Algorithms for Next-Generation Sequencing

Wing-Kin Sung


Advances in sequencing technology have allowed scientists to study the human genome in greater depth and on a larger scale than ever before. But what are the best ways to deal with this flood of data?

Algorithms for Next-Generation Sequencing is an invaluable tool for students and researchers in bioinformatics and computational biology, who seek to process and manage the data generated by next-generation sequencing, and as a textbook or a self-study resource. In addition to offering an in-depth description of the algorithms for processing sequencing data, it also presents useful case studies describing the applications of this technology.


slides/Chapter Topic slides
2NGS file formats
3Related algorithms and data structures
4NGS read mapping
5Genome assembly pdf
6Single nucleotide variation (SNV) calling pdf
7Structural variation calling
9Peak calling methods
10Data compression techniques used in NGS files

Programming Projects


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