CS5240: Theory and Practice of Multimedia

Semester I, 2008-2009 (Thursdays 6.30 pm - 8.30 pm, SR3 (COM1 02-12))

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General Information

Lecturer: Mohan S Kankanhalli

Lectures: 26 Hours (Thursdays, 6.30pm - 8.30pm, SR3 (COM1 02-12))

Midterm Examination: 9th October, 5.00pm

Aims and Objectives:

This course aims to develop a critical appreciation of the theoretical background as well as the practical issues of multimedia systems.

Brief Description:

This course lays the foundation for graduate students to do research in multimedia: images, videos, speech, graphics and documents. The module covers the main topics common to various multimedia applications, i.e., multimedia representation, processing, and analysis. By teaching the topics together with the computational tools commonly used in multimedia research, it aims to strike a balance between theoretical considerations and practical applications. Upon completion, the students should be able to understand the theoretical foundation of multimedia processing and analysis, and apply computational tools such as Matlab to the processing and analysis of multimedia data.

Grading information:

Midterm Exam: 15% [open book]
Three Assignments: 45%
Project: 40%


Office consultation hours:

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Brief Course Outline

* Introduction to Multimedia Systems (2 hrs)
Motivation; Fundamentals of Multimedia Signal Processing;
* Multimedia Compression (8 hrs)
    Image Compression (3 hrs): Lossless Compression Principles; Lossy Compression;
    Video Compression (3 hrs): Motion Compensation; Object Coding;
    Audio Compression (2 hrs): Differential Coding; Psycho-acoustics;
* Wireless Multimedia (2 hrs)
   Wireless Transmission Losses; Error Concealment;
* Content-based Retrieval (6 hrs)
   Features; Similarity Measures; Image Retrieval; Video Retrieval; Audio retrieval
* Multimedia Summarization (2 hrs)
   Video Summarization; Multimedia Simplification
* Multimedia Surveillance (2 hrs)
   Background Modeling; Object Tracking; Use of Multiple Sensors
* Multimedia Security (2 hrs)
   Watermarking; Forensics;
* Current Issues & Trends (2 hrs)

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Course Material

There will be no textbook for this course. I will provide the supplementary material wherever necessary.

For each lecture, I will email the slides to the whole class a few days before the day of that lecture. So please do subscribe to the class mailing list. In order to subscribe to the class mailing list, please send an email to "cs5240-l-request@comp.nus.edu.sg" with the word "subscribe" in the subject line and with no message. Please do this after the semester starts.

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Assignment Information

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Project Information

The details of the project will be posted here:

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Class Schedule

7th Aug (Week 0): Lecture 0: Course Organization and Logistics   Note: No class so please read the online material (in one slide on one page and four slides on one page formats)

14th Aug (Week 1): Lecture 1: Introduction to Multimedia Systems

21st Aug (Week 2): Lecture 2: Multimedia Compression I

28th Aug (Week 3): Lecture 3: Multimedia Compression II

30th Aug (Week 4): Lecture 4: Multimedia Compression III

4th Sep (Week 5): Lecture 5: Multimedia Compression IV

18th Sep (Week 6): Lecture 6: Wireless Multimedia

25th Sep Semester Break

2nd Oct (Week 7): Lecture 7: Content-Based Retrieval I

9th Oct (Week 8): Lecture 8: Content-Based Retrieval II Note: Mid-Term Exam will be conducted just before the class   5.00pm - 6.00pm @ SR1 (COM1 02-06)

16th Oct (Week 9): Lecture 9: Content-Based Retrieval III

18th Oct (Week 10): Lecture 10: Multimedia Summarization 10.00am - 12.00nn @ SR3 (COM1 02-12)   Note: make-up class for October 30th

23rd Oct (Week 11): Lecture 11: Multimedia Surveillance

6th Nov (Week 12): Lecture 12: Multimedia Security

13th Nov (Week 13): Lecture 13: Current Issues & Trends  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Course FAQ

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