the 15th NOI
National Olympiad in Informatics
3 March 2012, School of Computing, National University of Singapore
15th NOI
Rules & Regulations
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About NOI
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Eligibility and Prizes

NOI Policies

  1. Limit on number of contestants from each school
    Each school may send in at most five (5) participants in each of the junior college and secondary school category. Interested students should register through their schools.
  2. Replacement
    No replacement of participant is allowed after the registration deadline, except if prior notice has been given and approval granted.
  3. Eligibility of participants
    1. NOI is open to all current junior college and secondary school students, regardless of their nationality or citizenship (see note 1), subject to further conditions below.
    2. The top overall winners of past NOIs (four in each year) and past IOI participants are not permitted to participate in NOI. The top four overall winners in the current NOI, however, will still be invited to the IOI training team in the following year.
  4. Types of award and the criteria
    1. Apart from the gold, silver and bronze medals, there are fixed awards, comprising six individual awards (prizes and plaques) and four school awards (plaques only):
      • four top contestants (overall)
      • two top secondary school contestants
      • two top junior colleges
      • two top secondary schools
    2. The two top secondary school contestant awards are given to secondary school contestants with the highest scores who are not among the four top contestants.
    3. Individual awards are given based on the total scores of individual contestants. In the event of a tie, the difficulty ranking of the tasks will be used to break the tie.
    4. To qualify for the school awards, a school must field at least three students. The criteria for selecting the top schools are:
      • The average score of the top three contestants from the same school.
      • In the event of a tie, the medal tally will be used to break the tie.
      • In the event that the tie persists, the relative positions of the medallists will be used to break the tie.
  5. The decisions of the NOI committee shall be final.

Note: To represent Singapore in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), the participant must be a Singapore citizen or PR.


Attractive prizes will be awarded to the top four overall winners, as well as the two best secondary school contestants. Gold, silver and bronze medals will also be given out. The top overall winners will be selected to undergo further training and final selection to represent Singapore at IOI. (Only Singapore citizens and permanent residents are eligible for IOI, but NOI does not impose such restrictions.)

Please note that the date of IOI changes each year as it is fixed by the host country for that year. It is usually held during the summer vacation, which is around the middle of the year for countries in the Northern Hemisphere, and towards the year end for those in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case the date might clash with the our school, O-level or A-level examinations. IOI 2012 will be held in Sirmione-Montichiari, Italy, on 23-30 September 2012.


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