CVD Software : Compute Weighted Centroidal Voronoi Diagram with the GPU


CVD is a C Library that utilizes graphics hardware to compute the weighted centroidal Voronoi diagram of a set of 2D point.


Software version:  version 1.0 (28K)

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If you use this software and you like it or have comments on its usefulness etc., we would love to hear from you. You may share with us your experience and any possibilities that we may improve the work/code.

Please send bugs and comments to: tants AT


1. Algorithm

Reference: Parallel Banding Algorithm to Compute Exact Distance Transform with the GPU. T.T Cao, K. Tang, A. Mohamed, and T.S. Tan. The 2010 ACM Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, 19--21 Feb, Washington DC, USA. See, See also (29 Feb 2020):

2. Requirement

- CUDA Toolkit version 1.0 and above.

- A GPU capable of running CUDA.

- GLUT (for graphical display)

3. GPU Tested

CVD has been tested on NVIDIA Geforce 9600M GT, 9800 GT, GTX280 and Tesla C1060.

4. Zip Files

The zip files contain all the source codes necessary to use the software. It includes a sample Visual Studio project to compute the result for a randomly set of points.




The project is funded by the National University of Singapore under grant R-252-000-337-112.

© 27 Jan 2010 School of Computing, National University of Singapore.


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