats to Levente! paper
  • (09/2019) I was invited to give a talk on DDoS/Bitcoin attacks at KAIST, DGIST, Postech, Korea Univ, Tsinghua Univ. Talk slides can be found here.
  • (09/2019) Our paper on a novel Denial-of-Service attack against Open vSwitches has been accepted to ACM CoNEXT 2019. Congrats to Levente!
  • (09/2019) Institute for Information Industry (III), Taiwan funded our work on 5G security. Thanks III!
  • (08/2019) Our Erebus Bitcoin attack project webpage has been revamped! Please check this out.
  • (08/2019) Muoi Tran (4th-year PhD) receives Dean’s Graduate Research Excellence Award. Congrats to Muoi!
  • (07/2019) I was invited to give a talk on Bitcoin and 5G attacks at III, Taiwan.
  • (07/2019) Our paper on a Stealthy Partitioning Attack against Bitcoin has been accepted to IEEE S&P 2020. Congrats to Muoi, Inho, Gi Jun, Viet-Anh! paper
  • (05/2019) Muoi Tran (3rd-year PhD) has been awarded President’s Graduate Fellowship (PGF). Congrats to Muoi!
  • (03/2019) Our paper on Verifiable In-network Filtering for DDoS Defense has been accepted to IEEE ICDCS 2019. Congrats to Deli and Muoi!
  • (03/2019) Our paper on Detecting Surveillance Camera Looping Attacks via Wi-Fi has been accepted to ACM WiSec 2019. Congrats to Nitya!
  • (12/2018) Our paper on Transit-link DDoS Attacks and Defenses has been accepted to IEEE S&P 2019. Congrats to Muoi! (Link to the paper)
  • (12/2018) I gave a talk at University of Central Florida on new approaches to DDoS defenses.
  • (08/2018) Our paper on Bitcoin mixer has been accepted to ACSAC 2018. Congrats to Muoi!
  • (08/2018) I joined Crystal Centre as a Co-PI.
  • (08/2018) I chaired the Panel Discussion on Blockchain and Its Applications at SecureComm’18.
  • (06/2018) NUS-Singtel Corp Lab funded our work on Collaborative DDoS Defense. Thanks Singtel!
  • (05/2018) Muoi Tran joined IBM Blockchain Singapore for his Summer internship.
  • (05/2018) NUS-Singtel Corp Lab funded our work on Network Virtualization for IoT Security. Thanks Singtel!
  • (04/2018) I gave a talk at Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium on our DDoS defense system.
  • (03/2018) I gave a invited talk at APAN45 Network Security Session on our DDoS defense system.
  • (03/2018) Inkyu Bang was awarded (USD 35,000) for IoT Wireless Security from National Research Foundation of Korea. Congrats Inkyu!
  • (02/2018) MOE Tier-1 Grant awarded for IoT Wireless Security.
  • (01/2018) Muoi Tran was awarded I&E Practicum@SoC (S$10,000 grant!) for his start-up idea.
  • (11/2017) Invited talk at IETF 100 Security Area Advisory Group slides


  • PhD Students
  • PostDoc Researchers
    • Dr. Jehyun Lee
    • Dr. Levente Csikor
  • Research Assistants
    • Andre Pousinho
    • Xin Zhe Khooi
  • Former members
    • Anh V. Vu (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
    • Gunwoo Kim (Postech)
    • Videet Singhai (Carnegie Mellon University)
    • Deli Gong (Zilliqa)
    • Waqar Ahmad (PhD student at Tsinghua University)
    • Inkyu Bang (Agency for Defense Development, South Korea)
    • Gi Jun Moon (Korea University)
    • Inho Choi (Yonsei University)
    • Jun Seung Lee (Seoul National University)
    • Junhee Lee (Sejong University)
    • Hyowan Park (Sejong University)
    • Seunghun Kim (Sejong University)
    • Soyeon Park (currently PhD at Georgia Tech)
    • Seunghoon Woo (currently PhD at Korea Univ)
    • Weichuan Tan (Master at NUS)
    • Victor Nguyen (Master at NUS)
    • Jungki Min (from Korea Univ)
    • Dong Sung Kim (from Korea Univ)


  • Email: kangms (at) comp.nus.edu.sg
  • Office: COM2 #03-58
  • Phone: (+65) 6601 1053