LM: Mining Scenario-Based Specifications
Institute National University of Singapore  Department Computer Science  People Tuan Anh Doan, David Lo, Shahar Maoz, Siau-Cheng Khoo and Anh Cuong Nguyen  Email {anhcuong, specmine} 'at' comp.nus.edu.sg  Contact (65) 651-61862
DESCRIPTION LM Miner is a generic specification miner tool for software implementation. LM mines interaction protocols among objects in the format of call sequences. LM supports specifications in one of the following languages: LM mines specifications directly from software implementation and currently supports programs writen in Java or C/C++ language.


In order to run LM, your system needs to have the following requirements:


This example guides you to use LM Miner to mine LSC specifications of JDepend application. JDepend is an application to measure design quality metrics for a Java software.


This release includes the binary version of LM and some data examples: lm-2.0.7z (21MB) [released on 1st Nov, 2011].

The zipped file is secured with a password. As a faculty policy, we are asked to know your purpose for downloading the tool. Please help us to fill up the following form, and a password will be shown to you. You may need to read our term of usage before proceeding with the dowload.


Last updated on 1st Nov, 2011.