Algorithms in Bioinformatics: A Practical Introduction

Wing-Kin Sung


Algorithms in Bioinformatics: A Practical Introduction is a textbook which introduces algorithmic techniques for solving bioinformatics problems. The book assumes no prior knowledge of biology. This book is suitable for students at advanced undergraduate and graduate levels to learn algorithmic techniques in bioinformatics.

The textbook covers most of the current topics in bioinformatics. For each topic, an in-depth biological motivation is given and the corresponding computation problems are precisely defined. Different methods and the corresponding algorithms are also provided. Furthermore, the book gives detailed examples to illustrate each algorithm. At the end of each chapter, a set of exercises is provided for the students to be familiar with the topics.


slides/Chapter Topic slides
1Introduction to Molecular Biology pdf
2Sequence Similarity pdf
3Suffix Tree pdf
4Genome alignment pdf
5Database search pdf
6Multiple Sequence Alignment pdf
7Phylogeny Reconstruction pdf
8Phylogeny Comparison pdf
9Genome Rearrangement pdf
10Motif Finding pdf
11RNA secondary structure prediction pdf
12Peptide Sequencing pdf
13Population genetics pdf

Programming Projects


If you have any suggestions for improvement or if you identify any errors in the book, please send an email to me at I thanks in advance for your help to improve the book.

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