A Voice From Hell

You lived next door to me for years;
We shared our dreams, our joys and tears.
A friend to me you were indeed,
A friend who helped me when in need.

My faith in you was strong and sure;
We had such trust as should endure,
No spats between us ever rose;
Our friends were like - and so, our foes.

What sadness, then my friend, to find,
That after all, you weren't so kind,
The day my life on earth did end,
I found you weren't a faithful friend.

For all those years we spent on earth,
You never talked of second birth.
You never spoke of my lost soul,
And of the Christ who'd make me whole!

I plead today from hell's cruel fire,
And tell you now my least desire -
You cannot do a thing for me;
No words today my bonds will free.

But do not err, my friend, again -
Do all you can for souls of men.
Plead with them now quite earnestly,
Lest they be cast in hell with me!

-- Author Unknown