Topic - The Art of image processing
Artificial Intelligence  and Multimedia Computing
Image processing is both science and art. In this course, you will learn the theories and basic skills in handling images such as doing image enhancement techniques and color spaces. You will also learn to look at images from a different perspective – frequency domain. Explore the basics of Fourier Transform, and how to effectively manipulate images in the frequency domain.

You will also gain an understanding of the basics of camera projection and how the geometry of such projection can be used effectively to geometrically analyse real life pictures. The course will include a project component that allows the student to make use of the theories learned in class, and coupled with their creative artistic instinct to produce stunning results from images.

Elementary calculus, elementary linear algebra, good coding skills.

Professor NG Teck Khim
Department of Computer Science, School of Computing, NUS 

Professor Ng received his undergraduate education in National University of Singapore and earned his PhD from Carnegie Mellon University. His research interest is in geometrical computer vision and its innovative applications.

Prior to starting his career in NUS, he served in the defence R&D for much of his career, doing research in computer vision and signal processing. He is a three-time recipient of School of Computing faculty teaching excellence award. He is also the head of research of Smart Systems Institute, NUS.

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