Leong Hon Wai, Dept of Computer Science, National University of Singapore

Leong Hon Wai (梁汉槐)

Associate Professor
Dept of Computer Science, School of Computing, and
University Scholars Programme (USP),
National University of Singapore (NUS). (Address at bottom of page)

email,FB: leonghw @ comp.nus.edu.sg
Tel: (+65) 6516-2903     Fax: (+65) 6779-4580
Off: COM1, 03-17 [Directions-to-my-Office]

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My Contact Info

    Leong Hon Wai
    Department of Computer Science
    National University of Singapore
    13 Computing Drive, Block COM1
    Singapore 117417
    Republic of Singapore

    Tel:   (+65) 6516-2903      Fax: (+65) 6779-4580
    email: leonghw @ comp.nus.edu.sg
    Url:   http://www.comp.nus.edu.sg/~leonghw 

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