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Last updated: Thu Mar 17 09:49:54 SGT 2011 Added HW4.

You'll need to submit your homework submissions to the IVLE workbin by the deadline mentioned on the detailed homework page (see links on the left). Make sure that you read the late policy for submissions; the deadlines are very strict (i.e., the penalties are very severe)! They are there so that you can have your assignments finished by certain time so you can go forward with your other coursework (and I know you are very busy). Also make sure that you read and obey the correct format and naming for your executables, documentation and example files.

Any deviations from these standards cause headaches when grading (and we know you don't want to give us a headache when we're grading *your* assignment, right? :-)

There will be 5 homework assignments for this course, each spanning roughly two weeks. The tutorial on the assigned topic is usually taught during the 2nd week of the homework assignment. Your grade will be assessed on your best 4 of the 5 assignments, so you can plan your schedule accordingly. You do not have to declare which assignment is your best 4; it will be done automatically for you*

  1. Homework #1 - URL classification
  2. Homework #2 - Boolean Retrieval
  3. Homework #3 - Indexing
  4. Homework #4 - Vector Space Model
  5. Homework #5 - IR Evaluation

Currently all homework assignments are individual homework assignments. Later assignments, may be adjusted to be group projects, based on how the class goes.

* Incidents of cheating that result in a low mark for an assignment will not be eligible to drop that assignment mark.

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