Dear Sir,

I was your student for CS1103 2 years ago. Papers are over, need to find a job now and I know I'll miss é times spent in SOC for the past 3 years.

I guess I'm an average student in SOC. Plenty of 'B's varieties, handful of 'A-', just 1 'A' for CS1103, tks to you.

I can remember that day when you were talking to my friend, Daniel and I at the bus-stop, asking us how's life as a year 1. Few days later, I read about that in the bbs.

There are numerous lecturers in SOC, but few^ will add that personal touch you have. There are many modules I've taken but my one and only 'A' came from you.

You touched my heart, soul and mind. The least I can do is a token of appreciation.

May 2002