MMM '98

The International Conference on Multimedia Modeling

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland

October 12 - 15, 1998

Organized by:

Computer Graphics Society

EPFL Computer Graphics Lab (LIG)

University of Geneva (MIRALab)

Sponsored by Silicon Graphics

Final Programme


Aims and Scope
Location and Organization
Technical Sessions
Film Festival
Conference Chairs and Committee

Aims and Scope

As with last year's conference held in Singapore, MMM'98 will provide a forum to discuss the efficient representation, processing, interaction, integration, communication, and retrieval of multimedia information. In particular, MMM'98 will concentrate on common modeling frameworks for integrating the diverse fields of visual, audio, video, and virtual World information. MMM'98 will take place on 12-15 October 1998 in Lausanne.

MMM offers a high quality technical program. Papers were reviewed by an international program committee and 30 have been selected out of 76 submitted. The proceedings of MMM'98 will be published by IEEE CS Press, and will be available internationally after the conference through IEEE and its agents. Papers cover the following topics:

  • Hypermedia
  • Image and Video Retrieval
  • Video-based Multimedia Applications
  • Topological and 3D Geometric Modeling 
  • Authoring and Visualization of Multimedia Information 
  • Networked Multimedia and Virtual Environments
  • Real-time and Interactive Multimedia Applications


Location and Organization

The conference's technical program will be held in EPFL campus, near the beautiful Leman Lake. Lausanne is a true mosaic of history, beauty, and interest. It is a touristic spot with the old town, the Lake, and the Olympic museum. It is also the ideal starting point for a tour of the Alps.
How to get to EPFL
Technical Sessions
8.30-9.30 Registration
9.30-9.45: Welcome address by organizers
Session I: Hypermedia

9.45 - 10.25 Invited speaker 

Meme Media and Meme Market Architectures for the Reediting and Redistribution of Knowledge Resources 
Yuzuru Tanaka 

10.25-10.40: break 


Implementing Adaptability in the Standard Reference Model for Intelligent Multimedia Presentation Systems 
Lloyd Rutledge, Lynda Hardman, Jacco Van Ossenbruggen, Dick C.A. Bulterman 

Formal Specification and Verification of Hypermedia Documents based on the Nested Context Model 
C.A.S. Santos, J.P. Courtiat, L.F.G. Soares, G.L. de Souza 

Meta-Data Modelling for Qualitiy of Service Management in the World Wide Web 
E. Madja, A. Hafid, R. Dssouli, G.v. Bochmann, J. Gecsei 

Session 2: Image and Video Retrieval

11.40 - 12.20 Invited speaker 

Relevance Feedback Techniques for Color-based Image Retrieval 
Tat-Seng Chua 

13.30 - 14.30 

Color Co-Occurrence Descriptors for Querying-by-Example 
Vassili Kovalev, Stephan Volmer 

Multimedia Semantic Features and Image Content Description 
Marc Cavazza, Roger Green 

A distributed video retrieval system utilising broadband network PC's for educational applications 
Franck Van Reeth, Chris Raymaekers, Peter Trekels, Stefan Verkoyen, Eddy Flerackers 

Session 3: Topological and 3D Geometric Modeling I

14.30 - 15.10 Invited speaker 

Topological Dress Making as Fashion Media Modeling 
Tosiyasu L. Kunii, Takao Wachi (I) 

Session 4: Video Based Multimedia Applications I

15.10 - 16.10 

Real-Time 3D Head Motion Estimation 
Tzong-Jer Yang, Fu-Che Wu, Ming Ouhyoung 

Simple Algorithms for Rational Time Speed Playback of a Standard Video Sequence 
Yasuo Nagai, Isao Tonozuka, Eihachiro Nakamae, Katsumi Tadamura 

Computer Generated Still Images Composited with Panned Landscape Video Sequences 
Eihachiro Nakamae, Xueying Qin, Guofang Jiao, Przemyslaw Rokita, Katsumi Tadamura 

