Lee Wee Sun

Lee Wee Sun

Head of Department
Department of Computer Science
Computing 1
13 Computing Drive
Singapore 117417
Republic of Singapore

Brief Biography

Office: AS6 5-04
Phone: +65 6516 4526
Fax: +65 6779 4580


CS4246/CS5446 AI Planning and Decision Making (Semester 1 2020)
CS5339 Theory and Algorithms for Machine Learning (Semester 2 2019)

Research Interests

Machine Learning
Planning Under Uncertainty
Approximate Inference


Factor Graph Neural Networks
Tensor Belief Propagation
Higher Order CRF

Conference Organization

Algorithmic Learning Theory and Discovery Science 2013
Asian Conference on Machine Learning 2012
Machine Learning Summer School 2011


Selected Publications
Google Scholar

Group Members

Zhang Zhen (Postdoc)
He Ruidan (PhD Student)
Neha Garg (PhD Student)
Muhammad Rizki Aulia Rahman Maulana (PhD Student)
Siddharth Aravindan (PhD Student)
Mohammed Haroon Dupty (PhD Student)
Su Xuan (RA)
Dixant Mittal (PhD Student)
Chong Yihui (PhD Student)
Goh Yong Liang (PhD Student)
Dong Yanfei (PhD Student)

Previous Group Members

Li Juekun (PhD), XYZ Robotics
Lim Zhan Wei (PhD), Grab
Nguyen Viet Cuong (PhD), Applied Scientist, Amazon Web Services
Ankit Goyal (MSc)
Philip Beh (MSc)
Ye Nan (PhD), Lecturer, University of Queensland
Nguyen Dinh Truong Huy (PhD), Software Engineer, Google
Wang Yi (Postdoc), Principal Technologist, Rolls-Royce
Ngo Anh Vien (Postdoc), Lecturer, Queen's University Belfast
Sylvie Ong (Postdoc), Research Engineer, Nuance Communication
Wu Dan (PhD), Assistant Vice President, Citibank
Lu Wei (PhD), Assistant Professor, Singapore University of Design and Technology
Chieu Hai Leong (PhD), Principal Member of Technical Staff, DSO National Laboratories.
Lim Yew Jin (PhD), Principal Software Engineer, Google Mountain View.
Teh Yee Whye (LKY Postdoc), Professor, University of Oxford
Yin Xinyi (PhD), Founder and CEO, Mozat Pte. Ltd.
Upali Kohomban (PhD), Head of Research, Codegen
Zhang Xinhua (MSc), Researcher, NICTA
Dell Zhang
(Postdoc), Reader, Birbeck College, University of London.
Yu Xiaoxue (MEng) 
Wang Yun Yan (MSc)
Cen Cen (MSc)
Wu Haoran (MSc)

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