This page includes the artifact (e.g., the dataset, binary and source code) used in the following paper.

Chengnian Sun, Siau-Cheng Khoo: Mining Succinct Predicated Bug Signatures. ESEC/FSE 2013

The artifact been successfully evaluated by the ESEC/FSE artifact evaluation committee and found to meet expectations.

Binary Program

Note: you need to install protobuf 2.4.1 in order to use the following binaries. There is a short README and a sample dataset to run the tool. You can also run the tool with the provided dataset described in the general artifact description.



The following describes necessary command arguments of mbs.

Option Value Description
  • 0 for discriminative significance
  • 1 for contrasting score
  • 2 for information gain
  • 3 for Tarantula
  • 4 for Ochiai
The metric used to rank the signatures. 0 is used in our experiment.
-n a real number in [0,1] The support threshold constraint on negative transactions, that is, the support of the mined signatures should be no less than the specified value
-k an integer >= 1 The number of signatures to mine. This option should be small. In this paper, we use 1.
--up-limit an integer >= 1 The size limit of the generators in signatures. In this paper, we use 2.
--refine 2 This option is to post-process the signatures. Please use 2.
--merge If this option is specified, the miner will perform inter-procedural mining. Generally speaking, this option will merge all the sub-databases of each function into a larger one.
--dfs This option indicates that the miner will explore the search space in depth-first way.
--cache an integer > 0 If option is optional. If specified, the miner will use a cache of which the size is the specified size.

Source Code

Note: you need to install cmake 2.8, protobuf 2.4 and boost_program_options to build the source code.

The source code is hosted at To check out the code, just issue the command

1. hg clone

You will see a folder named mbs in the current working directory, then issue the following commands

2. mkdir mbs-build

3. cd mbs-builder

4. cmake ../mbs -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Release

The binary is located in the folder mbs-build/mbs/, named mbs

Experiment Data

Artifact Description: This file gives a general introduction to the artifact, including details of the experimental data, program and source code.