C. Service

C.1       University Service


Although not required for my tenure dossier, I include this section as in my opinion, I have performed a notable amount of service for my current rank.  My service also is centered on the same subjects as my research: dissemination of scholarly academic research (especially C.1.a.2 and C.2.a.1)

(a)                    University Service


(b)                    Departmental Service

(c)                    Visitors Hosted

C.2       Service to International Academic Community

(a)                    International Organization



C.3       Service to Professional groups / Industry

(a)                    Professional Groups


In progress / Planned

C.4       Supplemental Documentation

With respect to my service on the University Level on the NUS UCEP Student Feedback Committee, I was congratulated on my service by the chair of the committee, Prof. KP Mohanan.


from    Mohanan, Karuvannur P (ELL) <ellkpmoh@nus.edu.sg>

to      kanmy@comp.nus.edu.sg,

Vincent Ooi <vinceooi@nus.edu.sg>, Yow Chea Keng <cceyowck@nus.edu.sg>,

"Ng Hwee Tou (SoC)" <nght@comp.nus.edu.sg>,

"QUEK, Ser Aik" <bizundergrad@nus.edu.sg>

date    Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 7:17 PM

subject UCEP discussion on SF profiles


Dear all,


This is to report to you that the UCEP discussion of the work on SF

profiles went well. They were quite impressed by our contribution.


In my presentation, I invited their attention to what the profiles

show, namely, the need to revamp the SF questions such that students

reflect on their learning experience instead of evaluating the

teacher. (See the attached ppt slides.) They were quite convinced. I

also raised the question of whether phase 2 of the project should

start now, or after the SF is revamped. The consensus was that the

latter option would be the best.


What that means is that as far as we are concerned, our work has been

successfully completed. Thank you for making this project a success.




from    Mohanan, Karuvannur P (ELL) <ellkpmoh@nus.edu.sg>

to      kanmy@comp.nus.edu.sg

date    Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 7:26 PM

subject Project on qualitative comments in Student Feedback


Dear Min,


As you must have inferred from the discussion at the meeting today,

the University Committee for Educational Policy is quite pleased with

the project on qualitative comments in student feedback. The project

is now successfully completed.  This would not have been possible but

for the dedication of the members of the student research team Kyaw

Zaw Lin,  Aye Maung,  Thet Lin Thu,Koh Qian Yu, and Kevin Lim. I would

like to thank them, but I don't have their email addresses, so I would

be grateful if you could forward this message to them. In particular,

please thank Zaw Lin for me.



Professor K. P. Mohanan

Chair, Research Team on SF

UCEP member