16.10 - 16.25 break 

Session 5: Authoring and Visualization of Multimedia Information

16.25 - 17.40

Multiviews Interfaces for Multimedia Authoring Environments 
Muriel Jourdan, Cécile Roisin, Laurent Tardif 

WWW Fisheye-View Graphical Browser 
Débora C. Muchaluat, Rogério F. Rodrigues, Luiz Fernando G. Soares 

Invited speaker

Modeling of and Navigation in Complex 3D Documents
Dieter Fellner

17.45 - 18.45 Welcome cocktail (EPFL)

19.30 - 22.30 Conference Dinner 

Wednesday, October 14

Session 6: Networked Multimedia and Virtual Environments

09.30 - 10.35 

N-TSVS: A Videoconference Tool for Generic Cooperative Groups 
Thierry Villemur, Philippe Owezarski, Michel Diaz 

Object Assignment Strategy for Distributed Multimedia Systems 
Wen-Tsung Chang, Chien-Chiung Hsieh 

Temporal partial order and partial reliability service for distributed multimedia applications 
Luis Rojas-Cárdenas, Patrick Sénac, Laurent Dairaine, Michel Diaz 

10.35 - 10.50 break 

10.50 - 11.35 

Hybrid Participant Embodiments in Networked Collaborative Virtual Environments 
Selim Balcisoy, Daniel Thalmann 

Autonomous Actors in Networked Collaborative Virtual Environments 
Igor S. Pandzic, Tolga S. Capin, Elwin Lee, Nadia Magnenat-Thalamann, Daniel Thalmann 

Session 7: Video Based Multimedia Applications II 

11.35 - 12.15 Invited speaker 

Video-based 3D Human Motion Analysis and Synthesis 
Dimitris Metaxas (I) 

Session 8: Topological and 3D Geometric Modeling II

13.30 - 14.15 

Multi-Resolutional Volume Data Structure for Shape Modeling 
Nobuyuki Umezu, Yoshihisa Shinagawa, Tosiyasu L. Kunii 

A Dual Visualizer Method for Interactive Topology 
Yukata Ohtake, Shûichi Yukata, Tosiyasu L. Kunii 

Session 9: Real-Time and Interactive Multimedia Applications

14.15 - 14.55 Invited speaker 

Operator Interaction with Simple Virtual Objects 
Stephen Ellis 

14.55 - 15.20 

An HDM Interpreter for On-Line Tutorials 
Mario Bochicchio, Paolo Paolini 

15.20 - 15.35 break 

15.35 - 16.55 

Interaction with a Projection Screen Using a Camera-Tracked Laser Pointer 
Carsten Kirstein, Heinrich Müller 

A Virtual Reality Learning Environment Providing Access to Ditigal Museums 
Nikos Kladias, Tassos Pantazidis, Manolis Avagianos 

An MPEG-4 Facial Animation System driven by Synthetic Speech 
Claudio Lande, Gianluca Francini 

Comic Actors Representing Software Agents 
Knut Manske, Rimbert Rudisch

16.55-17.00: Conclusion
Film Festival
Wednesday, October 14

17:15-19:00 " Computer Animation 98 ", the Computer-Generated film Festival of Geneva

Thursday, October 15

9.30 - 12.30 Special lecture

Pictorial Communication: from Spatial Displays to Environmental Instruments
Dr. Steve Ellis, NASA Ames Research

Conference Chairs and Committee

Conference Chair: Daniel Thalmann, (Computer Graphics Lab,  EPFL)

Program Chair: Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (MIRALab, University of Geneva)

Tutorial Chair: Ronan Boulic (Computer Graphics Lab,  EPFL)

Conference Coordinator: Laurent Moccozet (MIRALab, University of Geneva)

Organization and publicity: Zerrin Celebi (Computer Graphics Lab,  EPFL)

Registration and local arrangements: Josiane Bottarelli (Computer Graphics Lab,  EPFL)

International Program Committee:


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