CS2220: Introduction to Computational Biology

2014/2015 Semester 1

Lecture Time: Thurs (9:00am to 11:00am), SR@LT19

Tutorial Time: Thurs (11:00am to 12:00nn), SR@LT19

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Lecturer: Sung Wing Kin, Ken and Li Xiaoli
Email: ksung@comp.nus.edu.sg and xlli@i2r.a-star.edu.sg

Aim and Objective

The aim of this course is three folds. First, this course provides an overview of some common computation techniques used in the field of bioinformatics, including similarity operations, clustering and classification techniques, and techniques in gene recognition. Second, the basic theory behind all these techniques will be covered. Last but not the least, throughout the course, we hope the students can appreciate the role of bioinformaticians, that is, the bridge between computer science and biology.

Recommended Prerequisites

Supplementary Readings

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Syllabus (Tentative)

Week No. Date Topics lecturer
1 14 Aug 2014 Introduction and sequence comparison Ken
2 21 Aug 2014 Database Search Ken
3 28 Aug 2014 Phylogenetic Ken
4 4 Sept 2014 Phylogenetic and Multiple sequence alignment Ken
5 11 Sept 2014 Homology Interpretation Ken
6 18 Sept 2014 Mutation finding by Next generation sequencing Ken
7 2 Oct 2014 Knowledge discovery techniques Xiaoli
8 9 Oct 2014 Knowledge discovery techniques Xiaoli
9 16 Oct 2014 Gene Feature Xiaoli
10 23 Oct 2014 Gene Expression Xiaoli
11 30 Oct 2014 Gene Expression Xiaoli
12 6 Nov 2014 Gene finding Xiaoli
13 13 Nov 2014 Project presentation Ken/Xiaoli
1 Dec 2014 (evening) Exam