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N.B.: This course is finished. See the project or the syllabus tabs for class notes and past project presentations.

We will be using the Integrated Virtual Learning Environment (IVLE) for forum discussions, announcements, and other temporally-sensitive materials. Basic course administration, lecture and tutorial notes will be available on this publicly-accessible webpage.

Module Description: This module is targeted to advanced undergraduates and beginning graduate students who wish to understand real-world issues in building, using and maintaining large volumes of information in digital libraries. The course will extend the notion of digital libraries to encompass technologies suitable for the world wide web.

Fundamentals of modern information retrieval will first be taught, with a particular focus on how this fundamental technology is merged with traditional information finding skills of the librarian / cataloger / archivist.

Students will round out their knowledge with case studies of how different disciplines (e.g. music, arts, medicine and law) impose different search, usability and maintenance requirements on the digital library.

Course Characteristics:

Aims and objectives of this course:

Note to NUS-external visitors: Welcome! If you're a fellow digital libraries course instructor looking for lecture material, you can see the syllabus menu item on the left for a preview. Please contact me if you'd like to use any of my material. Thanks!

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