the 18th NOI
National Olympiad in Informatics
7 March 2015, School of Computing, National University of Singapore
18th NOI
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The 12th NOI Results

Top Contestants
First Tan Run Xian Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary)
Second Lee Chu Yong Mark Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary)
Third Vo Thanh Minh Tue NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
Forth Tan Yong Kiam Raffles Institution
Prize for each winner: Apple Mac Mini 2GHz, 1GB memory, 120 GB hard drive.
Top Secondary School Contestants
First Hubert Teo Hua Kian Raffles Institution
Second Yan Kai Di Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary)
Prize for each winner: Apple Time Capsule 500GB (wireless router + network storage).
Special Prize - Youngest Medallist
Marie Chen Li Wen SEC 3, Nanyang Girls' High School
Prize: Western Digital My Book Essential Edition External Hard Drive, 1 TB.
Top Junior Colleges
First Hwa Chong Institution (JC)
Second NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
Top Secondary Schools
First Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary)
Second Raffles Institution


(Names appeared in alphabetical order)

Gold Medalists

  1. Lee Chu Yong Mark, Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary)
  2. Tan Run Xian, Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary)
  3. Tan Yong Kiam, Raffles Institution
  4. Vo Thanh Minh Tue, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
  5. Wong Lin Kit Daniel, Hwa Chong Institution (JC)
  6. Zhao Dan, Hwa Chong Institution (JC)

Silver Medalists

  1. Cao Luu Quang, National Junior College
  2. Huang Geyang, Catholic High School
  3. Hubert Teo Hua Kian, Raffles Institution
  4. Joel Ong Jia Mian, Hwa Chong Institution (JC)
  5. Jonathan Sung Li Jie, Dunman High School
  6. Leow Tze Wei Ian, Anglo-Chinese Junior College
  7. Shen Chuanqi, Raffles Institution
  8. Sun Shuo, Hwa Chong Institution (JC)
  9. Yan Kai Di, Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary)
  10. Zheng Yi, Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary)

Bronze Medalists

  1. Bernando Vialli Suryanto, St Joseph's Institution
  2. Dang An Son , NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
  3. Dao Phuc Quang Tri, Commonwealth Secondary School
  4. Eric Yulianto, Temasek Junior College
  5. Jeremy Kong Liang An, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
  6. Kawisorn Kamtue, Commonwealth Secondary School
  7. Le Minh Tu, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
  8. Li Ang, Raffles Institution
  9. Lim Gan Shun, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
  10. Lin Borui, Maris Stella High School
  11. Low Kah Khang, Raffles Institution
  12. Marie Chen Li Wen, Nanyang Girls' High School
  13. Muhammad Fazli B. Sapuan, Pioneer Junior College
  14. Poh Yong Chiang, Dunman High School
  15. Quan Chengzhang, Hwa Chong Institution (JC)
  16. Seah Chen Yi Jarrel, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
  17. See Liang Hui, River Valley High School
  18. Sim Rong Kai Gabriel, Fuhua Secondary School
  19. Trinh Duc Minh, Tampines Junior College
  20. Vincent Huang Jiahao, Raffles Institution
  21. Wan Zu Hao, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
  22. Wang Duo, Dunman High School
  23. Yeow Pei Zhuang, Raffles Girls' School (Secondary)
  24. Yuan Yiyang, Temasek Secondary School

Medal Tally

School Category Gold Silver Bronze
Anglo-Chinese Junior College JC 1
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) SS
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) JC 3
Catholic High School SS 1
Chung Cheng High School (Main) SS
Commonwealth Secondary School SS 2
Dunman High School JC 1 1
Dunman High School SS 1
Fuhua Secondary School SS 1
Hwa Chong Institution (JC) JC 2 2 1
Hwa Chong Institution (Secondary) SS 2 2
Kent Ridge Secondary School SS
Maris Stella High School SS 1
Nanyang Girls' High School SS 1
National Junior College JC 1
NUS High School of Mathematics and Science JC 1 3
NUS High School of Mathematics and Science SS
Pioneer Junior College JC 1
Raffles Girls' School (Secondary) SS 1
Raffles Institution JC 1 2
Raffles Institution SS 2 1
River Valley High School JC 1
River Valley High School SS
St Joseph's Institution SS 1
Tampines Junior College JC 1
Temasek Junior College JC 1
Temasek Secondary School SS 1
Victoria Junior College JC
Yishun Junior College JC
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