Siddharth Bhatia

I am a third-year PhD student at National University of Singapore (NUS) advised by Bryan Hooi. My research is supported by the Presidents Graduate Fellowship and I was recognized as a Young Researcher by the ACM Heidelberg Laureate Forum. Before joining NUS, I received my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Science from BITS Pilani.

My research is in Streaming Anomaly Detection. Our algorithm, MIDAS, is used to detect intrusions and Denial of Service attacks in real-time so as to minimize the harm caused. It can also be used to detect fake profiles in Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, Amazon reviews, and Financial Frauds. I have previously interned and applied my research at Amazon.


Oct, 2020 Invited to speak at the Data+AI Summit.
Oct, 2020 AIhub covered our research on adverserial generation of extreme samples.
Aug, 2020 Serving as Web Chair for KDD 2021 and Publications Chair for SOCC 2020.
Aug, 2020 Received Research Achievement Award at NUS.
Aug, 2020 Invited to speak at DataScience SG and RSA Conference.
Jul, 2020 Our research wins popular choice award at Microsoft Azure Hackathon.
Jun, 2020 Invited to speak at the Knowledge Graphs Meetup.
Jun, 2020 Interning with Amazon AI Labs in the summer.
Jun, 2020 Invited to speak at the Data Science Congress.
May, 2020 Interviewed by AIhub.
Apr, 2020 Zak Jost from Amazon invited me to present our research. Recording of the live stream can be viewed on Youtube.
Apr, 2020 Our research was featured as a top story on KDnuggets and covered by ACM TechNews.
Mar, 2020 Our research was covered by Towards Data Science and Towards AI.
Nov, 2019 Our paper on Microcluster Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Graphs was accepted in AAAI 2020. Code is open source on Github.

Contact Information

Phone +65 8266 9044
Address School of Computing
National University of Singapore
13 Computing Drive
Singapore 117417