General Info

I am a PhD candidate under Professor Beng Chin Ooi in School of Computing , National University of Singapore. I am also working as a Research Assistant in Database System Research Group. I graduated from School of Computer Science and Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in 2016 with Bachelor Degree in First Class Honors.


My research interest focuses on blockchains, distributed systems, databases and all other data processing platforms.



FabricSharp (hash) project is a variant of Hyperledger Fabric 2.2, a permissioned blockchain platform from Hyperledger. Compared with the vanilla version, FabricSharp supports fine-grained secure data provenance, sharding, use of trusted hardware (eg. SGX), and a blockchain native storage engine called ForkBase, to boost system performance.


BlockBench is the first benchmarking framework for private blockchain systems. It serves as a fair means of comparison for different platforms and enables deeper understanding of different system design choices. BlockBench comes with both macro benchmark workloads for evaluating the overall performance and micro benchmark workloads for evaluating performance of individual layers.

Forkbase: An Efficient Storage Engine for Blockchain and Forkable Applications

Forkbase is an efficient storage engine dedicated for blockchain and collaborative analysis systems. As the second version of UStore, it is featured for its forking semantics, chunk-level deduplication and tamper-evidence. I am one of the core developers of Forkbase. My major contribution is on the implemention of its indexing data structure, POS Tree.

UStore: A Universal Data Storage System

UStore is a distributed data storage system which has rich semantics and a set of properties that unifies and adds values to many classes of today's applications. By keeping the core properties within the storage, UStore is designed to support various applications with reduced development effort, with flexibility, high-level semantics and performance at hand.