Beng Chin OOI
Department of Computer Science
School of Computing
National University of Singapore
Computin 1, Singapore 117417

Nationality/Residency: Singaporean/Singapore
High School (MCE): Chung Ling High School, Penang, Malaysia, 1979.
Junior College (Australian HSC): Taylor's College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1980.
B.Sc. (1st class Hons.) Monash University, Australia, 1985
Ph.D. Monash University, Australia, 1989

Spoken/Written Languages : English, Chinese, Malay (Bahasa Malaysia)

Interests : Stones collection, Painting, cooking/eating, photography, Fengshui, ...

Unwinding : gym + sports (anything that is mechanical) ...

Work History:
1984-1989: Contract Programmer (C, Fortran, Basic, DBase)
1984-1988: Tutor
Monash University, Australia
6/1989-6/1991: Research Associate
Institute of Systems Science, Singapore
1991-6/1994 Lecturer
1994-6/1998 Senior Lecturer
Department of Information Systems and Computer Science
1998-3/2000 Associate Professor
2000- Professor
Department of Computer Science
National University of Singapore
2013- * Distinguished Professor
National University of Singapore
2021- Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professor
National University of Singapore
* suspended in 2021 due to the appointment of Lee Kong Chian Centennial Professorship

Administrative Experience:
1994-1996 Chairman of Strategic Planning Committee: Department of Information Systems and Computer Science (this led to subsequent formation of SoC)
1997-1998: SubDean ( eq. Assistant Dean): Faculty of Science.
1997-2001: Deputy Director: Computer Centre
1998-2001: Deputy Head: Department of CS
2000-2004: Coordinator: Centre for Inf. Tech. and Applications (CITA)/IT Unit, SoC
2000-2005: Vice Dean (Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies): School of Computing
2007-2013: Dean: School of Computing
2011-2021: Director: Smart Systems Institute
Other Duties: Departmental Professorial Promotion Committee (DEC): Chair and member (ad hoc)
Faculty Review Committee for Acad Staff: member (1998-2005)
Faculty Review Committee for Non-Acad Staff: Chair (2000-2005)
University Library Review Committee (2002)
University Task Force on Bioinformatics Curriculum: Vice Chair, 2002/3
University Budget and Planning Committee, 2002/3
University Digital Repository Task Force: Chair (2003)
ICITI, chair, 2002-2003
Management Committee, NUS Suzhou Research Institute, 2014-2017
University IT Steering Committee, 2012-2014
Member of University Committee for Distinguished Appointments (UCDA), 2009-2014
Management Board of Temasek Laboratories, NUS, 2008-2013
Management Board of Institute for Mathematical Sciences, NUS, 2008-2012
University Selection Committee for Outstanding Research Awards, 2013-2017

Awards and Recognition
2023 Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Foreign Academician
2023 Singapore Academy of Engineering (SAEng), Fellow
2022 Academia Europaea (AE), Foreign Member
2021 NUS University Research Recognition Award (only one)
2020 ACM SIGMOD E.F. Codd Innovations Award
2016 Singapore National Academy of Science (SNAS), Fellow
2016 China Computer Federation (CCF) Overseas Outstanding Contributions Award
2014 IEEE TCDE CSEE (Computer Science, Engineering, Education) Impacts Award (For sustained contributions to Computer Science in the engineering of parallel and distributed database systems)
2013 China MOE Chang Jiang Adjunct Professorship (at Zhejiang University)
2013 NUS Outstanding Researcher Award (only one)
2013 Singapore National Day Public Administration Medal (Silver) (PPA(Perak))
2012 IEEE Computer Society Kanai Award (For pioneering research in distributed database management and peer-to-peer based enterprise quality management)
2011 Singapore President's Science Award (PSA) (for outstanding contributions to database systems research for managing "big data" in large-scale parallel and distributed systems)
2011 ACM, Fellow
2009 ACM SIGMOD Contributions Award
2008 IEEE, Fellow

Teaching: Second Year Data Structure, SMA Database Course (Graduate), Database Tuning (Graduate), Advanced Topics on Databases (CS6203), Research Methodology (CS2309)
Rating of 3.9 - 4.7, out of 5.0 (in recent years)
Research Interests: Database systems, end-to-end data analytics, distributed systems, performance issues
Research Grants: MOE Tier 1 (multiple), Tier 2 (multiple), Tier 3 (1); NRF CRP, NRF/AISG Grants, NRF Innovation Grant (SBIP), NRF/MDA Grant, NRF Industry Grant, NRF Create Centre; ASTAR grants
Tencent Gift Grant (multiple); Microsoft Academic Grant; Google Academic Grant; AT&T Gift Grant (multiple)
Publications: Selected papers
Professional Activities: Details
Other Activities: Founder of Startups; Directorship of listed and private companies; advisor/consultant of companies