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Hi! I am faculty member in the Computer Science Department at National University of Singapore.

My research is on computer security and privacy. We are interested in principled and algorithmic approaches to practical security problems.

Current Research Thrusts - ML Security, Decentralized Systems Security, Security Processors, and Automatic Program Translation.

Please see our recent publications.

We are fortunate to have talented researchers in the KISP Lab. The name stands for 'Keep It Secure and Private'.

Thanks to CISCO Research, Google, Intel, Symantec, sponsors of the Crystal Center, MoE-Singapore, DSO Labs, and NRF-Singapore for their generous and continued support to our research!

Several spinoffs came out of our research, notably Zilliqa and Kyber Network.
I have fond memories of the CS department at UC Berkeley, where I got my PhD in 2012.


Associate Professor
Computer Science Division
School of Computing
National University of Singapore

Email: prateeks at comp dot nus dot edu dot sg

Past Events The DS3 talks, deep learning security workshop (DLS), the associated DLS research forum, and blockchain and security workshop.

New Postdoc Positions! Available immediately for our CAPSTONE initiative. If you have a strong OS and systems security background, please email me

Looking to work with us? We are looking for independent PhD students, interns, and postdoctoral fellows for all our ongoing research projects. Please send me an email with your CV, if interested. A strong background in math / statistics, PL / verification, security, or large systems-building is necessary for our research. We welcome candidates who will commit 9+ months on focussed research at the outset, and generally unable to respond to requests otherwise.

To interested NUS undergrads: Please set aside a year of rigorous work if you wish to do your UROP or a final-year project with me.


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