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Program Structure
This is a brief overview of the Summer Workshop. As promised, the workshop features a blend of theory and practice to help you maximise your learning.

After arriving in Singapore on 11 July, you will check in to the hostel. On the 12 July, there will be a welcome address and lunch prepared for you. You will then be taken on a tour of the campus and Singapore!

From 13 July till 20 July, you will be attending lectures to help you understand the topics before you zero in on the projects you are most interested in.

After you have selected your projects, you will be given time to brainstorm. From 23 till 31 July, you will have ample time to consult your respective professors who will guide you through the project.

On 1 August, you will showcase the fruits of your hard work by presenting your projects. To celebrate your efforts, there will be a farewell dinner.

On the last day, 2 August, you will check out of the hostel. This marks the official end of the workshop.

Program Fee
The cost of the workshop is SGD3780 

The fee will cover the following: 
  • workshop fee 
  • 3-week accommodation 
  • Insurance, 
  • airport transfers, 
  • student card, 
  • telephone card, 
  • bus card, 
  • T-shirt, 
  • 2 major meals (welcome lunch & farewell dinner), 
  • program certificate and result
It will not cover plane tickets, passport, visa, and other living expenses.
You are required to purchase them on your own.

If you require an additional one week of stay in Singapore to fulfill school requirements, you may write in to apply for extra 1-week accommodation outside of NUS campus.

You must ensure that your passport is valid (till at least Feb 2019) and have a VISA to visit Singapore -- the organizer will issue an invitation letter to assist your application for VISA if needed. 
You will be staying in Prince George's Park Residences on the NUS campus, commuting to School of Computing would be relatively easy.
  • Located on the eastern end of the Kent Ridge Campus 

  • Comfortable apartment-style living arrangement

  • Many shared spaces such as a kitchen, dining area, and bathroom facilities to allow interaction among its residents 

  • Points for personal telephone, television and computer linkage to the university’s network and the Internet, provided in every room

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